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Story Update! · 7:58pm January 8th

Just a heads up that I am in fact NOT dead, and that I added a new chapter to the story! Hope you all enjoy! 😁

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King dede best

Thank you for the favorite.

Excuse me, but I have a request for you on behalf of Lucar. Could you, by any chance, use Source Filmmaker to create a picture of Sweetie Belle and King Dedede? Here's something to help you visualize the pose: Sweetie Belle, holding a scepter, sits on the king's left arm, which is against his chest, while Dedede does the peace sign with his right hand with a fierce, determined look on his face, looking at the camera. Sweetie has the same fierce look on her face, and she has a red cape with Dedede's symbol and white fluffy rim wrapped around herself, the symbol facing the camera. If you have trouble finding a cape that fits that description, don't worry. I would consider it optional. I'm not picky about the background, but if you insist, I would suggest King Dedede's throne room. Again, this is if you're okay with making such a picture.

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