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When the mysterious disease, the Blorbs has been seen in Equestria, the Mane 6 and Princess Luna travel to the Mushroom Kingdom to attend the meeting about the disease, however things soon turn out for the worst as Bowser, King of the Koopa's inhales everyone into his body.

Meanwhile after experiencing another loss, Chrysalis and her new army are suddenly defeated by a creature named Fawful and a strange accomplice of his, now Chrysalis must get her army back from that creep.

Then in some twisted fate, Bowser and Chrysalis meet and decide to work together, now they must work together and get back what is rightfully theirs, Revenge against those that took away their victory.

Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story belongs to NINTENDO
OC's Belong to me

This story was originally made by https://www.fimfiction.net/user/185889/Star709 and I asked to remake it, so here it is
Link to the original if you want to see what they had done so farhttps://www.fimfiction.net/story/239283/bowser-chrysalis-journey-through-the-mushroom-kingdom

new cover made by my friend DropBox5555 on DeviantArt, he allowed me to post it on my gallery, here's a link to the pic https://www.deviantart.com/foxflameblade125/art/M-L-and-MLP-Bowsers-and-Chrysalis-873048919

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OMG,this hyped me so much the first time i see the original.a little sad that the original ended cancelled,but I honestly hope this would make it Better!

well,for the first chapther of your first story,its actually pretty good.pretty clean,not bad orthography,decent pace and for how little have been see,everyone look in character.a overall great start in this.looking to see more of you around:twilightsmile:

Interesting premise for a fusion of settings.

Anyway I imagine the Kingdom of Equestria is a superpower while the Mushroom Kingdom is economicaly ruined due to the inumerous invasions of they agressive neighboor the Koopa Kingdom.

Bowser taking Celestia is probably is a strike of genius, not only he take out someone that is pratically a demi-goddess out of the picture but while Equestria goes in panic where she has gone Bowser's army can take a good chunk of the country before the guard mobilize.

At least that was the plan before he was send flying out of the castle.

Idk man,i think that most of the time,the damage reduce itself to the castle,and even so,there are the ? Block who are literal gold-spitting machines,so there is the possibility that the Mushroom kingdom is actually filthty Rich instead.


Mushroom kingdom is actually filthty Rich instead.

Wait, I'm confused on what you said?

I think what he is trying to say is that the Mushroom Kingdom is actually very full of treasure and gold and pretty much wealthier than any kingdom thanks to the Yellow question blocks filled with gold coins

Oh,i mean wealthty or something,yeah.you think I mean the pony?


Oh yeah! Mario and Luigi should at least be super rich too. By owning all of those coins for the past many decades.

For sure,they seems to be just very humble

do you need any more oc's that are friendlies? i can lend you mine as ether a fighter or a shop keep they go to like bowsers in the game.

I could use some friendlies, Alright then, show me what you got and I might incorporate them in the story


I think these Yellow blocks are more gameplay segregation than reality and the coins you get in game are like points. The economy would probably collapse if anyone could just use these blocks to get rich.

Besides Bowser probably stole the Royal Vault everytime he takes over the castle and countries invaded tend to suffer damage, even if only a little.

So maybe all the coins you see in game are actually the money Bowser stole from the Mushroom Kingdom.

ok,so i have a interesting idea to spice things up if you are interested so you see,if everyone ends up just in Bowser body,things would be WAY too easy,so how about making Half of the group ending in Chrysalis body instead?

Sorry, I already have ideas working and that won't work with what I got , sorry

oh,well ok then,its was just a suggestion,but its good that you already have planned ahead this story.less probabilities of getting stuck.

Well,if we where talking about any other Mario game,sure.but this is the Mario & luigi spin-off,there are shops where you buy things with the coins hoy get,so im pretty sure that at least here,? Blocks are pretty real.


Gameplay Segregation as well. I mean when you write about RPG games, you don't mention the fact that the characters loot the bodies of they enemies.

I mean anyone would react when the MC loot the house of NPCs instead of ignoring.

the shops are gameplay Segregation?well if you say so.....ok,then lets move to other things;mushrooms.obiusly we cant have the green ones be literal LIVE-UPs,so lets degrade them to just revitalize and reanimate unconscius and Beated-up people.even so,along with the red ones they are wonders of the medicine,just much at one and depending of the Quality,all your non-mortal wounds are instanly healed.not Doubt that the Mushroom kingdom make great profit witch those.


Sure the Mushroom Kingdom could make a lot of profit of these things but it would not matter much if they need to keep repairing they country after countless invasions from Bowser.

The problem would be that the kingdom would not be able to outsource all they spending. Think like farms, they make a lot of money but with all the expanses in equipment, workers and so on, there barely any money left.

Mmm....this is actually something really interesting;how in sakurai name do the mushroom kingdom survive?video game logic I guess lol.


Just barely I guess. There's not a single toad guard that don't runaway screaming, so is probably the military have a very small budge.

FYE the Mushroom Kingdom does have a king but in all appearances in the comics, he is often portray as incompetent so Peach end up being de facto ruler.

this is so gonna be fun to read.

I agree with you with the lack of Diamond Dogs. They haven't had any appearance since season 1 and a mention of them in the manipulating finale of season 9 doesn't count.

Ooohhh,i can already where that is going.cant wait for the combinations.......

Are you going to somehow include the events of Bowser Jr.'s Journey in this?

Rarity is going to have a nightmare of where she is

i can't wait till the ponies see the shop meant for them.

Bowser Jr. was instrumental in leading the Koopa army in retaking his father's kingdom from Fawful.

I mean,bowser was right,you know?he IS a king,and have is own people to care about,and peach not inviting him to a important meeting to take action towards a threat wasn't just inconsiderate towards all the races unders Bowser command who could be affected,but also was negating all the possible help they could have give with it with was not little.yeah,with the games context you can see the reasons but still,for me,not one of princess Peach smooter moves...


Kinda hard to show sympathy for a country that invades constantly your country.



Who said gold was valuable, it is literally a building material

I wonder what the ranks for Twilight and her friends will be? I'll let time surprise me

I can't wait for Rarity's reaction with the beetle blocker in the fire exit of bowser

Don't worry, its coming next chapter, I promise

ok then. can't wait to see how the ponies react to it.

yep, also can you give me a description of his clothes? I can't get a good idea on it

yay. my puppy is a good shop keep. this will be fun if they come back to him more.

You got Fawful's odd manner of speaking exact to the bone. I could never understand why talks that way. Also will they split up to cover more ground and complain of their enemies?

nah, they gonna stick together, the story is about them after all

things are gonna go crazy from here.

Good reference of Super Mario Galaxy

Are you going to do something like this for the rest of the Mario RPGs?

Really hope starlow and the group heard about bowsers story about his kids but I’m not sure if they did hear it bc either they were asleep or whatever were they doin idk if they did hear it

hmmmmmm. they must have some history. but what??

Interesting as always.oh boy,now we are avancing past were former author leave it!I'm excited!

now things are getting crazy in more sides.

Unlike the Koopalings, the Pallet Trio didn't like fighting and preferred to play party games with their Uncle Bowser and youngest sibling Koopa Kid. Despite this however, the trio are able to create mechs that can be used for fighting or for playing games.

Pallet Trio... WAIT! You used the 3 Koopa Kids from Mario Party 5: Story Mode.

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