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"If he ever mentions what I just did to anyone, I'm going to murder him in such a brutal fashion that there will be nothing left but a giant mess looking worse than Kael after his latest setback."

An "experiment" gone wrong, a death knight finds himself, his brother and their guild scribe in Equestria, in the shape of the equine race known in this realm as ponies.

As the night approaches, they set up a make-shift camp. Having no need for sleep, the death knight naturally acts as the night watch. To pass time, he starts writing in his journal.

Little does he know what the future has in store for him and his fellow misfits. After all, the universe is an obnoxious bastard.

World of Warcraft crossover.
WARNING: May contain large amounts of nonsense.

(Rewrite status: Not yet at 100k+ words. Cover art still not done.)

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 101 )

I'm sorry but I keep thinking of Foamy every time this guy starts going on about squirrels.

I won't touch WoW with an eleven and a half foot pole, but I AM a fan of the RTS games in the series, so I've been able to follow along resonabbly well. ...is it wrong of me to want Spike to point at Xia and cry "Zombie!", only to have "Rorn" point out that there party ACTUALLY contains TWO zombies, and one idiot? :trollestia:

Well, I've certainly found another story to put on my alert list!


i may not play WoW(and i never will cause lets face it the game sucks out your life and with it your past and more horribly your future) but i do know alittle bout it and so far im understanding it(thank god for google/wikipedia)

Really good :D:D:D plz keep it up :D:D

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

meta knight i love you with you around why do us normal ponies even need to comment?

Squirrels... Everywhere... They watch me sleep...

Keep it up Nox. I read it and I want to know what happens to that town of evil squirrels !!

Hmm's at the part where the death knight backs down from Fluttershy's stare.

Called it! :raritywink:

There is no such thing as a being capable of resisting... THE STARE.

"Ponies" . "Journal"

I just gotta ask, why all the inverted commas? Are you not sure that they've become ponies, or that he's writing a journal?

I'm just saying, they're not an experimental fact. Both of those things exist, so they don't need anything around them.

Hmm, you bring up a good point. It made sense to me when i wrote it, but not now.
'Tis been fixed.

Haha! This is all freaking brilliant! Look forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

Wow...wow.... I toatly agree with the squirrel thing they all must be purged....and I started throwing up my breakfest after reading the part about hitting the unstoppable force against the inmoveable object

Haha! I love the story! I'm not sure entirely what to say, but I really like the story, don't change anything about it. Update soon! :twilightsmile:

DONT STOP MAKING ENTRIES. this is making me bust an absolute gut! you should add a comedy tag to it. :rainbowlaugh:

Have to say i play wow for a wile moved onto something else sunlight/reading but for some reason im looking forward to what happens next :rainbowdetermined2:

"Let's hit the Immovable Object with the Unstoppable Force! Nothing can go wrong!"

Loving this, I am!!!!:yay: I'ma read sum more.

Wunderbar, I love how he hates squirrels, kinda like how I feel about rabbits 'cept he has a reason. I'm surprised Fluttershy isn't afraid of him or his party.

PS. That word in paragraph 2 of day 10: imporrislbe was that some word I'm unfamiliar with from WoW, or was it impossible.

*Sighs* High on apples... Headbutting a Manticore... & getting bucked in the face.... Great chapter haha! :twilightsmile:

haha awesome story :rainbowlaugh: really want to see what happens next :scootangel:

Considering I just got a rather dissappointing chapter from an author I really really liked a few days ago, this update really perked me up! :pinkiehappy:

He... he let the squirrel go? Oh my, I guess there really is a passification spell over all of Equestria...

I like where you are going with this story!

I may just want to play WoW again just because of this game. That or play the Role playing game with PONIES :rainbowkiss:

Usually a "comedy" story gets me to grin at most... sadly that's how it is with me.
But while reading this story I was grinning non-stop and giggling at some parts. Your humor pushes all the right buttons for me and I can't stress enough how much joy I get from reading it.

A solid 5/5 and a big -thank you- for the story!


CDR looks into the window for a few minutes before knocking on the glass.
CDR continutes to stare at the dumbfounded brony sitting in a chair with a controller in his hands.

Blood Elf, Death Knight, Pony. You should find someone to make some decent pictures of them, cutie mark and all, (I really wanna see the DK's, sounds f***ing awesome!).

But but but SKYRIM!
And then there's Skyward sword, and the Eragon / Game of Thrones books I just got, and ARGH PATCH 4.3 WITH not that much actually.

I'll get to it, ideas are already there. The notebook is screaming them at me.

Third chapter is done, if anything feels OOC please let me know.

Now my heart can slowly return to it's normal rate.



Crazy Damn Reader OUT!

Great story, I look forward to the next chapters :trollestia:

I thought this was going to be HORRIBLE but it actually is kinda funny. :twilightsmile:

9964 to that i reply MIRROR only fluttershy herself can withsand the stare! ...or maybe she cant?

Alriiight.... first off:

"Only around those he like." - likes?

These 3 seem to be missing a closing ".
"Soon we’ll live in a world ruled by furniture!"
"...gravity finally has enough and ceases to work!"
"atrocity that is the blood elf dance."

*note* as always, if any of those are false alarms - simply disregard them.

As for the story. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I absolutely adore it.
The pacing is great, the personalities are very colorful and the plot is becoming more and more interesting.
And considering it's a comedy (and a great one at that), which I consider to be the hardest genre to write, it deserve even more praise.
But wait, there's more! The one thing that simply keeps making my jaw drop chapter after chapter is the way you managed to marry the Warcraft lore with the actual game and use the result in the story. Simply stunning is all I can say.

Chapter after chapter the story makes me grin, laugh and just brightens up my day in general. :pinkiehappy:

All of my stars, sir... all of my stars...

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