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This is a place where stories abandoned by their creators can gather together, to wait for a new author to pick up where these stories where left off. It can either be cancelled, or be by an author who is no longer on the site. Feel free to drop off your own stories, should you not want to continue them.

If you decide to take a story as your own, just post a blog stating so, though I suppose that if multiple people want to continue a story, that's something to work out between yourselves.

Also, should the author return, thats something that you should work out with them.

Ok, that's all. Have fun!

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I don't normally talk with this account, but I feel this question must be asked: are we allowed to "rescue" fics that are not ours that have been abandoned by other authors, via cancellation, years-long hiatus, and/or years-long incomplete status without an update? (I mean, may we add such fics to your group?) If so, what rules/guidelines do you have?

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