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Some dork who writes horse romance. What more do you want from me?

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You? Clopfic?! It better be good


Maybe I well read it, screw you spiderman

Is it wrong that I scrolled ahead to the clop?

Eh? How come I can't see Flutter-size in Gear's list of stories? FIMFiction has hidden links? :rainbowhuh:

Anywho, time to read!

1305878 When it's published but not submitted, I think that happens, unless the author puts a password on it. Though, not 100% on this. Just speculation, really.

His story has yet to be published. Silly, as we submitted as exactly the same time.

Talk about an explosive climax... *rimshot*

She's actually... A GUN!

... Nobody's gonna get that reference, but I had to get it out of my system.

Good fic, by the by.

"Ugh, seriously now. A bomb! You know, tick tick, boom?"

Silly Kody, Trix are for kids! :derpytongue2:
On another note, this was great. Please, keep writing.

How you thought of this....bewilders me

But this was a great clop. And you even managed to not make Trixie completely self-conceited!

AN CLOPFIC!YAY!i dont have much time now so i fav and read later but ill read it :D!

this finna be featured....
i can feels it :rainbowdetermined2:

This... I... THAT
This was one of the best Trixie clopfics I have EVER read.
Now to re-read while listening to:

It was great. The only other good Trixie fic i read was from Crowley. You definitely have the skills, keep writing

Good Job!
I'm such a sucker for 2nd person fics. :twilightsmile:


Now we can say that Trixie...

*puts a pair of aviator sunglasses*

...has become such a sex bomb


I see that image and all I can think of is how uncomfortable it would be to raise your arms like that.

Just look at the elbows.

1306117 bitch please. i WILL clop to this...

>Accompanying the movement is a sound not unlike whirring gears.

>a sound not unlike whirring gears.

>not unlike whirring gears.

>whirring gears


I take it that this particular trick is reserved for the adult-only shows. :trixieshiftright:

hawt fic is hawt:twilightsmile:

that ending line. really like it

in the words of a marauder: "KABOOM BABY!"

Not bad...not bad. Honestly, it's pretty good as far as one shot clop fics go. Most importantly though, you managed to make it classy:moustache:.
Just one thing: You really couldn't have thought of a more convoluted way to get them to have sex?

Totally Bitchin.

Wow...you sure you want to perform that on stage?...
...How much for a ticket?:pinkiehappy:

Is this your first clopfic? It's really good! Makes me want Trixie even more than before. :raritywink:


and boom goes the TNT!!:rainbowlaugh:

Encore .... Encore ! ENCORE !!! :flutterrage:

Moar please :trollestia:

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