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Comment posted by King John deleted Jan 12th, 2013

*Me when I saw this story.*
(Just Kidding.=D)

This chapter/story is good...

Bravo excellent work, good sir! This was worth the wait, an- I jus-... There are no words to describe of how brilliantly executed this story is! Good- no, Exquisite job! =D

This story, my friend, has so much yes to it, it's hard finding stories like this, very good and keep up the good work!

I will take my leave for now so,

P.S. Sorry for so many GIF's, it's just that I don't know how to express my feelings for this story...
Sorry, now I will leave.

Out of all my interests, and I do have a lot of interests, this is extremely relevant to them. Good job fellow writer.

I hope so! :twilightsmile:

Oh yes, in all three chapters! :raritystarry:

Thank you, I hope you enjoy the story! :yay:

Just curious, would you consider giving my fic a look? It's only one chapter so far, but would love to have someone as established as yourself look it over!

Wow . . . words fail me . . . that was so . . . beautiful is an injustice. That was a masterpiece of imagery in my mind.

"We just need to put on our coasts"

Um.... :pinkiecrazy:

"Entering your home, you remover your coat and boots"

WHO THE FFFFffffffffffffffff... 'Ahem'
What I meant to say was, people who dislike this story, are just hateful people that can't understand a good story, or they're just to lazy to read this series.

But still,
Interesting tale old chap!

Bravo! I'm really glad to see more people who can write stories that whilst containing explicit scenes are more than mere vehicles for sexual gratification.:moustache:

You take a deep breath and slowly begin to pee into the toilet. Your stream splashes into the water, while you see that you’re on target. Your focus quickly shifts to Redheart’s backside. Before you even get up to speed, a forceful jet of pale yellow urine sails out from between her haunches, flowing beside yours. Redheart makes sure she isn’t accidentally hitting the seat, before she fully relaxes her muscles, allowing her stream to join yours in getting up to speed.


Several seconds pass and you begin to notice the familiar and somewhat bracing scent of urine. It’s hardly a pleasant smell, but since the smell is coming from you and her, it doesn’t bother you that much. Besides, the scent always reminds you of that very exciting first time you and Redheart peed together, in the woods.


But, overall, this is great!:pinkiehappy:

Me and Redheart are so active, constant unending sex almost every night. We must love eachother :pinkiesad2: SO MUCH!

The feels this story gave me it made me feel as if i was going to spontaneous combust from the inside with all the love and joy in this story i cried many a joyful tears over this story you sir have always been a favorite author of mine and i enjoy all of you stories on Fimfiction especially your nurse redheart fics please continue writing this saga it is to wonderful to stop and end :heart:

Found a small grammar error.

You awaken to find you’re spooning your beloved nurse.

Should be:

You awaken to find that you’re spooning your beloved nurse.

I also found a small spelling error.

You both laid down around twenty after three, and now, you see its twenty of five

Should be:

You both laid down around twenty after three, and now, you see its twenty to five

Ya automatic like and fave for me because all of these are usually awesome.

Oh I want to read the rest but I'm to tired I'll continue in the morning.

On another note if the other chapters are as good as this one I know I'm gonna love it so it was defiantly worth the wait.

I tire of these fics... at least the writing was good. I will not comment on the whole concept, though...

This has been and will always be the Trifecta of perfection. I'm just glad I had tissues close to hand.

The love they share reminds me of the love Mr. Freeze has for his beloved Nora, only unlike poor Victor, for this guy everything's gone right. We need a Mr. Freeze x Pony romance / redemption fic...

Daw daw daw daw daw daw daw daw daw dawdawdawdawdawdawdawdawdaw *explosion*
O god damn it! You broke the 'daw' machine!:ajbemused::pinkiesad2:

Once again, a fantastic story! Please keep it up - you're stories are billiant! :pinkiehappy:

Found a minor spelling error.

Time beings to go by and Redheart’s pace begins to quicken along with her breathing.

This was most likely the best one in the Redheart series. The pacing, the heart-felt moments, this had everything. Twilight, score please.


BTW, if ever need a proofreader, you will always have me on-call.

Redheart nods. “That’s a relief. I think this cold air is starting to get to me,” she remarks.

“Oh, how come?”

She sighs, “Do you remember the other day, I told you that my bladder isn’t fond of the cold? Well, I already have to pee, even though I went before we left.”

You pull her close and tenderly squeeze her. “I remember, but it’ll be fine. I’m sure Rarity will let you use her bathroom. After all, she is very generous.”

“That’s true,” chimes Redheart, giving you a joyful smile. She giggles softly, staying close to you. “You know, I’d ask you to join me, but I don’t think Rarity would understand, if she saw you following me into her bathroom.”

You chuckle back at her, running your hand along her side. “It’s all right, my dear. I don’t have to go right now anyway, so it’s no big deal. Who knows, since we’ll be out in the cold again, I could always join you next time, say when we get back home.”

Redheart leans her head against you, and sighs, “I’d really like that.”

Take the whole piss thing out ....

Comment posted by ThatDude deleted Jan 12th, 2013
Comment posted by ThatDude deleted Jan 12th, 2013
Comment posted by ThatDude deleted Jan 12th, 2013

Thanks for pointing out those few typos. I knew I was going to miss a few. I have fixed them. All but the twenty of five. You can say 'to' or 'of'. All my life I've been around people that say, "It's twenty of five or it's five of four." Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I have to agree, it is the best so far, but the other two have their place.

Thank you, I'll do my best! :twilightsmile:

Whoops, we'd better get that fixed! :twilightsheepish:

Glad you enjoyed it! I tried to put everything I could into it! :eeyup:

Have no fear, I still have two more Redheart stories planned, with a third not to far behind. I'm just not sure how soon, till I start the fourth. I have some other projects that need tending to. But thank you for your support and for commenting! :raritystarry:

You got it! :raritywink: But as with the make-out scene, you don't go all the way everytime.

Yeah, I suspect that's not for everyone, that's why I crammed everything else into it. This way there is still a little something for everyone! Oh and don't worry about the gifs from your other comment. They do the job nicely! :twilightsmile:

I fixed both errors. Thanks for pointing them out. I knew I'd miss a few. :twilightsheepish:

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

That's my goal. Working mature content into a story, and yet the story and the sex need each other to work, plus it's not just sex, it's something more emotional.

Omg u out done ur self again dude that story was awesome
Can't wait to read the next part :)
Don't ever stop making good stories like this :)
Can't wait to here when ur starting the next chapter to this :)

“I’m sure I will, but I don’t need any presents…for what it’s worth, I have the greatest present, right here,”

There my feels have....uhhhhhh .Damn you.:flutterrage:

Any way I will continue on...

Everything is going to be great.:raritywink:

1947470 Well I can't fault you for how you were raised then. To me, it makes more sense to say "to five" instead "of five", but I digress. My offer still stands BTW.

I just hope pie isn’t the only thing you’ll be wanting for dessert,

I see what somrpony did their.:raritywink:

Many times I found stories with cuddling,making love.
I don't don't have that good feel.I mean they always
rush the damn story.:ajbemused:


Wow...Santa girl nurse,nice touch.I was uh...Lets see uh....75% surprised and 25% not.:pinkiehappy:

Remind me again why there are multiple humans in Equestria. I went back to your first story but I must have missed it somewhere

Dude, there is a peeing fettish cleverly implanted into this chapter...

I didn't know if I should laugh or go myself :-)

Great story, even only after the first chapter. You set the scene, the couple, and left notes on what to expect in future chapters. Very well done. The flow is a bit erratic, but pay enough attention and it can be followed. Thumbs up and...

Now, I'm watching you... :-)

Gah! So many of these... I haven't even had time to finish the second one!!! :flutterrage:

what can I say that hasn't already been said.
all I can offer is a smile.:pinkiehappy:

Gah so close to 30k! AH WHO CARES!? Time to read!

Finally got to reading this since I was away from my computer all day yesterday :pinkiecrazy: But I read it all :twilightsmile: loved it :heart: and now will commence waiting for your other stories :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss: :yay:

Placing your hand over your heart, you know when next you both meet, your love with have strengthened more than ten fold.

Your love "will" have...
Loving this!!!:pinkiesmile:

I'm starting to think that water sports is one of your forte?

Once again you made a mind blowing story that I enjoyed beginning to end so here's something special for you.

see you next time.

Still love that this became a series, can't wait for the next installment.:heart:

loved it
...you know what I give up of fighting the fluffy sappy romance of this series. if you remember my previous comments sappy isn't my thing and then you hit my cynicism with a freight train.........so yep I'm still eagerly awaiting the next installment

i enjoyed this alot you are very good i can't wait for more. thank you for the great storie. :rainbowdetermined2:

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