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One year ago, Spike narrowly avoided an incident with Applejack, but not without unintended consequences. Also, something dark festers in Canterlot that will change his life forever. As new relationships bloom and old ones are dragged into light, he will have to make a choice that could decide the fate of Equestria!

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I thought this was very well done. It was innocent, well written, charming and everything feels very much in character.
I say one more thing about this it felt like Spike was going to go all Rhett Butler on Rarity and say, "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."
What's with Granny Smith calling Spike a griffon, is it supposed to be a Rocko's Modern Life reference? If is then you are full of win, and if not I'm just over analyzing shit. Kudos anyway dude,

I like how you left it partially open ended.
Based off the comments from Fanfiction,net, people like this idea as well and want MOAR!!!

I also want more, I always have been dying for a Spike x AppleJack fic. They are in such short supply :pinkiesad2:
Great story I loved every bit of it, so yeah, a sequel would be AWESOME, but I can't wait to see more pony based stories from you! :pinkiehappy:

:moustache: That is all.

Rocko's Modern Life as a classic show and you are quite astute, I might say. Good show, sir!

Few times in life does a single word convey so many thoughts and emotions to express what's on one's mind. I feel like this will be one of those times...




Though I think Spike is going to get a tongue-lashing from Twilight when she hears he closed the library without her permission!

Very :rainbowkiss:! You spent quite some time on it, didn't you?

I wrote this little story back in late August, shortly after I became a Brony. Dog and Pony Show was the first episode I watched, hence the inspiration.
Took a few hours before school started, but I finished it in a few sessions over a few days. Like I said, it was an inspired story.
Thank you for your interest!

Must try and get this rated perfect 5....

26293 I thank you for the compliment, but no work is without flaw. I am happy with what I end up with.

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So I am guessing no continuation? :pinkiesad2:

27560 Actually, as of now, you may want to re-read!

The Aj and spike ship was awsome, but I really want to see the Twilight subplot continue.

The M Bison with in me is joyous.

I am excited for party times. :pinkiehappy:

This is an outstanding and entirely unexpected pairing. Well, unexpected to me, obviously.

Can't wait for the next update

Thank you so much for continuing with this idea, I LOVE IT OH SO VERY MUCH! I cannot wait to see where you'll bring this heart-wrench'er! :heart:

Well.... that was not the twist I was expecting... damn I may given thought to who Applejack's mother is or Fluttershy's uncle but never to Spike parents. Oh well, the separation to me may have been too clean but it does show that Spike and AJ are grown up an understand that one must make the hard decisions. ~Celestia's Paladin

This is the problem with fan fiction, because it's not catering to main stream masses doesn't have to have a happy feel good ending much like Japanese Horror. We are at the mercy of an omnipotent author who can make it as depressing as they please. I'm still hoping for that Don Bluth story arc. Goes from upbeat, then crashes at 200 mph in to extreme sadness then at the third act brings us back to the Shire with a happy triumphant ending. This story is still well done but I expect some will give up on it because of the depressing turn of events despite the authors notes.

Hoping for that Disney ending*fingers crossed*

Peace Out.

The Hitchhiking Pony’s Guide to the Mind’s Galaxy’
hm... 42?:rainbowderp:

Ouch. I think my heart just broke. Anyways, I loved the original story and was surprised when you revised it to create a multi-chapter story. While I had some doubts about changing such a well encapsulated story, I can honestly say that you integrated the new storyline seamlessly. However, although I do enjoy the story, I can't help but view AJ as kind of a cradle-robber. I don't suppose that there is any way you could use some fancy wording to make it so that Spike is actually older than he seems? I actually have a few ideas on the matter, so if you need some help with that, feel free to message me. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

It's weak!

(Nope, it's not :trollestia:)

“Watch out! The walls have teeth!
this story is great 4.7 for the awesome story and .3 for all the references :pinkiesmile:

What was once a great thunderous voice simmered to a dull roar. “You are the one, who in years past, have been keeping my son.”
when i read this i recoiled in my chair and it rang in my mind. ooooh shit.:twilightsheepish:

In this you describe Apple Bloom as being coloured like cider. This is incorrect. Her coat is actually the colour of the flesh inside the apple. Y'know, the pale off-white color.

Applejack however, is colored like cider.

What can I say? I love my apple cider. :trollestia:


What was so heart wrenching about this :rainbowhuh:

Spike is now a prince of an incredibly powerful empire, I hope he invades Equestria later and executes Celestia

The comments make this sound..... intriguing... To Read listed!

31295 I guess cider is a bit darker than I remembered. I may edit that, but the sherbet reference is staying! :derpytongue2:

31368 There is no time for sadness when there is adventure to be had!

Please, please dont have the mane 6 rescue him from the dragon kingdom

Does nopony see the giant dragon army outside Canterlot? NOPONY?!

Just a quick correction, the type of pie is "meringue."

Another mistake I noticed, it should be "who's boss." "whose" is possesive.
Otherwise, amazing chapter!

There are many words that one could use to describe the thought and skill that goes into this story. But I think I'm going to say one thing.

Please, don't stop writing!


Smile. Smile god damn it. SMILE!
/me attempts smile
...massive failure
/me attempts to not cry
...massive failure

my hea-HNNNNNG! :heart:

Bloody good chapter mate please continue:eeyup:
P.S nearly had me crying there mate........nearly :applecry:

It's funny you manage to create a deeper, more believable and more plausible romance than those crappy tween whore romance movies and the Star Wars Prequels combined.

Like the man said to the masseuse, "I want a Happy Ending."

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a place called Draconia

In west Equestria born and raised
In the Ponyvile was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shoo'n some parisprites outside of the town
When my mom and dad
Who were up to no good
Startin making trouble in my neigh-borhood
when twilight came back, she got real sad
And said 'You're movin' in with your mommy and daddy in Draconia


MY Logic? They're on the other side of the mountain.

Leaked song? What leaked song?

I can't help but keep rereading this, though there are a few typo's here and there, I am willing to point them out if you would like, whether a PM or on the comments is totally up to you.

32007 A PM would be nice if it is very long. Otherwise, I wear my heart on my sleeve and your crits may be helpful to more than just myself if placed in the comments.

Thank you.

32007 A PM would be nice if it is very long. Otherwise, I wear my heart on my sleeve and your crits may be helpful to more than just myself if placed in the comments.

Thank you.31953 You honour me, guest guest.:moustache:

It was a tad predictable, but fantastical none the less. If I were to predict the rest I'd say the Mum and Dad dragon hear of Spike's relationship and decide to let him stay; so I challenge you to surprise me (don't just make Spike go with his parents and leave everyone, that's boring)!!

Hello plot development out of freaking no where.

Actually I got to say the whole parents thing has made this into a much more interesting story (not saying it was dull before!)
I hope you continue with this awesome story :rainbowkiss:

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