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370177 Archimedes! No! Put him down he's filthy! Ugh...
Brutes! Hahaha...


The only way this could get worse if a br- *a brute comes crashing through the wall and picks me up and starts smashing me into the ground* OH GOD THE PAIN!!! THE PAIN!!!!

370164 *Whistles* Here Jimmy! C'mere!
Whose a good Twitcher... You are! Yes you are. *Starts scratching belly*


WHAT DO YOU MEAN HARMLESS!!!!! *starts to get pummelled by the back hooves*

370161 You mean Jim? He's harmless.


I said that there's a twi-*gets stabbed in the leg and pulled away by said twitcher* OH GOD HELP!!!!!

370158 ...what? :facehoof: I have no idea what you just said?

Comment posted by Not_a_Brit deleted Aug 4th, 2014


WHAT?! I'm not the stalking you that twitcher is the one stalking you I seen 4 days in a row nearby!

370153 Feh, I can take em!
....And holy shiet you're stalking me...


I'll come with y- *sees 4 brutes coming* actually I think I'll wait on the ship. *turns around and runs back to the ship*

Here I come Necro Scum!

FIRST POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still don't get why people do it oh well have a slenderloo:scootangel: and a sweetiemorph:unsuresweetie: and a psychobloom:applecry:

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