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I have always been alone in this forest. I have always feasted in this forest. I call this forest home and those ponies that travel through it are my prey. I devour all those who fear me, all who come to face me. They fear me for I am Fear incarnate. But now...I have met one who does not fear...and I am unsure of what do with her...

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Interesting. I have not seen another fanfic like this. Go on. :twilightsmile:

I enjoyed this, make more please

I look forward to more.

You have my attention, good sir.

I'll be watching this.

4 comments, 8 likes, and already featured.I'll be saving this gem for when I get back from school :pinkiesmile:

edit: having read it now I really like how well it was written. I also can't wait to see more. You make me feel emotions, however mild, simply by typing letters to form words, which then form sentences that make up a story. Keep writing, I'll be watching.

Please make more!:pinkiehappy:
Maybe you could make one where Scoot is grown up and helps Slender!

SLENDERMMMAAANNNN!!! :raritydespair:

Anyway gonna read this :trollestia:

We art pleased with thy work so far and humbly request that thou provides us with more of this lovely tale :scootangel:

near as i can tell, inb4 featured and this looks amazazing.
after reading: it is indeed amazazing.

In after featured, so 1604190 was probably right. Slenderscoot looks interesting, I'll have to read it later.

Interesting, no grammar errors I could notice and a nice presentation. Well done. I look forward to more.

I've never heard of anything like this before. Very good story, liked and favorited :raritywink:

If this is implying that Slenderman raised Scootaloo... that'd be a very awkward parent-teacher conference. :twilightoops:

1604099 gifsoup.com/webroot/animatedgifs/51690_o.gif IT'S SLENDERMANE!!!!! LOL JK but still, I haven't read it yet, but I might be able to proof-read if you need any help. :twilightsmile:

I haven't read this yet, but my feels detector is going off. You're going to make me have feels for slender pony aren't you?



BAH, you beat me to it.

Yes you understand Slender Mane perfectly. You've done your research.

I like this a lot. It's different from other fanfictions, and it's an interesting version of scootaloo's past. :flutterrage: MOAR!!!! :fluttershysad: i-if you wouldn't mind. . . Please. . .

This story somehow made me feel psychologically numb in a way. Not really a bad thing. Besides that, I love the different perspective from what most fics have, and I feel a need to cry a little if I didn't still feel numb... I need to read more of your work.

very original concept, looking forward to more

I couldn't help but get a warm fuzzy feeling thinking about baby scoots trying to walk. Very good show.:twilightsmile:


Looking forward to more.

That... Was...
That was.:eeyup:

Go on :moustache:





SLENDER I HAVE FOUND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rainbowdetermined2:


Scootaloo's family destroyed by Slenderpony? Headcanon acquired.

I have two things to say. 1, That was a great story. 2, Who the hell is the hipster that disliked this story!

1604666, based on your user name, I hope it isn't you.

Though your writing might not be 'prime and professional', I find you've written a very compelling story. I always like finding those rare jewels that break away from Cannon or Fannon to tread their own paths. Sometimes these are received negativity, but here, I think you've done it right!

I'll be keeping track...


Nope, I liked the story to tell the truth. I like stories that have the big bad guy grow a heart by the end, or at least learn a lesson.

Usually, Slendermane stories are utter shit, but this one is awesome so far.

:derpytongue2:Wants MOAR!!!!!!!!! If you don't mind that is...!!

It is an original and respectable take on the Slenderman mythos. I, however, spot two things that may need work, unless those two are orchestrated events needed for further plot development

The first is that it's difficult to get a true grasp of the abstract horror Slendermane presents. He doesn't look like a pony, he has strange powers, but you're toeing the line of show-vs-tell here. I can "see" how he's a Lovecraftian horror, but I can't "feel" it. It's hard to feel a lingering sense of dread when Slendy interacts with ponies. Sure, I'm afraid of the massive dude with the lead pipe, but that's fear of pain, not fear of the unknown. Slendy is abstract and tends to be a mechanistic materialist, if anyone knows what that means. The cognitive dissonance between humans and Slendy is what induces fear.

One of the key parts of his mythos is that he A: is humanoid, but not completely human and B: does not directly do much to horrify others. These two facts combine to create the horror. He's just inhuman enough to induce uneasiness in our psyche and not doing anything builds fear. Think of jumps scares: you are not afraid of jumpscares, you are afraid of when the jumpscare occurs. The same fact applies to Slendy. We are not afraid of what Slendy does, we are afraid of the possibility of what he can do. What is not said and not done is far more horrifying because the human mind scares itself more thoroughly than any visual medium can. Less is more. Be vague, but not circumspective. Gives clues, but only just enough to get the fear juices going. Don't give readers the complete picture, especially not so early.

The second point is Slendy's own vocabulary. This ties into the first point, tangentially. In here, Slendy often uses human hyperboles, like:

They swing and slice through the air, some even cutting through nearby trees as if they were, as the ponies call it, butter.

or uncharacteristically rambles:

She... laughed. She giggled. She chuckled. She chortled. She snorted.She guffawed. She snickered. She rolled in aisles.

These are human traits and quirks and giving them to a creature of unknowns and abstract horrors diminishes what makes Slendermane Slendermane. Now doing this later on in the story would be a piece of fridge brilliance if Scootaloo slowly humanizes the monster we know as Slenderman(e), but doing this so early, especially before he meets and understands the lack of fear due to Scootaloo, it doesn't make much sense. Unless he was a pony at one point, which I doubt at the moment.

I'm looking forward to this, especially during Scootaloo's later days. There's a lot of potential here and I want to see how this all turns out.

Round 2:

For future reference to you or anyone that reads this, gore is not scary. Body horror is scary, but gore, however is not. First, let me explain the difference between the two.

Gore is used to to inflict pain, mostly physical but it can stem into the realm of psychological. People have an innate desire not to be hurt, so they shy away from it. The act of watching one guy get his fingers chopped off one by one makes us feel uncomfortable because we don't want it to happen to us. It manipulates our self preservation instincts.

Body horror takes it into the realm of the extreme. The best know example is the Thing from John Carpenter's movie of the same name. Body horror is mutating/damaging/altering the body in such a way that the end result is no longer recognizable. The husk that is left over is more monster than man. This ties into the assailant that inflicts such carnage; who could possibly due such inhuman, monstrous acts to others? That, in turn, ties into cognitive dissonance in my post above. To see something so evil or contemplate the possibility that we could turn into the same slathering monsters or beasts terrifies us. We lose our humanity what makes us truly human. Body horror is the antithesis of humanity, because it displays how far we may fall and yet still be human.

What you have here is gore. Gore is not scary. Gore is never scary. At best, it makes the audience uncomfortable, but you want them to be uneasy, not uncomfortable. Remember my reference above? The one about the big dude and the lead pipe? That's fear of pain, not fear of the unknown. Anybody can pick up a gun and hurt someone, and that's the point: anyone can do it. That's the problem with most horror movies; the flesh is weak, but the mind is strong. If i can make you afraid for your body, you try to protect your body. If i can make you afraid for your mind, there is absolutely nothing you can do.

What scares us as children scares us as adults. Blood is not scary, the darkness is. The absence of something concrete and visceral compels the body to make things up on its own. The mind scares itself so much better than I can. The mindless horrors and cosmic gods are scary because we cannot comprehend what they are. What is not there is so much more frightening than what is. When creating horror, be afraid of what is not there, not what has a face and a name. Fear of the unanswered. Fear of the dark. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the void.

Fear of the unanswered question: what's behind you right now?

You have my attention.

Please, give me more. My hunger for it is insatiable.

SQUEE:rainbowkiss: Scootaloo raised by Slendy:rainbowhuh: AWSOME:rainbowdetermined2:

The dark and sad tags almost turned me away from this story but I decided to give this one a chanceā€¦

So awesome!:rainbowkiss: Have a like and favorite.


It's AMAZING :pinkiecrazy:

Please do write more! :raritystarry:

Soon I guess this is the first sad story in my favorites....

Ok, this one is interesting for sure. Does Slendy ever talk though? I have not heard of this before. Not complaining, mind you, we are not meant to fear him in this instance. Thats for everypony else in the story, except for Scootaloo it seems.

1604760 I slightly agree with you, HE shoud have had something like that happen a chapter or two from now, and been a bit more mysterious and scary.


hahaha sheer brilliance! Couple of spelling mistakes here and there, but you are on a roll. I demand more or I will invade Sudetenland. :trixieshiftleft:

I shall follow this story!

i could tell this is going to be a touching fanfic:heart:

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