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The Golden Compass was the best movie ever.

Sorry that you had to get hit by all that negativity. A lot of readers get weary of grammatical errors, but don't worry. That's easy to fix. You didn't make the classic first time author mistakes, which is a good thing!

(For future reference, the classic mistakes are: alicorn characters, often colored red & black, who have insane amounts of power, ridiculous names, and are best friends with everyone. Oh and somehow can beat Discord by themselves. The term for these characters are Mary Sues (the female ones) and Gary Stus (the male ones).)

Making things like that in a story will kill your reputation on this site, so make sure to never do them.

But hey, I'm the Author Support Shock Trooper. If you want to know more about how to write a good, enjoyable story, just send me a message. I'll always be glad to help.:twilightsheepish:

Don't feel discouraged by this setback. Some of the best authors on this site have written works they would rather not remember. I think you'll end up being a good writer by the end of this.

-Winter Storm
TWE's Author Support Shock Trooper
Author of Fallout Equestria: Fading Echoes

204248 uhh, Homer? Lay off the insults. It should be obvious that this is a kid, not an adult. He's not the normal angry-teen writer we often get. Keep it clean.

Wow. Overreact much?

You made a mistake, did the right thing now move on. Acting like a little bitch is not going to garner you any sympathy points.

Listen to what Winter Storm said and follow his advice.

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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