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Just a guy that writes fan fiction from time to time.


Most legends are born from a single small grain of truth, others are born from the pure imagination of a few ponies, but as Ponyville very well knows not all legends are that. When something saves Apple Bloom from a pack of Timberwolves will she be able to convince the others of what she saw or will she just have to find the truth herself?

The Supplement to this story is ready to be read. It's right here. Read it. I mean... if you want to. I'm not your boss.

I would like to give a big big thanks to Danupert for pre-reading chapters 4 through 12. Thank you so much.
Also want to thank Annoyed Changeling, Ratfinkdos, and Crystal Static for being willing to help with this story as pre-readers. Thank you very much.

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possibilities, I will watch and see where and how you take this story

thumbs up :moustache: continue please

So awesome! :rainbowkiss: spiders are boss! Keep it up brotha!

This is a very intriguing idea.

I see in the future... many 60's Spidermemes.

this idea, i like it, CONTINUE...crap i got nothing to smash.:ajbemused: anyways i look forward to reading more, faved :yay:

OOOOH! a Spony fic, I'd better watch this one :D

She placed a hoof on her neck to discover what it was and what she found was a strange necklace made from the same martial as the ropes that she had seen. I think you mean "material". Other than that, though, Pretty sweet.

need more befor a fave but i gave you a like

nvm i read it and i gave you a fave

Tee-hee, in the next chapter,

She told rest of the Cmc's the story the next day as they walked into the school which was still being repaired. Looking over the remaining damage and scorch marks she still wondered where Feather Weight had run off to after his show and tell science experiment exploded last week. Nopony was mad at him, just worried, she didn't know him well but wished he would come back from where ever he was hiding.

Oh well, she had bigger mysteries to think about, and with that she began telling her friends about her adventure!

The other pack members put themselves between her and all possible escape roots.

I think you mean routes

My head cannon on a fanon fic!

Feather Weight got turned into a spider creature when his spider related chemistry experiment exploded on him! :pinkiecrazy: its beautiful!

1525581 Thank you for pointing that out.
1525954 That worries me a little. :twilightoops:

I believe Diamond Tiara also got caught in the blast and was turned into some other sort of house pest, lucky for her know pony could tell the difference. :trollestia:

Also, escape "roots" are most helpful when dealing with wood based canines.

It's good but, I think you need to find yourself an editor. You made several grammatical and spelling mistakes.

1526443 I've been trying to but so far I've had no luck. Usually I do the editing roughly a day or two after release so I can get some distance and find my mistakes better.

Badass creature fighting off everything in the forest?

looks good! keep it up

Mind if i use the Arachnapony in a story im working on only as a reference they wont actually be in it

Spiderman meets pony!

Fucking awesome. An Equi-spider taking over the forest..

I'm gonna go watch that 90s Spiderman cartoon... specifically, this episode --> images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110216170603/spider-man-es/es/images/5/5d/Man-Spider.jpg

And Applebloom was saved by Ponyville's friendly Neighbour... SPIDER-PONY!

hehehe.... arachniphobia :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:

U Twi i think we got a but problem just a tiny one.:pinkiecrazy:

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SNAP! Is that white drop some kind of egg? :rainbowhuh::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

lol, that's what has been playing in my mind since finding this story,
or what of that episode I ever got to see/remember anyways.

Also this spider seems to have quite the apatite!


Assuming if our Arachnipony is anything like the Man-Spider, chances are he could eat something the size of a fully grown, well built human male if he got the chance... that day...

1553875 Sure. I would say as long as you put a link to this story but I feel like that would be a dick move. So I'll say if you want to do that then that would be great but you don't need to.
1554075 I loved that episode. It was one of the few I kinda liked.

1557166 why would giving you credit be a dick move

1557222 No I meant me telling you that you couldn't make the reference unless you gave me credit. I guess I didn't word my response clearly. Either way the answer is yes and if you want to give me credit you can. Thank you for thinking my story is worth referencing btw.

1557298 Well the Arachnapony would be like on display at a museum but ya i will give you credit

ooooh this is getting GOOD!! more please:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

You have my attention.
I await more.

1557320 Thank you kindly.
1557415 I like your profile pic. Very creepy.
1557607 Indubitably old chap.

Thank you. You're now the second person to say that.
I actually just went searching Google for something that would go with my name, and that was the best I could find. :rainbowwild:


1557166 There were a few in that particular show i liked...

... I admit, the show really wasn't that good, but nostalgia wins for me. It was better to watch than the 60s Spiderman was for sure... but, that's just personal opinion...

Sweetie Bell, you've learned from the best :raritywink:

In a perfect impression of her sister she answered. "A lady has her secrets."

Oh Sweetie, you are turning out to be like Rarity :rainbowlaugh:

Feel like an idiot. Punched my hand as i usually do in action sequences. I either hit it harder thanusual or in a bad spot because my left hand is now in much pain. Fuck yeah this story!

I have arachnophobia but this seems to be interesting...

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