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Dante attended a con with his two pals John and Tony. Everything was going pretty well... Until they met the merchant.

Now? Now he's feeling Cooler...

But he misses his friends, and he plans to find them... Somehow. Hopefully his five (or so) new friends, and one purple science psycho, can help him achieve that goal... Maybe.

Planning to tie this in with my other two stories Promising Shadows and Son of a Kaiju

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Oh this will be interesting!


6602127 Heh here comes the abridged fanatics... To be fair I loved the abridged series :rainbowlaugh:


Oh definitely. :derpytongue2:

I even have a tree or two picked out already. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh gods... Starting out with *shudders* 'Mad Scientist' Twilight. Good thing Ice-jin can survive in extreme conditions, that poor soul.

I'mma post it.

Don't you do it.

I'mma do it.

Don't you do it.

Please use 1st or 3rd person . Having them both is a bad idea, if you have to dictate who's PoV you're doing.

"I am Cooler."
"Cooler than what?"
"Twenty percent Cooler."

You know you want to.

6602221 wait til he finds another Displaced that uses Ki


Okie Dokie, I'll keep that in mind for the next chapter. :pinkiesmile:

Oh I know I want to. :Derpytongue2:

Oh sweet Luna, I have to think of a way to add at least part of that song! That was good. Plus I always loved the:
Imma do it.
Don't you do it.
Imma kill that.
Don't you kill that!


Oh that'll be fun.


Yep, though it probably won't be that necessary. Probably. :derpytongue2:

6603436 I believe the way it went was:

Cooler: Is that your son?
Goku: Yeeaaah?
C: I'mma kill it.
G: Don't you do it.
C: I'mma do it.
G: Don't you do it.
C: (laser eyes)
G: Dang it!

I want to make so many Buttlord GT jokes right now.


Sensing crossover material here, like, really good crossover material. Check me out when your a little bit farther in your story, I'd love to do a crossover with this character.

I like what I see so far... can't wait for the next chapter!

Depending on which way you go will determine if this is going to be good or not are you going to be good or bad villain or hero:twilightsmile:


Yeah, sorry for the wait. Im working on updating all of my stories, but i just moved and theres no wifi where I'm living right now, so all i have is my phone until I can get wifi or something

Frieza:These villagers aren't gonna kill themselves

Zarbon:I'm sure we can make them..


Good chapter.

Glad to see your backup, I hope you continue this story.

"I'm Cooler." I stated, deciding to try and just go with the flow.

"Not cooler than me!" Rainbow Dash replied with a frown, jabbing her hoof into my chest again.

I get this feeling that will happen quite a lot.

Looking forward to more after all cooler was always my favorite noncannon villain
and all i can say is well two more things


Not quite, I've just been extremely busy with work and studying for some certifications and other stuff and haven't had much of a chance to work on any of my stories. I am still working on them whenever I do have the time though.

Tell me when you start this again.

Pretty funny little video - Thumbs up!

I hope you enjoy the newest chapter (Sorry for taking so long to get it out) :derpytongue2:

Next time on Dragonball Z


Who is visiting? His friends or an invading force...
Anyway I hope he gets the chance to go and train his abbilities soon because it is quite embarassing trying to shoot lasers from your eyes and nothing happening..

A wise man once said, “Imma plant me a dumbass tree”
Ps: when is the next update

"W-what?" Raditz exclaimed in shock, "A-a dragon! You there, grant me immortality!" He wished, quickly getting over his shock.

so... how dos Raditz know about Shenron?

Well he knew about the dragon balls - Though considering he's also supposed to be dead canonically, I didn't really think stretching his Canon knowledge a little would be too terrible. Even so, maybe he would have heard about it in Hell in the canon storyline, who knows?
I just thought it would be funny to put that in. :derpytongue2:

It’s probably not the canon Raditz.

Cooler should give Raditz wedgie.

Welp, they are dead, good story


Supposedly the planet trade federation knew of the legend of the dragon balls of namek, but didn't believe it more than a fairy tale. Vegeta even recognized Piccolo as a namekian.
Raditz could easily know the legend.

This story isn't dead!

This seems interesting, hope it isn't dead

huh, looking through my favs and saw this was updated, nice

Good to know this story is still alive.

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