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Pulverizing Pancake!


I've been around for a long time, and I've done some things I'm not proud of. I know that I will never make up for all the atrocities I've committed, but that doesn't stop me from trying.

My name is Logan, and this is my story.

(Displaced Story)

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Dooooood....I wish to see more.

interesting story havent read a logan/X-man story before i'll keep my eye on this one.
keep at it m8

:yay: X-Men are one of my favorite comics, and the Wolverine is my favorite X-Man

nice work so far like the older Logan the one that gave up fighting, keep it up,

Luna is very lucky, or should I say Nightmare Moon, if this was any other kind of Logan the girls might have the night off.

I just did some reading on the old man Logan story line, it sounds very interesting.

As for the story line I hope you focus more on the 1000 years that the Logan has been around and the history there and not his time on earth this is my biggest problem with displaced stories where the character already has significant history in the universe. anyway liked and faved.

This is good. Can't wait for what's next

Logan a pacifist? That makes me want to hurl, the bada** of the X-Men nothing more now than a whimpering old timer. :rainbowhuh:

when will we get second chapter

If I get some time away from college and work? Hopefully in a few days. One thing about my stories is that I usually rewrite a chapter several times before I finally settle on a path to take. I then rewrite the chapter several more times until it meets my standards.

good to no thanks for telling me

Nice, need to update a bit more frequently though

No complaints. I was afraid of never seeeing an update though.

While I enjoyed this chapter, you my friend need to update more. Please:fluttercry:, the wait is killing us.

Hmm... Interesting... I'm going to need to keep an eye on this...

Welp, this is going to be fun and interesting!

that was alright chapter till the next one comes out i'll be waitin

:rainbowderp:.... what did Blueblood do to piss off Derpy?

Seriously, :twilightangry2:what did he do!?

Well... This is it... The curtain finally falls on the prologue... Act One will begin soon.

I am so sorry Nightmare...

Its been ahwile. So im abit confused here, is logan still known among the pony population or is he not?

7286021 He is known in several parts of the world but under a different name. He is still known, but on the level of your averaged Joe meaning you either know him as Logan or you don't know him and will probably have to be introduced by another acquantince.

What did Luna/Night Mare d to Ditzy?

well, that is an interesting twist.

Damn mate, this was a tough feel to feel.

What the actual fuck is even happening in this story.


Honestly? I don't even know myself. This story has become so much of a burden I'm thinking of just canceling it all together, or if I do continue it I might just rewrite the entire thing, because the world I have built so far is leaving me staring at a blank page for hours trying to figure out where to take it next.

7062720 I have theorys........ Many, many theorys........

7527215 Write the next chapter similar to the way mlp canon goes. After Luna is 'saved' or whatever by the elements, since we know for sure thats what happened, write about what happens in canterlot.

Love the Mick Foley reference.

A bit of a darker turn than canon, but it does make sense that both Celestia and Luna would have darker 'walls' as I'm sure that in their long lives, they've had to do things that they didn't enjoy.


I liked this chapter it seems realistic enough and I can relate to certain things you my friend have earned another reader who can't wait to see what happens next.

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