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Eris has been around for a very long time, mostly against her will, but when a chance comes around to take control of her life back she jumps on it. Eris always wanted to make a difference, and one thousand years ago there were plenty of ways to make a difference one only needs to look.

Even the smallest changes can have rippling effects, and Eris is determined to make waves in this new world.


Character tags might change in the future.

Cover art temporary until I can find someone to draw a more accurate Eris.

Edited by the amazing m2pt5

First Published
17th May 2017
Last Modified
30th May 2017

Looks interesting. I'll give it a shot.

I just want to point out there are some issues with the grammar your description.

You may need to read up on the use of the comma as that seems to be a problem. I can give a few pointers if you like.

Otherwise, this looks interesting. I will read it later today if I remember.

Have a like on me!

Seems interesting, I'll give it a shot.

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