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A nerd who thought it would be cool to, with the help of a few equally insane buddies adapt the entire Marvel Universe (with some DC Comics thrown in for kicks) with My Little Pony...wish me luck


Part of the Harmony's Warriors Universe

When a megalomaniac comes from the stars with the goal of enslaving all of Equestria, it's up to a soldier from the past, a redemption seeking businessmare, a demigod with an ego, an eccentric sharpshooter, and an introverted civilian with a dark secret to put a stop to it.

Of course, forming a team is always harder then it looks, and the six must first learn to work together, and set aside their differences, before they can tackle the greater foe.

For those of you wondering, yes, this serves as a sequel and mega-crossover of my previous stories, Iron Mare, Flutterhulk, Soar and Captain Equestria. Luckily, while this story will obviously include references to the previous stories, I'm going to also make sure that if you haven't had a chance or the time to read those stories, you can still understand what's going on here.

After all, what's the good of making a story only a select few can get any enjoyment out of?

The "Other" and "OC" character tags are to cover my bases, since I can't include every character in the tags.

Also, I'd like to note that the cover art was the best piece of fan art I could find with the Mane Six as The Avengers. The actual casting is different. Just a note.

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NOTE: On Hiatus until I wrap up Iron Mare and Captain Equestria.

Co-written by JZ1, Fedorasarecool and iowaforever

Part of Phase One of the Harmony's Warriors Universe.

Proofread by Paleb05, Scootluna and Spy11887

Cover art source.

Pipsqueak is nothing special, really.

Okay, he is a science major, so it's not like he's dumb or anything. But he's not what you would consider one of the 'cool colts'. He's just another face in the crowd, just trying to survive high school like any number of his fellow students.

That is, until he goes on a field trip to RichCorp, the corporation at the very cutting edge of everything scientific. While there, he gets bitten by a rare Star Spider. Soon, he starts to develop strange new powers and abilities. Now he's anything but normal. And with those powers, he'll learn a very important lesson:

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Pip now isn't just another face in the crowd. Now, he swings from the rooftops, keeping the city safe from danger.

He is the Spectacular Spider-Colt.

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An anthology series of various one-shots to help expand the Harmony's Warriors Universe.

All stories co-written with theseventhdoctor unless otherwise noted.

Characters tagged in such a manner to allow for as many characters as possible.

Stories in This Anthology:

Trottingham Pie:

A three parter, join Pinkie Pie and her sister Marble Pie as they are tasked to protect an important political figure from a mysterious assassin who has a surprising connection to our heroes.

This anthology series also allows me to never have to worry about finishing it in the traditional sense, nor do I have to worry about things that would normally come up in a full length fic, allowing me a chance to breathe and work on my writing skills, especially in the action department, as these stories will be more action focused then my full length stories. This doesn't mean that I'll slack off and give you bad quality, since I'm too much of an anal-retentive nutcase to allow that to happen. It simply means that these stories aren't as heavy or dark as the main stories, and function as a kind of treat for dedicated readers, giving them more awesome pony superhero stuff, and lots of fun little stories to keep ya guys happy.

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Co-written with theseventhdoctor and The Scarlet Scarecrow and Phoenix Avalon.

Proofread by JZ1, Taco Belle, Dave Man 1000 and Paleb05

It is the mid-nineteen seventees, and Cupcake and Carrot Cake are two young ponies discovering their powers for the first time in a world that doesn't fully understand them.

Their world however, is turned upside down when they are called upon to stop a griffin bent on world domination. Banding together with a group of fellow mutants, they will form a team whose name will eventually become synonymous with the word 'hero'.

They just don't know it yet.

Special thanks to Cliff Robotnik for all of his ideas, which were vital to helping develop this story.

Yes I finally decided to write this. Figured I should at least give the backstory to the two most important mutants and one of the most important hero teams in my universe now instead of later right? Addmittedly, I'm making this more like Indiana Jones and '60s Bond films then X-Men: First Class, but don't worry, I'm not completely disregarding X-Men: First Class.

Set in the same universe as all my other Harmony's Warriors stories, but luckily, you don't need to have read those to read this one.

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A collection of strange, bizzare and puprosely badly written short stories in the style of 1930s and 40s pulp horror stories....

I'm so sorry....

Written by me and a group of assorted lunatics.

Again I'm so sorry. Forgive me oh Lord for I have sinned.....

but it was TOTALLY worth it.

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Prologue co-written by JZ1, with subsequent chapters co-written by theseventhdoctor.

Proofread by Skeeter the Lurker, Panama and JaZzR

Note: The characters here are depicted as Anthro. In order to better understand exactly what I mean by anthro, here is an example. Also, the 'Dark' tag is just to make sure everybody knows that this might get a little...well dark...hopefully not too dark though, this is Star Trek, not Lord of the Rings

Rainbow Dash is a pony with big dreams. Dreams to join the illustrious Federation Star Fleet and become the best star ship pilot in the galaxy. She is also a recklessly impulsive and wild pony, frequently disobeying her superiors. She also detests a certain purple half-Saddle Arabian/half-unicorn pony cadet named Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle shares similar feelings. Where's Rainbow is brash and arrogant, Twilight is calm and logical. Her species, the Saddle Arabians, are known for their holding logic in the highest regards. However, Twilight has a problem. She's not a full blooded Saddle Arabian, instead being half-pony, and therefore prone to succumbing to such foolish things as "emotion", causing to be an outcast among her own species.

Rainbow finds Twilight to be stuck up, always following the rules to the letter. Twilight find Rainbow to be foolish, impulsive and illogical.

However, these two will need to quickly learn to get along once they are forced into a situation which neither logic or impulse can solve.

Well, this is my attempt to adapt the 2009 Star Trek film with ponies. Wish me luck.

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Co-written with JB von Herb and theseventhdoctor, The Scarlet Scarecrow and a-phoenix-in-avalon.

Special thanks to TheInvincibleIronBrony for some additional material.

Set 70 years before the events of Iron Mare, Equestria is in the depths of civil war and a humble farmer pony, Applejack, will become a legend.

Please note that the "Other" character tag is to cover my bases. Since this story will feature several canon characters and dozens of OCs.

Rated Teen for War Violence and Brief Language.

Proofread by Dave Man 1000, Fedorasarecool, Iowaforever, JZ1, Spy11887 and VampDash

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A monster. A freak.
A weapon. A failure.

Fluttershy is all of these and none of these. She simply wants to be left alone. But turning into a giant green monster more often then not prevents that.

This is her story.

In the same universe as Iron Mare and Soar, but you don't have to have read those to read this...

Rated Teen for Action Violence and dark themes (such as depression/mental illness and such)

Proofread by Dave Man 1000, Spideremblembrony and CluelessBrony.

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Co-written with my totally awesome sister, a-Phoenix-in-Avalon and theseventhdoctor, with some additional (yet vital) help from TheInvincibleIronBrony

Set in the same universe as my other stories Iron Mare and Flutterhulk but you don't have to have read those to read this.

The powerful but arrogant warrior Rainbow Dash is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst mortal ponies in Equestria, where she soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

Please note that the "Other" tag is to cover my bases, since this story has a lot of side characters (i.e. The Warriors Three and such) and I ran out of tags. And yes, even though this is a superhero story, most of the time is spent without kicking butt. This character driven more then action driven. I might add the tag as I see fit.

Rated Teen for Action Violence, Brief Language, and mentions of adult themes.

Cover art by Siansaar

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Below is presented a never-ending series of short one-shot stories (mostly comedy) featuring OC's and background characters.

The character tags are marked OC and Other so I don't have to constantly add tags.

The limit being no less than 1,000 words and no more than 2,000 words.

You may request a one-shot yourself, via Personal Message.

I only have four rules:

Rule No. 1: It must be about an OC and/or a background character, so no Twilight Sparkle here.

Rule No. 2: No romances. Not that I don't like romance, but most of these will be only about 1,000 words, so I can't properly write a romance in a thousand words. I'm not Shakespeare.

Rule No. 3: No clop. No exceptions.

Rule No. 4: No horror. No exceptions.

That's it. feel free to request one of your own, and I'll do my best to write one.

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