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Harmony's Warriors: Flutterhulk - Avenging-Hobbits

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Epilogue - 19 - Happiness...I'm Glad

“Happiness...I’m Glad”

“So Hoofcuff, that’s the whole story as far as you know it?” The short blond earth pony asked, eyeing her with suspicion. Next to him stood a much taller unicorn with a brown coat and a darker brown mane. The unicorn held a notepad in his magic, jotting down whatever Hoofcuff’s responses were.

Hoofcuff let out a tired sigh, shifting slightly and pulling the shock blanket a little tighter around her body. “I’ve already told you at least five times that yes, that’s the whole story Agent Winchester.”

“I see” The earth pony nodded, turning to look at the unicorn. “Well Sammy, do ya believe her?”

The unicorn shrugged. “Yeah Dean I do. I mean she’s been nothing but honest to her own mistakes the entire time. Not like Iron WIll…”

“Wait… You talked to General Iron Will already?” Hoofcuff asked, raising an eyebrow. The blond earth pony nodded.

“Oh yeah. Talked to him about an hour ago. Tried to blame it on basically everypony but himself. Even tried to get us to detain you for treason.” The pair of agents then snickered, obviously amused by what the general had said. “But don’t worry, he’s currently under investigation.”

“In fact, we’ve basically interviewed everypony but you,” the unicorn chimed in, flipping through his notepad. “Let’s see we’ve got statements from Miss Tree Flower, Miss Fluttershy, Dr. Cheerilee…”

“Wait why are you telling me all this? I mean why would you give me all these details to an ongoing investigation?” Hoofcuff asked, cutting the unicorn off. She was instead greeted by Dean laughing.

“Told ya she’d ask Sammy! That’ll be five bits.” he chuckled, extending a hoof. Hoofcuff simply blinked.

“Okay what the buck is going on here?” she asked incredulously, and the tall unicorn simply rolled his eyes before answering.

“Well, actually it’s pretty simple Agent. If you couldn’t already tell, this whole little fiasco would probably mean you’d lose your job. Now what our boss thinks that this was a total waste of material, especially on your part, since, according to your record, you’re on the best we’ve got.”

“What are you saying?” Hoofcuff asked, her curiosity getting the better of her. The shorter pony answered her this time.

“What Sammy is trying to say is that our boss has authorized us to offer you a position as a…watcher over two new entries to our witness protection program. They’re a mother and daughter I think you’ll love ‘em.” he finished, a big, cocky grin on his face.

Hoofcuff blinked, stunned into silence at the proposition. She leaned back slightly, trying to weigh the pros and cons of the situation. On the one hand, saying no would probably mean she’d be roped into another, mind numbingly long series of questions by even more government agents, and not only that, but her entire career would most likely go down the drain. On the other hand, saying yes not only meant keeping a job, but it also meant she’d still be able to pursue the job she had signed up for, which was finding Equestria’s worst. She nodded slightly, arching an eyebrow.

“What do I get if I say yes?” she asked, looking towards the pair of agents.

“Our boss will make sure that nothing from this fiasco gets on your record and you’ll only have to answer to him.” The short blond one replied.

Hoofcuff smiled. “Alright then. I’m in. But one thing. Just make sure that that poor mare is safe okay? Last thing the poor mare needs is to be left alone or something.”

The unicorn nodded. “Oh don’t worry, she’s fine. We’ve got her being looked after by one of our top agents.”

Hoofcuff raised an eyebrow. “Who?”

“Exactly what I said. Top. Agents.”


“So do you two like the cake I made ya?” The bright pink mare asked, sliding the humble, yet still wonderfully tasty looking red velvet cake. “Sorry if it’s not up to standards, but I really didn’t have much time to plan for anything really, and especially not a cake!”

Fluttershy simply smiled gently. “It-It’s good...I just not use to ha-having a normal meal with others I guess.” she said simply, hiding behind her mane again. Tree Flower smiled warmly, reaching an arm around to give her a gentle, supporting hug. The older mare still had several bruises from their recent brush with death, but otherwise looked fine.

“That’s okay dearie,” she said, “I understand.” she turned to look at the pink pony sitting opposite from them. “And thank you very much Agent Pie, I can’t thank you enough for making us this delicious cake. I mean, how did you know that red velvet was the family favorite?”

“Oh I just made a shot in the dark! And please, call me Pinkie.” The pink mare replied, smiling broadly. “Granted I really, really wish I could have thrown a big welcome party for you, but things have been really busy and everypony’s a tad stressed lately and on top of that the ice cream probably melted and it’s not even soup day.” she took a deep breath, regaining all the air she must have used for her long unbroken sentence. “So I guess this’ll have to do.”

There was a pause between the three. Fluttershy took a moment to just simply appreciate the feeling of peace that pervaded the small cabin. However, from underneath her mane, she could tell that the expression on the agent’s face was somewhat somber, as if the idea of not being able to make anything more than the cake made her depressed.

“Hey are you alright?” She asked, looking towards Agent Pinkie with concern. Almost instantly, Pinkie seemed to notice her dourness and sat up straight.

“What? Oh I’m fine, just fine. Just happy to see you happy ya know.” she said, running a hoof through her mane. “Just kinda wished I could make something better than just a cake. For a friend ya know.”

Fluttershy raised an eyebrow. “You consider me a friend?”

Pinkie nodded, her face noticeably brightened. “Oh for sure you are!” she chirped, her smile genuine. “I mean, I have my own meanie little grumpy pants I have to deal with up here.” she tapped her forehead slightly. “So I know what it’s like to have a lot of red in my ledger.” she leaned forward, putting a supportive arm on Fluttershy’s shoulder. Fluttershy looked down, a sad look on her face.

“Yeah but...I’ve hurt so many...caused so much pain…” she sniffed, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Oh dearie,” Tree Flower said, pulling Fluttershy into a gentle hug. “It’s all over now, you’re safe now and away from anypony who wants to hurt you.”

Fluttershy sniffed, clutching her mother tightly. “I know...I know...I’m just...I don’t know what to do you know?”

“Oh don’t worry dearie, we’ll get there. We’ll get there.” Tree Flower cooed, “Just take it a day at a time.”

Pinkie meanwhile, simply felt a warmth go through her at the sight of Tree Flower comforting Fluttershy. “I’ll just show myself out then.” she said quietly, making her way to the door.

“A-Agent Pie…” came a frail voice and Pinkie turned to see Fluttershy looking towards her, her previous sadness now looking tired, yet content. “Thank you so much.”

Pinkie simply smiled, tipping her head towards the other mare as she stepped out the door.

“You’re welcome...friend.”

Author's Note:

Chapter title from the song "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin.

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Comments ( 111 )

Happy endings! Hooray! :moustache:

Yay for happy endings... and PINKIE!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

All in all, a very satisfying story. I'm not incredibly knowledgeable of Hulk, and Marvel Comics in general, but I enjoyed this a lot.

Thanks for providing this; looking forward to Harmony's Warriors :twilightsmile:

3291651 the Pinkie Scene was My idea :scootangel:

3291651 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

I can't wait for a fully fledged review but this'll do.

Great Epilogue, I really like it. But I can't really see Fluttershy going back in action after everything she had been through.:applejackunsure:
Oh well, you're a smart guy. I'm sure you'll think of something.:raritywink:

Sam and Dean.... Mother of god you watch Supernatural you have reached new peaks of awesome sauce levels!!!

3291760 Actually I'm not a fan of Supernatural as a show, but the concept is awesome and I already have Dr. Strange so might as well play fair and give the Winchesters a shot.

3291766 Doesn't matter epic cameo is epic.

Now THAT was a great story, I think I'm good to say that it's better than The Incredible Hulk (An already great movie).

The pacing was well done, nothing really felt dragged or rushed and it built up to a decent climax, which by the way was AWESOME!!! ACT I at first did feel short and the decision to finish it in flashbacks was a risky move, but it really paid off, and the flashbacks themselves were well placed and didn't feel shoehorned in. The references to other superheroes were a nice touch and I'm glad a few actually tributed to the story instead of being one-shot cameos.

One of the things that this is better at than the film, is the main character: because Fluttershy isn't a scientist like Bruce Banner and just some innocent pony being hunted down, it makes her story all the more tragic and because she was an already well relatable character, anyone (fan or not) can instantly share this character's pain at first glance. Granted, she's not proactive like Banner who works constantly to fix himself, but like what I mentioned before, she doesn't because she can't.

If there's one problem I have with this fic, it's the villain: Snowflake didn't really appeal to me that much, he's a cool guy and all, but he just seems... weak. And there's nothing worse than a weak villain. In the film, Blonsky seeks the power after witnessing the Hulk's, but Snowflake has just... wanted power all his life. The whole "Best of the Best" goal just sounds a little cliché. But seeing as how he isn't dead, perhaps he'll appear again in the future?

Other than that, this still is a great read, and I'm proud to have been one of the many playing part in putting this together and I look forward to see how the other stories turn out.

I give Harmony's Warriors: Flutterhulk an 8.5/10 with the title of EPIC!


BTW: I've almost got the "Credits" finished, just need to fiddle around some more and I'll post it.

Welp, just finished, and i would like to Point out that, at the end of the Day, Red Hulk is Much Weaker then Green Hulk, sort of a Trade off for the Heat thing.

Other then that, it went fantastic, and that final fight was Seriously Intense, with immense property damage.:pinkiecrazy:

3292013 tho, who Tranq'd The Abominable Snowflake? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

3292021 NEIGHS.

Should have mentioned that.


Batcolt:*looks down at the Hulkfight* I'm not touching that one with a 10 foot Batpole.

honestly that was a fantastic Read. Hate to see it end. But all good things must come to a End.
Loved the ending. Very cute and it seems Fluttershy got her Happy Ending....for Now.

Dean and Sam Winchester WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

A round of applause for the completed story! It was very good all the way through. In fact, I'd say it got better as time went on, showing your improvement as a writer. I can't wait for The Avengers story. It's gonna be great, I can already tell.

Pinkie as a SHIELD agent?

Great ending and great Pinkie cameo in this...so does this lead into the Avengers/Equestria's Warriors ?

Either way thanks for having NIEGHS "hire" Hoofcuff to play bodyguard for a while.

I cannot wait to see how Flutterhulk interacts with the rest of her new teammates. :yay:

3293191 Yes this does:ajsmug:

You may bask in the awesome

Man, nice ending. It'll serve well in tying Fluttershy in to the whole Avengers plot.
Man, it must feel so good to have one of these stories off of your chest, huh?

3293250 thanks for this dude, oh, and you trollestia pic is just deserved!!

Excellent story, my friend.

Which reminds me, I need to get around to reccing your entire verse to my friends at Spacebattles.

3293524 Wow that would be awesome!

Can you hear the clapping? Cause thats what I'm doing right now well done. I still feel that the actual fight should have covered more of thatvp chapter than it did and it was a tad odd having pinkie in there, but other than that it was great.

3293920 Well if it doesn't now, it'll need one soon:pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by SpyketheRAWRCat deleted Oct 3rd, 2013

i love red velvet cake so this story is officially awesome

And thus a great story ends.

This was a good read. I think I'll do a review on it soon.

Again, nice job.

Thank you.

*DEEP BREATH IN*......................"yay!" :yay:

Congrats on finishing! :3 NOW FINISH THE OTHERS PLEASE!...um if you could that is if you don't mind :fluttershysad:

Hmm...Winchesters in Lilly Valley's story, perhaps?(I don't watch Supernatural; I just think it'd not be too out-of-place and make some sort of weird half-sense)


3331044 Wait. Back up. Did I just accidentally contribute something USEFUL?:rainbowderp:

Sam and Dean from Supernatural.....odd, just....odd. Anyway, so Pinkie's working with Shy now eh, something's going to go wrong, I can tell. Hoping to see Pipsqueak or Pinkie Pie next, Gods damn this is bucking awesome, I'm so excited.

3344096 Well, Pipsqueak won't show up until Phase Two.

But Pinkie Pie has a nice role in Soar:pinkiehappy:

This had been a very interesting story dear Avenge :moustache: this story has made me very anxious for more Flutterhulks and to that I thank and curse you, since now I am addicted to your stories :moustache::twilightsmile::twilightangry2::trollestia::moustache::moustache:

On the overall rating of this story and by the laws of my moustache people....

I give you nine moustaches, not ten because I will only give you it until more Flutterhulks :moustache:

As to that I give you my salute and sword in battles of the Anti's :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Okay, I finally caught up with this story... AND I LOVE IT! :pinkiehappy: Loved the characters, loved the action, loved the drama, loved the ending, loved everything! A little sad that it's over, but can't wait to see what happens next! :yay:

:rainbowhuh:Is it just me, or did others lose track of where the prologue weighs in on the story?
Great story, by the way.

3532636 yeah if I were to do anything to change this, I could cut that prologue....

But then again, there's a bunch of other things in my life that take prominance and like you said the story still works.

3532725 I don't see a problem with it and, in fact, I feel it would add some more depth to the story. I just don't see how it ties into the story. It's still great, just a little confusing that the story starts on such a dark note, and then it is abandoned. Threw me off a little, is all.

3532752 Yeah I was originally going to go with a darker tone overall with this story, but freaked myself out with the prologue and ran away like a scared kitten.:twilightblush:

3532809 You wrote it how you felt you should, but it probably would have been just as great, if not greater, had you stuck with the original plan. Good luck with your writing.:twilightsmile:

3532830 Wow thanks.

If you want a story that has a MUCH more consistent tone, read Soar. So far, that's the one I'm most proud of.

3532842 That is in my "Read Later"s to read when I feel more like reading it. I plan to get to it, as well as all the other "Harmony's warriors" stories.

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