• Published 8th Feb 2013
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Harmony's Warriors: Flutterhulk - Avenging-Hobbits

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Prologue - 00 - Suicide is Painless

Suicide is Painless

Out in the desolate frozen wastelands of the Crystal Mountains, a small figure trudged through the snow.

It was a small yellow pegasus, her light pink mane blew in the wind. She continued to claw her away across the ice and snow.

She was completely and utterly alone. No else for hundreds of miles. It was just her and the voices in her head, all of them whispering and chanting dark thoughts.

Just do it. The voice in her head said. Just do it and nopony else will suffer.

A frigid gust of wind of wind blew across the lonely pegasus, chilling her to the bone.

Look at yourself. You’re a freak. A failure. A monster. Why go on anymore? All it’ll do is cause you and everypony else in the world more suffering. They all hate you. Do them a favor.

She shook her head to make the voices stop and pulled her black jacket over her body in a vain attempt to shield herself from the cold.

Put an end to it. You have nothing to look forward to. Just put an end to it all and spare everypony any more pain and suffering.

She climbed to the top of a hill and stopped, exhausted.

Her body ached and moaned with exhaustion as if she was carrying a massive weight on her back.

The voice in her mind continued. It’s so simple. All it takes is one little tug and everypony will be freed from that horrible monster forever.

She tried to keep going, but her body simply wouldn't respond. She tried to lift her legs, but they felt like they weighed a ton. Suddenly the snow beneath her hooves gave way and she went tumbling down the hill again, coming to a stop next to a large block of ice.

Can’t you see? It’s all totally pointless. Just end it all. Right here. Right now. You know you want to.

She started to cry, bringing her frost bitten hooves to her face. Each sobbing breath caused the inside of her body to suddenly be awash in freezing cold air, chilling her to the very core.

Do it.

She let out a sob and reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a small black gun.

There you go. That’s it. So simple.

She lifted the gun slowly, the cold wind cutting through her jacket like a knife.

The instrument of your salvation. Isn’t it beautiful.

She paused and looked at the gun. It was a relatively simple one, built more for concealed carrying then firepower. It had a simple lever for which non-magic users could pull the trigger with, and it was nicely polished and completely brand new, it’s surface reflecting the face of the pegasus. Her blue eyes were sunken in and looked more like black holes then actual eyes. Her face was worn from the wind and she looked sick.

You’re a complete failure aren’t you? The voice repeated.

Fluttershy Braveheart, freak, monster, murder. A failed science experiment and nothing more.

She opened her mouth slowly and edged the gun inside.

Go on…put it in.

The freezing metal burned the inside of her mouth like a burning coal.

Don’t worry. Go on. Do it. It’ll all be over soon. So incredibly simple. Now just pull the trigger and end it all.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

There you go. Good girl. The world won’t miss you. They’ll all be so thankful for this. And you’ll be free. Free from all pain and suffering. Just pull the trigger. So simple.

She pulled the trigger and everything went black.


Pain. Why was there pain? It looked down at the ground and saw a small black object.

It slammed a hoof down the object that must have caused it such pain, crushing it underhoof. It roared at the sky. All it wanted was to be left alone. Even here it was hunted.

It leap off the hill and off into the wilds

Author's Note:

Chapter title from the song "Suicide is Painless"

Well, this just might be the single darkest thing I've ever written ever.

Remind me never to write anything like this again.

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