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Harmony's Warriors: Flutterhulk - Avenging-Hobbits

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Act II - 09 - We're On Our Way Home

Act Two:
"You Better Run"

Chapter Nine:
"We're On Our Way Home"

The final bell rung and a young Fluttershy quietly walked down the halls of Canterlot Middle School, doing her best not attract any unwanted attention. Ever since her fight with Dark Sky, not a single pony dared to approach her. At whichever table she sat in the cafeteria, the other fillies and colts would instantly shy away and move to another table. Every time that happened, it felt like a part of Fluttershy's soul was dying.

More often than not, she would catch the snippets of their gossip when she walked by, with words like “freak”, “weirdo” or the worst of them all, “monster” being said along with her name.

She stopped in front of her locker and stared at the dented metal, which served as a constant reminder of her horrible actions.

I did that.. She thought, tears coming to her eyes. Everypony treats me like I'm some kind of monster...but I'm not...right?

She wiped her eyes and opened her locker. Inside was Angel Bunny, quietly sleeping in his cage, seemingly perfectly at peace. Fluttershy quietly opened the cage and gently coaxed the bunny awake.

“Angel Bunny, its Mommy. Time to go home...” she whispered. The bunny groggily hopped up her arm and nuzzled himself into her mane. Fluttershy smiled wistfully and fished out her backpack and the cage, tucking the collapsible cage into her bag and slinging it onto her back.

She then closed her locker and started down the hall towards the exit. She unexpectedly bumped into a random colt.

“Hey watch where you’re going you stupid…” the colt turned around, quite irate. However, as soon as he saw who he was shouting at, he took a step back, eyes filled with fear.

“Oh, um, sorry I didn’t know…I, um…uh…” he tripped over his own legs and sprawled on the floor, holding up his hooves as if begging for mercy. “Just please don’t hurt me! I didn’t mean to bump into you…”

Fluttershy shied behind her mane. She felt a sharp pain go through her soul at the sight of the cowering pony. He acted as if she were about to rip his head off right then and there. He was acting as if she were some sort of monster. She bit her lip as tears started to well up in her eyes. The next thing she knew she was running down the halls crying, unable to hold back weeks of pent up sadness.


“What?! You seriously can’t be telling me this...” Tree Flower’s abnormally angry tone caught Fluttershy’s attention as she walked down the hallway towards the kitchen.

“Honey, don’t you understand? It’s for the best. I wouldn’t dare do anything to hurt her…” her father’s voice said, sounding like he was trying to calm Tree Flower down.

“Banner, I explicitly told you that you shouldn’t be testing things on your own daughter like she’s some sort of science experiment!” Tree Flower shouted back. “Did you have any idea of the side effects this stuff might cause?! She could have died.”

“Of course I knew about the side effects! Don’t you think I thought this through?! Of course I tested it. Nothing happened!” Banner Wing snapped back.

Fluttershy could hear her father trying to get a word in edgewise, only to be continually cut off by Tree Flower.

“And don’t give any of that ‘It’s the only way’ crap Banner Wing. You KNOW there were at least ninety other ways to help your daughter! What possessed you to try and inject this!?”

Fluttershy raised an eyebrow. What are they talking about? What tests?

Fluttershy peaked behind the corner and saw her mother holding a vial holding a dark green fluid inside of it in front of her father, who simply sat at the kitchen table, biting his lip and avoiding his wife’s withering gaze.

“Mommy? What’s going on? Why are you two fighting? Fluttershy asked as she stepped out into the kitchen.

Her mother and father looked at her, shock on her faces. Tree Flower turned to look at Banner Wing. Banner Wing bit his lip and leaned down, smiling. “It was nothing honey. Just a simple disagreement.”

Fluttershy looked over her father’s shoulder and towards the green vial her mother had now set on the table top.

“But daddy, mommy said something about tests on me…”

Banner Wing’s eyes grew wide in realization. “Um…well…honey…I…um…” he faltered, as if trying to find the right words to say.

Fluttershy’s concern grew. Why was her daddy suddenly so worried? He didn’t have anything to hide, right?

“Mommy? Are you and Daddy okay?” Fluttershy looked towards her mother expectantly, only to be greeted by her mother starting to cry, turning away from her.

Suddenly her dad spoke. “Fluttershy…” she turned to look at him.

“Yes daddy?”

He hesitated. “Fluttershy my dear, I have a confession…” Fluttershy became worried.

“About what, daddy?” she asked.

“Um…well…as it turns out, that little vial over there contains a special serum I made, and…” he hesitated again. “Well…I’ve…”

“Oh please just tell her the truth and be done with it!” Tree Flower suddenly interjected, her voice more of a sob then a command as tears welled up in her eyes.

Fluttershy could sense that whatever it was her father was about to tell her, it probably wasn’t all that good. Her father looked at her mother, took another deep breath and continued.

“I’ve been testing it on you.”

Those six words completely shattered Fluttershy’s world. She felt her heart drop like a stone to the bottom of her chest.

Fluttershy shook her head in disbelief. No this has to be some kind of big joke, she thought. Daddy would never do that…right?

She gazed into her father’s dark blue eyes. They were serious. This was no joke. Fluttershy suddenly felt very confused. One part of her wanted to scream out in anger, unable to fathom how her father could treat her that way. Another part of her just wanted to run away and never come back, since the only pony who seemed to love her as she was seemingly had betrayed her trust.

“D-daddy…please tell me that’s not true…” she sobbed.

Her father simply shook his head, his eyes heavy with sadness. “Oh my dear,” he pulled her into a hug. “I just wanted to make you all better…”

Her father’s words failed to comfort the distraught filly. Make you all better? Why was she sick? Was there something wrong with her? What?!

Her father continued. “You just so small…I just wanted to make you bigger and stronger…nothing else…”

Fluttershy shook her head. She could feel her entire world disintegrating around her. The idea of her father being somehow dissatisfied in her only managed to ignite an inexplicable feeling of rage within her. She shoved herself out of her father’s hug.

“WHY?!” She shouted, seething in rage. “Why did you do this to me?!” tears poured down her cheeks.

Banner Wing took a step back. “Fluttershy, calm down…”

“NO! I won’t calm down!” She shouted back as she felt her mind begin to be clouded over by her rage. “You said you’d never let anybody hurt me and ever since we’ve been here, all I’ve ever been is hurt and mocked and picked on like I’m a freak and some kind of failure…” she started to hyperventilate. “And now you even think I’m a failure?!”

Banner Wing slammed a hoof on the floor. “Fluttershy stop this immediately. I NEVER said that. I love you Fluttershy. I don’t think you’re a failure at all!”

Fluttershy shook her head. “You’re lying! Just like everypony else!” she shrieked as she felt her anger boiling over. The last thing she remembered before blacking out was the look on her parent’s faces. They were frightened.


Fluttershy bolted upright, dripping in a cold sweat. She looked around, her eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness. She was still in Zecora’s hut. She shook her head to clear away the bad memories that clung like cobwebs in her mind. She slowly stepped out of the bed, hoping that Zecora was still asleep. She gently put weight on her bandaged leg. A dull pain ebbed from it, but she was able to support herself on it.

Boy, that stuff works fast… she thought, smiling. The pale blue glow of dawn had started to make its way into the hut, revealing the still sleeping zebra hanging in her hammock, snoring.

Fluttershy smiled warmly. She really was nice…but I really should leave. Don’t want to be a burden.

She started to quietly walk towards the door, limping slightly due to her leg injury. A voice behind her however caught her attention. She froze.

“So your journey must begin anew? Where is it you will be off to?”

Fluttershy turned to see Zecora clambering out of her hammock.

“Um, well…” Fluttershy shuttered, hiding behind her mane. “I, um…I really don’t want to be a burden to you, and…um…I just feel that I should keep going.”

Zecora smiled and shook her head. “What made you think you were a burden to me? You were as good a guest as a guest can be.”

Fluttershy looked down at the ground embarrassed. “N-nothing…”

Zecora walked up and put a hoof on her shoulder. “Swift Breeze, what plagues you now? Is there a way I can help somehow?”

Fluttershy bit her lip. “Well…I just want to keep moving…I just do.”

Zecora’s expression changed from that of concern to that that Fluttershy assumed was calm acceptance. “No need to explain, no need to fret. This is a meeting I won’t surely forget. Before continuing on your mission, take this item as a worthy addition.” She turned and started to rummage through some shelves in the corner. She pulled out a small sack and continued to rummage through the shelves, putting in various containers inside.

“For your long journey, you will need supplies. I shall give you some for the needs that arise.” She said, handing Fluttershy the sack. Fluttershy regarded it with caution.

“Um…what’s inside?” Fluttershy asked, hoping that the containers didn't contain anything dangerous.

Zecora smiled, "Bits, balm, clothes and plenty of food. Those are the things your bag should include." she motioned towards Fluttershy's leg.

Fluttershy smiled and took the sack from Zecora. "Thank you," she started back towards the door. "But I really feel it's time for me to go."

"My friend, don't leave yet. One last thing before I forget." Zecora called out. Fluttershy stopped.

What now? she thought, biting her lip again reflexively.

"My friend, allow me to escort you from this place. Least you be locked in dangers embrace." the zebra grabbed her staff, which had been resting in the corner, and walked up to Fluttershy. "With staff in hoof I promise to defend from dangers that you cannot possibly comprehend."

Fluttershy hesitated. "Like what?"

"Within this forests are many creatures of mystery, many who tried to face them are now lost to history." Zecora stepped ahead of Fluttershy and opened the door. The forest stretched ahead, thick with foliage. Some beams of sunlight shot through gaps in the branches, but overall the forest carried with it a dark and foreboding air.

Fluttershy shied away at the forest in front of her. She hadn't taken into account that she honestly had no idea where she was or what lurked in the dark shadows. "Um...okay then, you can lead the way...if that's okay with you."

Zecora nodded. "Of course my yellow friend, now, to the path ahead, we must attend." she beckoned to Fluttershy. "Now come, we should go before mornings end."

Fluttershy gulped and swung the sack over her back and started after Zecora, still limping slightly.

The two barely spoke to each other as they walked through the thick underbrush, Fluttershy spending most of the time observing the various exotic plants and the occasional animal that would dart in and out of the underbrush or along the various low hanging branches. Her leg still carried with it a dull pain that prevented her from putting her full weight on it, but with each passing hour the pain slowly diminished.

Wow, I wonder what she put in that balm… she thought. She glanced at Zecora, who strode ahead, confidentially, keeping a watchful eye on the underbrush.

“Um, Zecora…” Fluttershy asked.

“Yes?” Zecora replied, still keeping a watchful eye on the forest.

“I was, um, wondering if you could tell me what you put in the balm.”

“To make my special brew, mixing various herbs is what you must do.” Zecora replied, before stopping suddenly, nearly causing Fluttershy to bump into her.

“What is it?” Fluttershy whispered, various terrifying thoughts jumping to the forefront of her mind, all of which involved her being eaten alive by some horrible monster.

Maybe it’s a matacore? Or another timberwolf! Or a maybe it’s a cockatrice…or maybe it’s… she peered over Zecora’s shoulder and instantly felt a massive sense of relief.

In front of them was a thick patch of bright blue flowers that resembled lilies. Fluttershy gave Zecora a quizzical look.

“Um, Zecora, those are flowers. Why’d we stop?”

Zecora looked over her shoulder. “My friend, this flower, as innocent as it may seem, is the source of many a bad scene. It is Poison Joke.”

Fluttershy raised an eyebrow. “Poison joke?” the name sounded somewhat familiar to her. “Um, if I’m correct, doesn’t that only grow in the Everfree Forest?”

Zecora nodded. “That is correct, and this is also the place in which we trek.”

Fluttershy looked around, the forest taking on a darker feeling. She had heard stories about the dangers of the forest when she was a little filly living in Ponyville, and now, here she was. It also, however, served almost as a source of relief, since she hoped that the government wouldn’t dare follow her into such a notoriously wild and dangerous part of Equestria.

“Come, let us walk around this patch, less the plant’s poison we catch.” Zecora motioned towards some bushes, and they started to clamber through the thick plant life. The shrub turned out to be a bramble bush, which clawed at their coats and Fluttershy’s bandages.

They plowed their way through, neither of them saying anything much to each other besides the occasional warning against any potential pitfalls that were in their path. As the day went on, clouds of insects hovered around their faces, and sweat lathered on their bodies as the temperature and humidity climbed. After seemingly hours of hiking through the bush, they cleared the surprisingly large patch of poisonous flowers and returned to the main path.

Fluttershy wiped the sweat from her brow and let out a tired pant. “Z-zecora,” she panted, “Are we almost out?”

Zecora herself wiped away her ample amounts of sweat and nodded tiredly. “Be patient my little friend, your journey is near it’s end.” She pushed some thick vines out of the way to reveal the edge of a large clearing ahead. “Behold, the end of our quest. And with little trouble, for our hoofsteps were blessed.”

Fluttershy peaked out into the clearing. The forest opened up to reveal a nice open plot of surprisingly well-kept grass. From where they were standing she could see various buildings in the distance. A unsettlingly familiar feeling came over Fluttershy, as if she’d seen these buildings before.

“Um…where are we?” she asked, turning towards Zecora with a confused expression on her face.

“Ponyville is the name of this town, for kindness and honesty it is world renown.”

Ponyville?! Fluttershy thought. She hadn’t heard that name is years. A massive flood of memories of days spent running around on the playground with Firefly, making daisy chains with mother and general fillyhood games in her innocence flashed through her mind. Those, of course, were quickly overshadowed by an even larger flood of much darker memories.

Memories of being the subject of scorn from older fillies and utter humiliation. Memories of nights spent sobbing in bed plagued by nightmares of monsters and seemingly invincible bullies who would crush her underhoof.

“Oh…oh no…not here…” Fluttershy whimpered, backing away. “Anywhere but here…”

Zecora raised an eyebrow. “Whatever is the matter Swift Breeze? Why are you so ill at ease?”

Fluttershy shook her head. “I don’t want to go here, take my someplace else…I don’t like this place.” She started to stumble back into the briar, tripping over her own injured leg and falling in a heap.

Zecora rushed over and helped her back to her hooves, brushing away any thorns or briars that had caught in Fluttershy’s coat, mane and tail.

“My friend, what about this place gives you such fear? Why is it that you want to leave here?”

Fluttershy hung her head. “I grew up there. It’s a lot of bad memories. Please, tell me we can visit some other town?”

Zecora shook her head. “I’m sorry to say, but here you must stay. For your leg is injured, and you body weak, and I cannot provide enough to make that cease. Whatever pain you have experienced, you must know this: It is in the past, and that means it is no longer a risk.”

Fluttershy a stray tear from her eye. “But why here? Isn’t there any other town nearby?”

“No I’m sorry, there is not.” Zecora replied, her voice becoming calm and understanding. “For most ponies avoid this place, for it a fright to their race.” Zecora replied, motioning to the forest around them. “In fact, they have an aversion to me, for a witch they believe me to be. But to you I believe they will be kind. You are a pony and therefore one of their kind.”

Fluttershy looked back towards the town. “But…it’s been so long…”

“What is it that troubles you so? What is it that fills you with dread?” Zecora asked rather sternly. “To overcome fear, one cannot focus on long time ago. She must look forward and see what’s ahead.”

Fluttershy gulped. “Um...okay.” she pulled herself back up and started to limp towards the clearing, her leg now once more burning in pain. She glanced down at the injured limb. The bandage Zecora had applied was now tattered and torn, with various bits of plants stuck to it where some of the balm oozed out.

“My friend, remember this: If you are ever in need of a friend, come to my home and I will amend.” Zecora spoke, picking up her staff in her mouth and turning to walk back into the forest.

Fluttershy stopped in her tracks. Friend. Zecora considered her a friend. The relief of knowing that somepony actually cared for her, and wasn’t seeking to harm her lifted the heavy feeling off Fluttershy’s soul. She felt something she hadn’t felt in a long time: confidence. Confidence in the fact, that, at least she had one friend in the world. A shoulder to lean on, a shelter from the world and its woes. Someone who was an outcast as well, who knew how she felt and what she had gone through.

“Zecora…” Fluttershy called out towards the zebra, who was about to step into the underbrush.

“Yes Swift Breeze?”

“I’d just like to say thank you, for being so nice to me.” Fluttershy said, smiling faintly. Zecora smiled and nodded, and, not saying a word, disappeared into the forest, leaving Fluttershy to finish the walk into town alone.


Hoofcuff stomped into the tent she was staying in and started to levitate her things into her saddle bags, muttering a very colorful and vulgar stream of insults under her breath, all directed towards General Iron Will.

“Stupid bucking idiot! Gets me roped into this idiotic goose chase for what I’m told is a just a normal criminal and instead turns out to be a giant monster that smashes tanks! Great! Perfect! Just what I needed!”

She violently folded up her clothes and stuffed them inside the saddle bags, continuing her rant.

“I mean seriously Hoofcuff, why didn’t you guess that earlier?! I mean all this time you’ve been wondering how she could throw a four hundred pound griffin into a brick wall like he was a puppet?!” she angrily stuffed spare cases of ammunition into the saddle bag and violently tugged the flap closed, pinning it shut.

“And on top of that…” her rant was cut off by the distinct feeling of being watched. She spun around, horn charged and ready to strike down anybody who had snuck up on her. She was greeted by Snowflake, who, with an oddly smug grin on his otherwise grim face and eyebrow raised, was staring at her.

“What the buck do you want?” Hoofcuff spat, slowly coming down from her angry high. Snowflake stepped forward.

“I take it your leaving?” he asked, stepping into the tent and standing in the corner, his chest puffing out slightly.

Hoofcuff felt her anger return at the stupid question. Wasn’t it obvious she was leaving? Why would anybody stay on a mission sent to find what was basically a living atomic bomb?!

Yes! Of course I’m leaving!” she hissed, swinging the saddlebag over her back violently and stamping towards the exit of the tent. Snowflake stepped in front of her.

Hoofcuff let out an inarticulate snarl. “Snowflake, so help me get out of my way before I blast your brains in.”

Snowflake shook his head. “The General asked that you stay here.”

Hoofcuff pushed her way past the pegasus and shifted into a fuming canter. “Tell him to buck off because I’m out of here. I’m not military anyways, so he can’t boss me around.”

“Why?” Snowflake asked, flapping into the air behind her.

“Because I’m not keen on getting squished by a bug next time we run into that thing,” She spat back, “I’m going home. I’m tired, frustrated and honestly, I can think of three other cases I could be investigating. So leave me be.”

She heard Snowflake scoff. “Fine, be a bitch. I don’t care.”

Hoofcuff’s eye twitched involuntarily at the insult but she kept going. She wasn’t about to let some stupid jock solider get on her nerves. She had enough of those for these past few weeks.

“I guess that means that I capture it, though, I’ll take all the credit.” Snowflake sneered from above. “After all, I’m always the best.”

“Piss off!” Hoofcuff spat back, shooting off a bolt of magic towards the proud pegasus, who simply dodged it, and flapped off, a self-satisfied grin on his face.

Once he disappeared, Hoofcuff returned to her fuming.

“Stupid general bucking lied to me. Could have gotten Starlight or me KILLED just so he can catch a giant green freak pony! Stupid, stupid, stupid…”

She made her way out of the camp, ignoring the various funny looks other ponies where giving her as she continued to mutter and grumble to herself.

The number one thing that stuck in her craw was just the sheer deceptive nature of this whole mission had had from the beginning. If Iron Will had just been honest and told her what exactly they were after, she probably would not have been so angry.

And if there was anything in the whole world that got Hoofcuff angry faster then anything else, it was dishonest authority of any kind. Her father had been the only honest cop in Trottingham it seemed and it had certainly rubbed off on his daughter, giving her a strong distaste for dishonesty.

She reached the edge of the destroyed compound, looking for someway to get back to Canterlot and sane, logical ponies. She caught sight of a small airship readying itself for take off. She cantered over and called for the captain.

“Hey! Cap!” the captain of the airship, a grizzled unicorn with an eye patch and pet parrot perched on his shoulder turned towards her.

“Yes ma’am?”

“I’d like to know where this airship is heading.” Hoofcuff asked, motioning towards the airship behind them.

“We be headin’ fer Canterlot me bonnie lass. What business is it of yers?”

Hoofcuff rolled her eyes at the eccentric pony. “I want to hitch a ride. I’m an NEIGHS agent.” She flashed him her badge.

The captain eyed the badge with his good eye. “Aye that ye be. Seems legit.” He turned towards his parrot. “What do ya think Jimmy?”

The parot leaned in towards the badge and then eyed Hoofcuff suspiciously.

“BRAW! Jimmy okay with this!”

The captain smiled and laughed heartily. “Aye my friend!” he turned back towards Hoofcuff, who was feeling rather foolish by putting up with this weird pirate-like pony.

“Does this mean I can come or not?” she asked, her patience wearing thin.

The captain nodded. “Aye that be the living breathin’ truth missy! Come aboard The Minnow.”

“Yeah thanks whatever.” Hoofcuff grumbled, stepping past the captain and walking up the gangplank.

The captain followed afterwards, barking orders to his crew who darted across the deck and up the masts, busy at work.

The airship lifted gracefully into the air and its engine started up, sending it forward towards Canterlot.


Fluttershy quietly walked into town, her limp fading in and out as she walked. To be in an open, neatly cut field felt strange to her. She had spent most of her life running back and forth, always with the constant fear of being caught following her everywhere.

But, for the first in a while, she felt strangely at peace. The sun was up, the sky was a tremendously beautiful shade of blue without a single cloud to be seen, and, since she had left the Everfree behind her, the humidity from before had been replaced by a crisp, clear feeling in the air. The cloud of insects hadn’t followed her either, instead being replaced by an occasional butterfly, which would flitter past Fluttershy.

As she neared the town, the grass was steadily replaced by a relatively simple road, on which various ponies walked about, chattering amongst themselves. Fluttershy paused when she caught sight of a well-weathered signpost.

"Welcome to Ponyville
Home of Sweet Apple Acers
Population 20,000"

Fluttershy smiled wistfully. The town hadn’t really changed since she saw it last, which was more then twenty years ago. She scanned the town, her feelings of fear slowly being replaced with the distinct feeling of being someplace safe.

The various buildings from she remembered her childhood still stood around town. There was the candy colored Sugarcube Corner, where she remembered having milkshakes and soda back in the day.

As she walked through town, she decided to keep a low profile, just in case. Even though she wasn’t feeling particularly paranoid right now, her mind still told her to keep a sharp eye out for any suspicious behavior.

She felt a shot of fear go through her however, when she caught sight of a small poster stapled to a light post.

Fluttershy Braveheart, for various crimes
Against Equestria including, but not limited to:
Acts of Terror; Destruction of Government Property; and at least five counts of Murder

Fluttershy felt the smothering feeling of depression come over her soul. Even here, a seemingly innocent and placid town, her monstrous other managed to make itself known. The thing about the poster that hurt her the most however, was the number. Five.

Five ponies who would never see their families or loved ones again.

Five families who had to go on without them.

Five innocent lives, that probably hadn’t done a single wrong, where now snuffed out, cut off and terminated.

Fluttershy felt a tear run down her cheek. She felt frightened. Frightened that no matter where she went, she would cause somebody’s life to end in a horrible, violent manner.

She barely even noticed that her own picture was on the poster, in full glory, for everyone in town to see and be able to identify her. She looked around, an immense feeling of paranoia and fear sweeping over her. Strangely however, nobody seemed to notice her. They all went about their day, some in a hurry and some not.

Taking a deep breath, Fluttershy held back the oncoming panic attack.

“Relax Fluttershy, relax…calm down…just don’t do anything to attract attention to yourself…” she whispered to herself, eyeing the poster. Taking another breath, she tried her best to calm down. She quietly reached out for the poster and yanked it off the light pole, hoping that nobody had seen her do it. She quickly stuffed the paper into the saddle bag Zecora had given to her and started walking.

“Just keep moving Fluttershy. Find a motel, use a fake name, same as before…” she scanned the town, now searching for a place to stay overnight that would hopefully not ask too many questions. She walked by the flower shop, making sure to keep her head down and mane in front of her face, so that nobody would recognize her.

However, she lost track of where she was going, and bumped into a pastel red earth pony with a dark brown mane.

“Oh, I’m sorry…” Fluttershy instantly apologized, her own good manners getting the better of her paranoia.

“Oh, no I’m sorry!” the mare said, in a frighteningly familiar voice. Fluttershy’s ears came to attention at the sound of the voice.

The voice carried a strangely familiar tone, as if Fluttershy had heard it before, but she couldn’t remember where.

The mare turned and properly faced Fluttershy. At the sight of the mare’s face, however, Fluttershy’s eyes shrank to pinpricks.

“M-mother?!” she sputtered, instantly slamming her hoof over her mouth and turning away.

The mare’s own expression changed from apologetic to shock.

“F-Fluttershy?” the mare herself sputtered, tears welling up in her blue eyes. “Y-you’re alive?!”

At these words, Fluttershy promptly fainted straight away.

Author's Note:

Chapter title from the song "Two of Us" by The Beatles.

Wow that took awhile, but finally a new Flutterhulk chapter.

As for the quote, it took awhile, but I think it works.

And don't worry, you'll be seeing more Hoofcuff in the future, she's not out of this story by any means.

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