Harmony's Warriors: Soar

by Avenging-Hobbits

Act II - 10 - The Pain of Staying the Same

Act II:
All Equal in the End

Chapter Ten:
"The Pain of Staying the Same"

Scootaloo sat in the sterile room where the dragon had left her, staring glumly at her hooves. She could still hear the rain pitter-pattering off the tarp and dripping around her, which only managed to heighten the feeling of isolation and worry.

As much as Scootaloo would have liked to protest, she was scared. She hadn’t seen or heard neither hide nor tail of Rainbow since the other pony went down into the base and Scootaloo was starting to imagine Rainbow Dash getting captured or worse…

No way, Scoots, she told herself fiercely. There’s no way a pony as awesome as Rainbow Dash could get caught. She’s just too awesome.

The sudden sound of a doorknob jiggling caught Scootaloo’s attention. The door opened to reveal the last pony Scootaloo expected to see.

"Auntie!" She shouted, jumping out of her chair and rushing over to throw her arms around a very relieved-looking Daring, who returned the hug. The sound of a throat being cleared finally made Daring and Scootaloo release each other and Scootaloo saw the dragon who had imprisoned her.

"Thank you so much for keeping her safe, Mr...?" Daring asked, extending a hoof for a shake. The dragon smiled and shook her hoof.

"Agent Spike. And it was nothing, just make sure she doesn't get into such trouble again, okay?"

Daring nodded. "Most definitely, Agent Spike." She then looked down at Scootaloo, who shrank at her visible disappointment.

"Good, then. I can send a unit to escort you home you'd like," the dragon proposed.

"Um no, that's okay. I think I can manage the flight back." Daring emphasized her words with a ruffle of her wings. “Thank you, though.”

The dragon shook his head. “No problem at all, Professor. You’re both free to go.”

Daring smiled gratefully and beckoned for Scootaloo. “Come on, Scootaloo, let’s go home now.”

Scootaloo was set to bound out of the door to freedom but a thought made her hesitate. “What about Rainbow, Auntie?”

Scootaloo saw the dragon’s eyebrows rise and Daring bite her lip, both of them looking suspiciously similar to the doctors in the hospital who hadn’t wanted to tell her that her parents had died.

“Scootaloo, I don’t know who you’re talking about. Let’s just go home,” she said quickly, grabbing Scootaloo’s hoof and starting to drag her towards the door.

“But Auntie...” she murmured, shocked that her aunt would simply leave Rainbow Dash behind like that.

“No. We’re going home now, Scootaloo, and trust me when I say that you’re in an awful amount of trouble,” Daring replied, grabbing Scootaloo by the hoof and leading her out. Scootaloo didn’t offer much protest, simply taken aback by her aunt’s behavior. The two of them were able to trot out of the tent and out of the base with relative ease, neither sharing a word.

As they walked off, Agent Spike sighed slightly, putting his claws in his pockets and turning back inside. He had a very interesting pony to speak with.


Rainbow Dash sat alone in the pure white room, her wrists bound to the chair she was seated on, preventing her from moving.

Of course, what was the point of moving? To escape? What for? What reason did she truly have to get up and walk out of this empty room? There was no purpose or individual for whose sake she had any grounds to raise herself up from this despondent slump.

She stared at the large mirror placed in the wall across from her. Her reflection gazed back, limp and dazed and weary. Her tangled hair hung over her tear-stained face and her coat was smeared with mud and covered in bloody cuts and bruises. A few days ago, she might have rejoiced in such results of battle, but now instead of a victorious conquest, she saw a filthy, bedraggled dupe. She could just catch sight of her flank as well and its stark, blank surface.

She’d never noticed it really until now, since she was so consumed with retrieving her beloved Mjolnir to allow herself to worry. But now her bare flank, missing wings and beaten body, along with her loss of Mjolnir, was all too much to be denied even by her own stubbornness.

Here she was, Rainbow Dash Celestiamaden, a blank flank unworthy of her title.

Rainbow remembered hearing the story of her great-grandmother drowning herself in the river after the death of her child and how she used to think it was folly and weakness that had spurred such an action. But now she knew and finally understood. It was despondence; the realization that life would drag you down like sinking sand, an unshakable noose that divided you from any light or security or peace.

Was I so self-centered that even in the case of my own blood I condemned a bereaved mother simply because I could never imagine losing anything comparable? Was I so secure in my own power that I truly believed my happiness was untouchable? Am I still so selfish I am comparing my circumstances to the death of a child?

Rainbow realized what she truly yearned for in that moment: to be anything but her contemptible, egocentric and pathetic self.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the door to the room being opened, revealing a tall purple dragon with green spikes. Under his arm was a small foldout chair which he quietly popped it open and set in on the floor, taking a seat directly in front of her.

“You know, this is the first time I’ve seen a mare or anypony as a matter of fact, get through that much security. I have to admit, it was really impressive,” he said casually. Rainbow simply stared over his shoulder; she could see no reason to respond.

“I mean it’s not easy, what you did. You made my best guys, the elite of the elite, the most highly trained Special Forces ponies in the world, look like a bunch of droopy-eyed, legless fillies,” the dragon continued. “From what I’ve seen in this job, it takes a pony of a very special skill set to pull off what you pulled off tonight.” He stopped and looked at Rainbow Dash expectantly for a moment then shrugged.

“Alrighty then, what I really want to know is this—” Here the dragon leaned forward and his tone became severe. “Where did you receive your training? Because I have a strong feeling they don’t teach combat skills like that in the local gym.”

Rainbow Dash still offered no answer.

The dragon sighed and leaned back in his chair, obviously frustrated. “Alright then, still not talking. I guess I’ll have to ask until a name rings a bell huh?” He crossed his claws. “Okay then. South Griffinheim? No? Funny, that’s where most of these nut jobs come from. Zebrecia then? Hmmm. No... No you seem to be more of a soldier-of-fortune type. What with the blank flank and all.”

Rainbow Dash flinched and felt another cold wave of misery churn in her stomach.

“Who are you?” the dragon demanded and this time Rainbow looked at him somberly.

I am nothing. She thought, not even having enough willpower to say it out loud.

The dragon stood up abruptly. “Well, no matter, we have a friend who might be able to find that out.” He folded the chair, tucking it back under his shoulder, and made his way to the door. “If anypony is able to get you to talk, it’ll be him.”

With those words he walked out of the room and shut the door behind him, leaving Rainbow Dash alone again.

There is nothing to say….

“Rainbow Dash…” A very familiar voice caused Rainbow bolt up in her seat, her eyes shooting about the door. She couldn’t see anypony…

“H-hello?” She called out. Don’t let your hope up, it couldn’t—

Her roving eyes froze as something materialized before her.

A blue unicorn clothed in an elegant black coat stood in the center of the room, looking down at her with concerned expression in her purple eyes.

Trixie?” Rainbow Dash squeaked, emotion squeezing her voice. “Is that you?”

Trixie smiled gently. “Indeed it is, sister.”

Rainbow felt fresh tears streaming down her face and she tried to jump to her hooves, momentarily forgetting the binds that kept her firmly stationed. “Oh thank the All-Fathers! Has Mother forgiven me?! May I come home?”

Trixie however was shaking her head slowly, her expression suddenly afflicted. Rainbow felt her stomach suddenly twist violently. “Trixie, what is the matter? Is there something amiss in Asgard? Is that why I could not lift Mjolnir?”

Trixie heaved a shaky sigh.

“Dashie, Mother is… dead.”

Rainbow Dash stared at her for an impossibly long, numb moment. But I just saw Mother, was all she could think. This is more of Trixie’s mockery, that is all…

“You should not make such jests,” She said but her words came out choked and she could taste the salt of her tears in her mouth. They were icy cold now but somehow she felt as if they were burning right through her.

Trixie was still shaking her head as if she couldn’t stop and Rainbow could still see tears glittering in her eyes. “Dashie, I am not jesting. It seems your banishment, the threat of Changeling invasion, it was all simply too much…”

But I just saw her. She was so angry at me, I was supposed to apologize… Rainbow thought, her head spinning with confusion.

“You mustn’t blame yourself,” Trixie said softly, placing a tender hoof on Rainbow’s shoulder. “All of us know of your love for Mother. I even tried to convince her of this…”

Rainbow couldn’t understand how she could be sitting down but still feel like she was falling. “Wh-what did she…?”

“She refused to listen to me. She was simply too injured by your words before banishment. And to think that she placed the hammer right within your reach of it, yet she knew you would never be able to wield it again…” She trailed off as Rainbow let out a series of heaving sobs and that was all that filled the silence between the two for a long time.

“Dashie…” Trixie said after Rainbow’s sobs had quieted to loud sniffles. Her voice sounded so much like Mother’s when she was trying to be consoling. “I feel I must also inform you that the burden of leadership of Asgard falls on my shoulders.”

Rainbow Dash looked up, her eyes raw and swollen. “Then-then you can bring me home… yes?”

Trixie hung her head. “In the aftermath of Mother’s death, I was able to create a rather ramshackle peace treaty with Hekkerheim. However, it depends on the promise that you stay here.”

“Surely Auntie Luna or Auntie Cadance can—”

“Both Luna and Cadance expressly forbid your return. They say we must do all in our power to keep the peace, that without Mother Asgard is in no place to defend itself from an attack even by a weakened Hekkerheim. I assure you if I had my way you’d be home right now with your powers fully restored…” She paused, biting her lower lip as a single tear slipped down her cheek. “…But I can’t. This is my farewell, dear sister. I am so sorry—”

Rainbow Dash shook her head slowly. “No, you don’t have to apologize, this is all my fault, Trixie. I shouldn’t have gone to Hekkerheim in the manner in which I did. I…” She had to stop and swallow stickiness in her throat. “I… deserve this punishment. Thank you for coming to me. You did not have to and I can never thank you enough.”

There was a pause between the two once more which was finally broken by Trixie heaving a sigh.

“Goodbye then, my sister,” Trixie said quietly then turned around slowly and dissipating like smoke.

It felt fitting to Rainbow that the last image she would ever have of her sister was her back turned on her.

“Goodbye,” she said softly to the empty air.

“Goodbye? What are you talking about?” A profoundly deep and unfamiliar voice said.

Rainbow Dash looked up to see a tall, lean dark grey earth pony with curly black hair striding rapidly into the room. He wore a long black coat that covered his cutie mark and he practically radiated an aura of such self-assurance that bordered on pure conceit. It was an attitude that Rainbow would have previously associated with a noble or royalty, now it just reeked of bitter foolishness.

Beside him stood a rather short and stocky light-yellow earth pony with a blonde mane and a stethoscope cutie mark. His air was a composed steadfastness and Rainbow thought that yesterday she might not have even noticed him.

“I only just came in,” the tall one said, raising an eyebrow. His eyes scanned Rainbow Dash in a brilliant flash of greenish-blue and his eyebrows rose and fell as if he were shifting through sand and kept catching glimpses of gold.

“Let’s see...” he muttered, his face turning flinty with focus. “You’re a stranger. You’ve never been here before, in fact I don’t think you even intended to be here. Looks like you were abandoned, and judging by your miserable posture and expression, probably because of something foolish you’ve done. But it’s only just now hit you that you’re stuck here, for good. And you’ve lost something important— that hammer outside perhaps?”

Rainbow stared at him in bewildered resentment. Was this some sort of Equestrian torture, to have some snarky pony come and verbally strip you naked?

The stallion seemed to take note of her expression. “Ah yes, it was most definitely that hammer. I’ve managed to strike a nerve, have I? Rather possessive, are we? You plowed through twenty heavily armed and well trained ponies singlehandedly, all for one object. So strong, why do you need it? A gift maybe? Ohhhh yes, but something more…a weapon? Considering how powerful you are already, it must be a very powerful one.”

Rainbow Dash hung her head and shut her eyes; she was too tired for this contempt. He was already regurgitating facts she already knew, so what if everypony else did? The only ponies who mattered despised her and were lost to her forever, what other pony’s judgment was of any importance compared to that?

The stallion spun on his heels and spoke to the other stallion, who hadn’t spoken since their entrance. “Come, Trotson, I believe that I’ve amassed enough information for Agent Spike to be satisfied.” He strode toward towards the door, swishing his scarf around his neck in a dramatic manner as the other pony simply nodded.

“Of course, Fetlock. Simply had to fly us all the way from Canterlot for this, didn’t you?” he said flatly.

As they walked out, the taller one scoffed. “Oh Trots, you liked the trip, don’t lie.”

And with that the door closed, leaving Rainbow alone once more.


Meanwhile, Trixie trotted haughtily through the base—or rather the tactile projection did. She always preferred this form as it allowed her to be unseen by anyone she didn’t expressly want to be seen by. She passed through a plastic curtain and smiled, spotting her prize jutting out of the stone.

Taking notice of the several unicorns that all hovered around the hammer, muttering amongst themselves and attempting to undo the enchantments that had been placed onto the hammer, she took a moment to cover up her own magical signature before easily walking right through their group and stepping into the small crater.

She stared down at the hammer, glimmering with raindrops, her eyes reflecting its limpid coolness.

You’re mine now…

She reached and wrapped her hoof around the handle, pausing to savor the solid chill of it her hoof, then with a wide smile gave a sharp tug expecting it to rise easily into her grasp. But instead, the hammer remained set in the stone. Frowning, she gave another, harder tug but still it did not come loose. She let out a huff and tried both hooves.

Come now, you accursed block of stone, budge…

She gave it one more mighty yank and yet the hammer remained immovable.

Trixie released the handle and took a step back, her face a burning rage. After taking a deep breath and smoothing her coat, Trixie looked skyward.

“You win this round, Mother…” she hissed, practically spitting the last word out like an expletive.

Her form slowly dissolved into the air, with nopony the wiser.


Daring landed silently outside of her home with Scootaloo carried atop her back. As Daring opened the front gate Scootaloo silently clambered off and didn’t say a word all the way to the front door.

Pausing on the doorstep, Daring looking down at Scootaloo. “Alright, young mare,” she said sternly. “You’re going to go straight to bed, understand? You’ve caused quite a bit of trouble tonight, and I think it’s safe to say that you’re going to be grounded for some time.”

Scootaloo’s only response was a dejected nod as Daring unlocked the door and motioned for her to step inside. Scootaloo stepped in and Daring followed, being sure to lock the door securely.

“Now Scootaloo, care to explain why you left the house against my orders?” Daring asked, sitting at the table and crossing her arms. Scootaloo hung her head low but said nothing. Daring suppressed a sigh.

“Scootaloo, you scared me. I come home, find you’ve duct-taped Comet Tail to a chair and are heading to a high security facility. Did Rainbow put you up to this?”

Scootaloo shook her head. “Rainbow wanted to see the hammer,” she mumbled. “But I was the one who said to duct tape Comet Tail.”

Somehow that made sense.

“Scootaloo, I realize you like Rainbow Dash, I really do understand, but there’s a point when you have to stop and see things clearly. She broke into a military base for a hammer.”

“Why didn’t you help her?” Scootaloo burst out suddenly, looking genuinely bewildered. “You knew she was there, why did you leave her?”

“Because, Scootaloo, she’s an adult. I’m not responsible for her actions in the way I am for yours.”

“Then why did you help her last time?”

“I can’t keep running after her!” Daring exclaimed, slamming her hoof on the table. “I’ve got you to look out for; I don’t need another lunatic to chase!”

Scootaloo stared at her, looking like she was struggling to hold back tears. “You think I’m a lunatic?”

Daring put her face in her hooves. “No, Scootaloo. You just got caught up in everything…” She trailed off. I’m just too tired, I can’t do this anymore…. “Just go to sleep. We’ll talk about this tomorrow, okay?”

Scootaloo silently turned around and walked up the staircase, leaving Daring alone at the kitchen table. Daring rubbed her eyes until she saw red and white spangles, and when she finally opened them again, they landed on the mythology book she had brought out earlier that morning. Without knowing what she was doing, she pulled it over and opened it. It opened to the page dedicated to Rainbow Dash Celestiamaden and Daring found herself reading the written anecdote of the mythic character.

A blue-coated and rainbow-maned goddess with a massive hammer. Arrogant, boisterous, hotheaded and belligerent…

Daring knew if she had come across this twenty years ago, she knew she would have said it was all far too coincidental for it to be chance. How could someone as unstable as this pony seemed fabricate such a complex ruse, unless it was part of some overblown conspiracy? And what conspiracy involved pretending to be a freaking ancient goddess?

Daring slammed her head down on the table.

Scootaloo will never forgive me for doing nothing. And I’ll never get to sleep thinking about this nutcase alone in that place… Can I really take the chance of leaving some poor fool alone with those creepers on the very slim chance she is part of some insane conspiracy?

Daring lifted her head. “I can’t understand how twenty years ago it took me one nanosecond to decide whether to enter a booby-trapped tomb and now I can’t choose whether to be a good neighbor or a cautious parent… ”

She stood up and made her way wearily out the door… again.


Daring Do mentally cursed her own wings for being too tired to lift her from the ground as she galloped back towards the crater. The rain had long since ended, and the streets of the town were now muddy and water splashed everywhere with each puddle Daring raced through. By now, Daring was panting hard as she clambered up the hillside that lead to the crater.

She took a deep breath and started towards the fence, making sure to be as unthreatening looking as possible.

"Um… hello," She called out, waving towards one of the many guard ponies that were patrolling the fence. She winced slightly as a bright beam of light hitting her square in the face.

"Who's there?" The light-blue unicorn guard called out, his voice authoritative. Daring gulped, waving again awkwardly.

"Um, yes, I'm Professor Daring Do," she said, holding up her ID shyly, doing all she could to show she was harmless. Better safe than sorry...wouldn't want to get shot or anything...

The unicorn leaned forward, eying the ID carefully before levitating a walkie-talkie to his mouth, not looking away from Daring. "Agent Spike, there's a brown pegasus mare with a grey mane at the fence, a Professor Daring Do."

There was a burst of static before another, oddly familiar voice came over the walkie-talkie, "Roger that, Glimmer. What does she want?"

Sounds like that dragon from earlier… Daring thought as the unicorn Daring assumed was named Glimmer gave her an accusatory look.

"What do you want?" He ordered bluntly. Daring took another breath.

"I'm here to help with the dig. I’m an archaeologist," Daring said humbly, hoping that Rainbow was alright and that her plan would actually work.

Glimmer nodded and spoke back into the walkie-talkie. "She says she's an archaeologist and would like speak with you." There was a long pause as Daring worryingly awaited the dragon on the other end's response.

"Let her in," The dragon on the other end replied. Daring let out a breath she didn't know she was holding as Glimmer nodded and beckoned towards her.

"Follow me," he ordered, as he trotted along the fence, with Daring sticking close by. Daring decided it would be best to just follow orders and not ruffle any potential feathers by talking too much. So, the two simply walked silently along the fence, until they reached the only opening in the fence, which was a well-patrolled gate that looked large enough to allow a good sized truck to pass through. Glimmer presented his badge to one of the guards and spoke with him quietly for a second before the other guard nodded and flared his own horn. The gate glimmered with light-orange-colored magic and opened.

"Follow me, Professor," Glimmer ordered, to which Daring simply nodded. She could feel some of her confidence returning as everything seemed to be going surprisingly well, all things considered. So far no embarrassing inspections, questions or probing.

"Halt," Glimmer's voice snapped Daring out of her thoughts and she saw his horn glowing again.

"Is there a problem?" she asked, internally worried that something might have gone wrong. She noticed they had only walked a few feet, and were barely inside the makeshift compound. Glimmer, however, simply shook his head.

"No, Professor, just a simple security inspection. Now, please hold still." With that, the glow of his horn intensified and Daring felt the characteristic invasive tingle of a security inspection spell tickle across her body. After several awkward seconds, the glow around Glimmer's horn cleared and he nodded.

"Alright then, you check out. Let's continue," he turned and beckoned again and the two continued to trot towards one of the small tent-like buildings that lay concentrated around the plastic covered series of passageways that ran around the center of the crater. As they trotted up, Daring saw the very familiar, rather lanky-looking dragon that seemed just a tad taller than her step out of the tent, dressed in the same rather neat and tidy business suit as she had seen him in that afternoon.

"Good evening, Professor," he said simply, "I assume our guest is a friend of yours?" He asked, raising an eyebrow slightly. Daring's eyes widened slightly.

"Well," she said, doing her best to sound as confident as possible. "I wasn’t exactly honest with you earlier…" She rubbed the back of her neck anxiously.

The dragon gave her an accusatory look. “Really? How so?”

Daring took a deep breath, readying herself. “Well, remember how I said that I didn’t know that other pony you found? Well, I actually do know her. She’s an assistant of mine…" She paused, quickly coming up with the first name she could think of. "Light Spectrum.”

She noticed how the dragon’s eyebrows only seemed to arch even more at this. “I’m an archaeologist, see.” She reached into her shirt and pulled out her ID, handing it over to the dragon’s extended claw.

“‘Daring Do, Professor of History and Archaeology, University of Canterlot.’?” he read aloud, looking back towards her with curiosity. "What are you doing here in Appleloosa then, if I might ask?"

Daring shrugged. "I like the quiet, and it’s got some interesting archaeological sites..." she smiled,

The dragon nodded, handing back the ID, which Daring took gladly. "Alright then, Professor Do, if this pony is who you say she is, and she’s actually an assistant of yours, how was she able to make it through my security?"

Daring started to sweat. I didn’t think I’d get this far, she thought. “Well,” she said, fumbling with her pith helmet, trying to come up with a logical excuse. "She’s kind of a fitness nut.”

The dragon raised his eyebrow again. “Fitness nut?”

“Yeah! Really into working out and all,” Daring said, regaining some of her lost confidence. “And when she saw the news, she kind of freaked out, you know how it is.” She said, trying to best to put on a reassuring smile.

“No,” the dragon said. “I don’t know how it is.”

Daring’s eyes darted around, looking for some excuse. She spotted a half-empty bottle of Sweet Apple Acres Cider sitting on one of the tables, “Well, you know, she’s really into old myths and Wands and Wizards, so after she saw the news, she went to the bar, got drunk and then she came over here!”

She smiled again, knowing that she was probably failing miserably to look honest. “Again, I’m so sorry that she did this, I mean I certainly wouldn’t have done something so extreme,” she said, running a hoof through her mane.

There was a seemingly endless void of silence as the dragon silently rubbed his chin, seemingly milling over the story in his head.

“Well, Professor, as crazy as that story seemed, I'm going to grant you the benefit of the doubt,” Daring let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you so much, sir! Is it okay with you if I take her back home? You know, to let her rest up and get sober? In exchange I can help with the dig… I know quite a bit about ancient Equestrian archaeological sites.” She asked, hoping to get the crazy pony and get out of there as soon as possible and back home, lest her luck change for the worst. Also, this granted her a chance to get a better look at the hammer.

“Of course. Your help would be welcomed and we’re certainly not a prison.” The dragon snapped his claws and two ponies, a unicorn and an earth pony, walked over. “You two, please escort Professor Do over to our guest.”

The two ponies nodded and walked over to Daring. “This way, Professor.”

Daring turned to follow them, unable to believe her luck.

They entered the holding cell where Daring was surprised to see Rainbow sitting in a chair, looking incredibly depressed, her hooves cuffed to the chair. Gone was the brash and arrogant mare from before. In her place was a depressed, defeated pony who looked as if she had lost everything. Daring stepped inside, turning on her best confident look and walked up to Rainbow.

“Hello, Light Spectrum. How you feeling?” she asked. Rainbow looked up at her, her face changing from depressed to quizzical.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, eyebrow raised.

“Guess what!” Daring continued, putting on her most confident voice. “You made bail! Let’s take you home, okay?”

She walked over and started fumbling with the cuffs tying Rainbow’s hooves down. “Um, guys,” she turned to the two pony guards, who were now joined by the dragon from before.

“Would you be so kind as to unlock these?” she held up Rainbow’s cuffed hooves. The dragon nodded and one of the guards walked over and unlocked the hoofcuffs.

“Thanks! Come on Light Spectrum, let’s go, time to get you home…” she said in a slightly condescending tone. Rainbow Dash gave her a confused look, to which Daring leaned in and whispered. “Just go with it, I’m getting you out of here.” She turned back to the guards and the dragon. “Again, thanks for not hurting her or anything,” she led Rainbow Dash out of the cell and back outside.

As they both turned towards the exit, the dragon held up a claw, Uh oh, Daring thought, Busted.

“Excuse me, Professor,” the dragon said, hopping out from the tent and walking up next to them. “Just remember one thing…”

“And what’s that sir?” Daring said, starting to worry.

“Just keep her,” the dragon pointed at Rainbow Dash. “Keep her away from the cider, huh? Don’t want her to run into any more trouble now, do we?”

“No, sir, we don’t,” Daring said, giving a salute to the dragon and then starting walking back to Ponyville with Rainbow Dash.

As they walked away, Rainbow Dash leaned in towards Daring, “Pardon, but aren’t you flying?”

Daring looked at the trouble-making pony. “It’s because I’m tired and it’s late and I honestly don’t feel like flying right now. Any other questions?”

Rainbow thought for a moment, “Um, yes. What is our destination, perhaps?”

Daring sighed, “The bar. I need to get drunk… now.