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Harmony's Warriors: Soar - Avenging-Hobbits

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Act I - 01 - I Have Inside Me Blood of Kings...

Act One:
"Pride Comes Before the Fall"

Chapter One
"I Have Inside Me Blood of Kings":


Celestia’s mane was no longer its original pink, but now a beautiful rainbow of colors that constantly ebbed and flowed as if carried by a gentle breeze. Her right eye had now changed to show the very sun itself engraved into her iris. She stood much taller now and more regally, and she spoke with a melodic and noble voice. She was now the All-Mother, defender of all the realms and queen of Asgard.

But none of that mattered right now, for she was also a mother and she was entertaining two very special fillies.

“…and so it was that with that final battle, we defeated the once mighty Changeling Empire, and brought peace to these realms.” Celestia finished her story and turned away from the Hjerte Eske and looked at her two young daughters.

To the right stood Rainbow Dash, ardent and grinning, a constant ball of energy.

To the left stood Trixie, somber and with knitted brow as if she was deep in thought.

“Mother? Do the changelings still live?” the young Trixie asked, tilting her head in with a look of fearful curiosity on her face.

“Well—” But before Celestia could finish Rainbow Dash shot up a hand.

“Don’t worry Momma! When I become queen, I’ll go and hunt down the nasty things and slay them all! That way Trixie and I can rule in peace!” She mimed some punches before throwing an foreleg around Trixie’s shoulder, who smiled.

Celestia smiled. “My dear, you must remember this.” She suddenly became very serious. “A truly wise ruler never seeks out war. War is an awful, devastating thing that only causes pain and suffering.”

Rainbow Dash and Trixie both looked down at the floor as if in disappointment.

“However,” Celestia said, her tone returning to the loving and calm tone of a mother. “A truly wise ruler must be ready for war, for sometimes it is the only solution.” With that she walked over to her daughters and spread her wings.

“Now, how about a hug for your mother?” The two fillies smiled and ran over, hugging Celestia tightly. She brought her own wings together to hug them back.

“Momma?” Rainbow Dash asked.


“Which one of us will be the queen?”

Celestia hesitated. “Well, dear…”

“Yeah momma? Which one?” Trixie echoed eagerly.

Celestia sighed deeply. “It does not matter now which of you will be queen right now. All you need to know is that both of you were born to be queens.” With that she scooped them both up and plopped them on her back.

“Really momma?!” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Yes, darling. Now, let’s see what Auntie Cadence is doing huh?” Celestia said as she walked out the chamber. “I think she has some presents for you.”

“Awesome!” Rainbow Dash cheered as they walked out of the weapons chamber and closed the door behind them.



Cadence quietly walked through the palace hallways. Today was the day of Rainbow Dash’s ascension to the throne, since Celestia felt that now was as good a time as any.

Cadence herself was uneasy. She loved her niece dearly, but she still believed Rainbow Dash simply wasn’t mature enough for such responsibility. Even as a foal Rainbow had always possessed a healthy dose of self-esteem but in recent years it had acquired an abrasive edge and she felt it had morphed now into full-blown arrogance.

Anyone outside of the court might not have noticed it since ego was expected from royals, but Cadence couldn’t help keeping count of all the times Rainbow Dash ignored the rules, put herself first in activities, was overbearing with her companions and generally overlooked the feelings of others.

None of these things were intentional of course; she wasn’t by any means cruel…yet. But she was showing clear signs of a growing bullying disposition, and Cadence was convinced there was nothing more dangerous than a bully with power.

She had even talked to Luna about it, but Luna would always answer the same thing. “Cadence, who are we to doubt the wisdom of our sister.”

But Cadence still felt ill at ease. Rainbow's older brother, Thunderlane, had shown very much the same patterns, same arrogance and pride. He had also had an impassioned love of all things relating to warfare, and had soon become uncontrollable. Needless to say that it didn't end well, and he was now a pariah, wandering among the realms, seeking adventure.

Cadence sighed. No use ruminating over such gloomy thoughts, she thought. Rainbow’s kind at heart and as queen she will be in a place where she will be more aware of the weak and helpless. It might teach her to be more conscious and gentler of other’s hearts. And some real accountability would do wonders for her, she has been idle and uninhibited for too long.

Suddenly a loud noise from behind her snapped her out of her thoughts. She quickly turned and saw a dark green Pegasus with a brown mane stumbling from around the corner, a look of utter terror on his face.

“Please don’t hurt me!” he shouted behind him, tripping over his own hooves and falling face-first to the floor.

Directly behind him came several guards, all of whom had their respective weapons drawn and pointed at him.

“Halt!” the leader of the troop said, pressing his sword to the terrified Pegasus’ neck.

“P-please d-don’t hurt me!” the Pegasus begged, holding his hooves out in front of him.

Bewildered, Cadence walked over. “Excuse me Commander Bulwark, but what is the meaning of this.”

The Pegasus guard saluted. “Your majesty, we found this commoner wandering around inside the palace. Nearby the princess’ room.”

“Which princess?” Cadence asked, already having a sinking feeling of exactly who they were talking about.

“Princess Trixie, your Majesty,” Bulwark said and the look on his face said he was thinking the exact same thing.

Cadence sighed. “May I speak with the trespasser?” she asked Bulwark.

Bulwark nodded. “You’re wish is my command, dear Princess.”

She nodded and turned to the still terrified Pegasus.

“Excuse me, sir, but do you know how you got here?” she asked in her kindest voice.

The Pegasus looked at her, his face the picture of confusion. “E-excuse m-me?”

“I asked do you know how you got here.”

“Um, w-well, y-your M-majesty, l-last n-night, my w-wife and I went out to dinner and afterwards to a bar a-and after a few drinks, we decided to go home. I…I….”


“I d-don’t really remember anything after that, b-but I woke up this morning…here.”

He looked on the brink of tears so she Cadence quickly asked, “Is that all you remember?”

“Y-yes. And there-there was this blue mare with me that’s not my wife! And then-and then I ran out and these g-guards started to chase after me and now I’m stuck here with no idea how to get out of this palace and my wife’s probably wondering were I am and I really do love her and I have no idea who that other mare is and…” His words were now running together and he began to hyperventilate, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Cadence leaned down and put a hoof on the Pegasus’ shoulder. “It’s okay, relax. Here” She levitated a handkerchief from Bulwark’s uniform. The crying Pegasus gingerly took it and blew his nose.

“It’s going to be fine, understand?”

The Pegasus nodded.

“Well, then,” Cadence said, standing up. “Bulwark?”

Bulwark snapped to attention. “Yes your Majesty?”

“Bulwark, please, escort this poor fellow to his home. Make sure no harm comes upon him.”

“But your Majesty, shouldn’t he be questioned just in case,” Bulwark said, looking troubled.

Cadence raised an eyebrow. “Bulwark, does this poor creature look like a threat? He has obviously been barbarously misused for the sake of some cruel joke. He needs to go home to his wife and recuperate.”

Bulwark nodded, though reluctantly. “Yes, your majesty.” With that he turned to the still quivering Pegasus.

“Come you, we’re going to take you home now.” He reached out a hand.

The shuddering Pegasus looked at Cadence, almost as if to make sure that Bulwark wasn't deceiving him as well and Cadence gave him a reassuring nod.

“Don’t worry. I give you my word he is taking you straight home,” She said.

The Pegasus nodded, and cautiously took Bulwark’s hand.

“T-thank y-you, y-your m-majesty.” He bobbed his head up and down in respect.

Cadence simply smiled. “Think nothing of it.” She waited until Bulwark and his troops lead the Pegasus around the corner and out of sight before releasing the breath she was holding.

She knew exactly who to blame for the poor Pegasus’ trauma and after taking a deep breath she made her way to a certain bedroom.

She arrived at the bedroom and knocked on the door, just beneath the inscription of two intertwined serpents.

“Who is it?” A singing voice called from within.

“It’s Cadence, may I come in?”

There was a long pause.

“Hold on.” There was a sound of various objects moving around and the sound of magic being employed. The doorknob finally glowed and opened to reveal a blue unicorn, still dressed in a dark green nightgown.

“Oh hello Auntie, how are you this morning?” Trixie asked, her voice saccharine with innocence.

“May I come in?” Cadence said, her voice tight in an effort to contain her frustration.

“I—I have to dress for—”

Cadence pushed her way into the room and shut the door, locking it with magic. She glared at her niece who was busy smoothing out some invisible wrinkles in her nightgown.


“Explain what, Auntie?”

“Why was there a strange stallion running through the halls?” Cadence demanded, her anger finally causing her voice to explode in a shout.

“What does that have to do with—”

“Don’t you dare lie to me, Trixie!”

Trixie winced at her aunt’s thundering tone. Cadence rubbed her temple and attempted to reign in her fury.

“Trixie, today is your sister’s coronation. Couldn’t your exploits wait a day?”

Trixie’s face darkened and without answering she stalked across the room, throwing herself on her couch. Cadence caught the last words of her mumbled rant: “...I’m acting morally reprehensible but no it’s Dashie’s special day…”

Cadence sighed, “Trixie, I’m not bringing up the immorality of your actions because we have had this conversation already ten million times! How do you know that poor pony won’t report this incident to the courts, or worse, go to the papers like the last one did?”

Trixie sat up abruptly, her face a flawless mask of innocence, and held out her hooves as if pleading for pardon. “I’ll come out and say I’m vewy, vewy sorrwy and everyone will forgive me, because I’m a royal and what business is it of theirs what I do?”

“Your mother—”

“Will be the first to forgive me as always. Mother gave up on reforming me ages ago, I don’t know why you persist.”

“Because you are a royal and should respect your station. We are here to serve the people, not the other way round.”

“Tell that to your favored niece.”

“This isn’t about Rainbow Dash.”

“Really? You could have fooled me; the way things run round here I could swear it’s all about Rainbow Dash!”

“Was what you just did about her too? Was that about Rainbow Dash?”

Trixie paled and Cadence felt remorse twist her stomach but she set her jaw firmly; this filly had to stop rearranging the blame.

When Trixie didn’t say anything, Cadence asked softly: “Why do you avenge yourself on those who did you no wrong? Can it bring back what was taken?”

“Nothing can give me back what I lost,” Trixie practically spat, her face flushed with anger.

“Then why do you do it?”

Trixie looked down so Cadence couldn’t see her expression. “Because I want to,” she muttered, but her voice sounded limp and defeated.

Cadence stifled a sigh. There was no point trying to reason with her when she was like this, and she didn’t have the time today.

“Hurry and dress, it’s almost time,” Cadence said and left the room without another word.


Today is the day.

Rainbow Dash nervously tugged at her crimson cape as she paced the inside of her private chamber. She shot a quick glance in a mirror. She was in a truly stunning suit of armor of silver and black that covered her legs and body, leaving her head free. She was rehearsing her speech in her head, her lips silently mouthing the words.

You can’t muddle this, Rainbow Dash. It’s your coronation after all, wouldn’t want to get tongue-tied or something or get your cape caught in something and then end up face first in front of thousands of ponies. Then you’ll look like a total idiot.

She continued to run through the routine in her head, now speaking the words aloud.

“…And then I say, ‘I foreswear to protect this and all other realms from—”

“Dashie.” A voice snapped Rainbow out of her mental checklist. She turned to see her Aunt Cadence standing in the doorway.

“Oh, Auntie Cadence. What are you doing here?” Rainbow Dash asked, trying her best to appear calm.

“I came to check on my niece,” She said, smiling knowingly.

“Oh. Okay. Well then.”

“How are you feeling Rainbow? You seem…a tad anxious,” Cadence said calmly as she walked in.

Rainbow Dash scoffed. “What, me? Anxious? I’m not anxious. Not anxious at all…” She impulsively ran her fingers through her mane, then caught herself and looked at the floor, blushing. She let out an uneasy chuckle. “Not at all…”

Cadence smiled. “Don’t worry, there’s no shame in being frightened.” She put a hoof under Rainbow’s chin and coaxed her up from looking up into her eyes.

Rainbow sighed shakily. “I know, I know. But…Auntie, what if I fail?”

Cadence smiled. “Everyone fails sometimes. But you still have your mother, Luna and I to advise you. You won’t be alone in this.”

“I just…I don’t think I can do this.”

Cadence pulled her into an embrace. “Yes you can, and do you know why?”


“Because you are Rainbow Dash Celestiamaden, First Princess of Storms and Thunder, and she never ever backs down from a challenge and never abandons one until she masters it. Am I right?” Cadence said, pulling back and smiling at her niece.

Rainbow Dash smiled, her innate confidence beginning to return to her face. “Of course you’re right.”

“I’m always right,” Cadence said with a smile. “Now go. Your sister’s waiting for you.” She motioned towards the door.

“Thanks Auntie.” Rainbow pulled her in for another hug. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Rainbow Dash started for the door.

“Rainbow? Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Rainbow Dash hesitated, confused, and felt around her armor. She then gasped. “Oh Faust! I’m losing my head…”

She reached out, and from across the door a large hammer shot towards her, automatically lashing itself around her wrist.

“Thank you, Auntie,” she said and again turned to leave.



Cadence nodded toward the bed and Rainbow Dash blushed. “Oh, yes.”

She walked sheepishly over to the bed and picked up a beautifully crafted silver helmet with a pair of wings sprouting from the sides and her cutie mark etched on the forefront. She placed it on her head, grimacing as the cold helmet settled around her head. She never liked the thing; it was too flamboyant and cumbersome for her tastes, she felt it would looked better on her sister more than herself. Yeah Trixie probably would’ve liked it a lot more. Not to mention it weighted a ton and it threw off her aerodynamics.

She turned back to her aunt. “Anything else I’m forgetting?”

Cadence smiled. “No. You looked positively royal. Now, I’m going to go to take my place in the throne room. I’ll see you in a few moments.”

Rainbow Dash nodded. “I’ll see you.”

With one last smile Cadence trotted out of the room.

Before she followed, Rainbow Dash took a look at herself in her mirror and had to smile to herself.

I do look royal. I look like the queen of a mighty kingdom.

Her confidence restored, she trotted out of her room, her hoofsteps echoing down the massive palace hallway towards the throne room. Paintings of past kings and queens, her noble and mighty ancestors, graced the walls. She eventually figured that flying would be a quicker way then just trotting, so with a quick beat of her wings, she lifted off the ground and glided lazily towards the doorway.

She preferred flying to walking anyways. Why walk? Flying was better, the wind in her mane, the clouds in the sky, the sheer freedom of it all. Walking was for peasants. Just like the helmet.

She finally reached the doorway leading into the throne room and landed gently. Now all there was left for her to do was wait until she was called upon.

“Servant?” she called out. A young earth pony quickly trotted up.

“Y-yes, y-your M-majesty?” he stuttered, obviously stressed.

“Bring me some cider. I’m thirsty.”

“Y-yes, y-your M-majesty.” He quickly bowed, spun around and ran off.

Rainbow let out a cleansing breath and straightened her cape. All of a sudden a childish voice called out for her, catching her attention.

“Rainbow Dash!”

Rainbow turned in the direction of the voice and smiled. The small grey frame of her younger brother Rumble came scampering towards her. Rainbow lowered herself and spread her arms wide.

“Rumble!” She said as the younger pegasus leap into her arms.

“Are you really going to be All-Mother now?” he asked, looking up at Rainbow in wonder. Rainbow Dash nodded.

“Yes I am Rumble,” she said, a large self-confidence smile on her face.

Rumble’s eyes widened with joy. “And does that mean you’ll be able to carry Momma’s staff too?”

“I suppose so, yes,” Rainbow replied as she set Rumble back down on the floor. “But why would I want to carry that big old stick around when I’ve got Mjolnir?” she hefted her hammer up. “Forged from a dying star you know. Just for me.” she puffed her chest out slightly.

“Really?!” Rumble said, his voice a reverent whisper. “That’s amazing...can I touch it?” he asked, looking at Rainbow hopefully.

Rainbow shook her head. “No way Rumble. It’s only allowed to be wielded by those who are awesome enough. And I’m the only pony who’s that awesome.” she noticed Rumble’s hopefully expression fade away and he looked down at the floor, crestfallen.

“Oh...okay.” he murmured.

Rainbow let out a sigh. She hated to see Rumble act like this. “But don’t worry. I’m pretty sure that Momma’s got a cool weapon made just for you to,” she added, putting a hoof on the colt’s shoulder. Rumble looked up at her again.

“Really?” he said, the wonder returning to his face.

Rainbow winked. “Really. In fact, why don’t you go and ask her about it. Aren’t you supposed to be up front anyways with Mother? I mean, why else would you be in that awesome uniform?” she asked, taking notice of his richly embroidered golden uniform.

Rumble looked down at his uniform. “Oh this? Yeah I guess...but it’s so boring up there Rainbow. All I do is sit and watch old ponies talk for hours and use a lot of funny words.” he said, sounding disappointed. Rainbow chuckled. She totally emphasized with her brother. Having to sit in on what she was told were ‘vitally important matters of state’ where everybody talked in the most flowery and over the top language she’d ever heard and wore silly outfits.

“Well Rumble, how about this. Since today is my first day as All-Mother, why not, after the ceremony, you and me go and have some real fun. Maybe...a race to the Bifrost?” she said, leaning down to whisper in the colt’s ear.

“That’d be awesome Rainbow Dash!” Rumble cheered, his wings buzzing as he jumped up in the air. “You promise?”

Rainbow nodded. “I’m a mare of my word Rumble. you know that. Now go to Mother, I’m pretty sure she’s waiting for you.”

“Sure thing Rainbow! You’re the best sister ever!” Rumble replied, still hovering in the air. He gave her a quick hug and flew off towards the throne room.

Rainbow let out a content sigh and smiled. Perhaps things wouldn't be so bad once she was All-Mother. All of a sudden, another voice caught her attention.

“Hey.” Rainbow spun around to see a blue unicorn step out from behind a nearby wall. She was wearing a dark green gown and a matching cape, both embroidered with silver snakes along the hem, and a rather absurd looking helmet with lofty horns curved like those of a goat.

“Oh, it's just you, Trixie. How are you?” Rainbow asked, relaxing a little.

“Good. Good.” Trixie nodded. “Rumble seemed excited for you."

Rainbow Dash nodded. "Yeah, he does." she shifted on her hooves slightly, her anxiety returning.

"Are you nervous, sister? You seem a little strained.” Trixie asked, raising an eyebrow.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “Trixie, be honest for once. Have you ever known me to be a worrisome pony?”

Trixie put her finger to her chin. “Well, let’s see: there was that one time in Dragehiem…”

“Pfft, that wasn’t me being worried. That was me in the rage of battle!”

“Oh, sure it was.” Trixie’s voice virtually dripped sarcasm. “That explains why you were pale as a ghost when that dragon was going to bite your head off, am I right?”

“That was just the white fire of my fury. And who, pray tell, was the one who pulled us through that massive sea of dragon warriors without a single scratch?” Rainbow Dash insisted, giving her sister a playful shove.

Trixie feigned deep reflection. “Well, that would be me since I was the one who was smart enough to conjure that smoke that veiled our escape, correct?”

Rainbow laughed. “True, true. But I was the one with trusty Mjolnir to strike down any who followed.” She impulsively pulled Trixie in for a hug.

After a moment Trixie pulled out of the hug and began straightening her dress. “So tell me Rainbow, how does it feel to be the soon-be-queen of Asgard?”

Rainbow hesitated then quickly said, “It feels amazing. For one, I’ll finally be able to get rid of that ridiculous fancy speech we always have to speak during court.”

Trixie raised an eyebrow. “Oh? You mean like ‘Thou hast been very loyal my most beloved and kind sister Trixie, I shall now, as a show of my eternal gratitude bequeath unto thee half my kingdom?’” She said in a perfect copy of Rainbow Dash’s own voice.

Rainbow laughed. “Exactly. Except maybe not those exact words. Excellent impression by the way.”

“Well of course. I only go for the best.” Trixie chuckled.

Just then the waiter pony returned with a mug full of cider balanced on a silver platter that he held in his mouth.

"Here ya are, 'ur Haughnuss," he tried to say, his voice both quivering and distorted by the platter in his mouth.

"Ah, thank you," Rainbow Dash said, reaching out and grabbing the mug off the platter. She tilted her head back and chugged the cider down.

"Well Rainbow, you consume cider the way Soarin does pies,” Trixie said.

"What?" Rainbow turned to look at Trixie. "Really?" She whipped away some cider that was dribbling down her chin.

"Yes. It looks rather vulgar," Trixie said, in an exaggerated snobbish voice.

Rainbow Dash snickered and turned to the waiter, who stood there, silver platter still in mouth.

"This drink.” She shook the mug. "I like it. ANOTHER!" She flung the mug down to the floor.

"GAH!!" The waiter leapt for the cider mug, grabbing it a fraction of a second before it hit the ground.

"Well," Trixie said. "You have some fast reflexes, my boy. Here—" She levitated what appeared to be a thread from somewhere out of the folds of her cape, her horn gleaming. "—Take this."

She dropped the thread on the silver platter, which the colt had now moved to his other hand.

"T-thank y-you, y-your h-highness. W-what i-is i-it—AUGHH!" The colt shrieked as the string transformed into a silver serpent who hissed and lunged at his nose. The colt leapt nearly three feet in the air, sending the platter, mug and serpent crashing to the floor.

Trixie laughed and her horn stopped glowing, the serpent melting back into the form of a thread.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “Why do you tease the poor colt like that?”

“I have my reasons,” Trixie said and levitated the thread back into her cape. “Get a hold of yourself!” She snapped at the colt. “It was only an illusion. Take the mess back to the kitchen.”

Trembling, the colt snatched up the platter and mug and galloped away.

Trixie started to laugh again, and even though she knew she shouldn't Rainbow Dash couldn’t help laughing as well. It was such a relief to laugh.

“Thanks, Trixie, I needed that,” Rainbow Dash said after they had recovered, giving Trixie another nudge.

"You're welcome," Trixie said, smiling.

Just then a loud fanfare emanated from the throne room.

"That’s your cue. Ready?" Rainbow Dash said, poking Trixie.

"Naturally. You?”

“Of course!”

“Just remember one little thing.”

"And what’s that, little sister?”

Trixie paused and suddenly her expression became solemn. She put a hoof on Rainbow Dash’s shoulder and looked directly into her eyes. "I do love you, big sister. Don't let being queen make you forget that or me.”

"Now look who's the worrywart." She patted Trixie’s shoulder reassuringly. "Nothing could make me forget you. Now, hurry before everyone starts missing you.”

“Please. You know they never do.”

Laughing, Rainbow Dash stepped back and let Trixie step through the door.

She counted the seconds under her breath until the second fanfare sounded and, with another shaky breath, pushing the doors open and stepped into the throne room.


Celestia stood at the end of the throne room, in front of a truly massive throne that was coated with the purest gold. On both sides perched her two pet ravens, Thought on the left and Memory on the right and directly in the center was Philomena, her phoenix. Seated next to her was Rumble, who shifted impatiently, tugging at the neck of his uniform.

"Rumble, show some decorm," Celestia said quietly, her tone warm.

The colt stopped fidgeting. "Sorry Momma, it's just a little tight on me."

"Well we'll see about getting you a bigger one." Celestia replied, returning to checking her reflection in the gold plated floor. She could see Cadence trotting up next to her.

“Well, is she ready?” Celestia asked, looking at her sister.

Cadence nodded. “If by that you mean she’s in full regalia, then yes, she is.” Cadence sighed.

Celestia raised an eyebrow, noticing Cadence’s apparent lack of enthusiasm. “What’s on your mind Cadence?”

Cadence sighed. “Do you want me to be honest?”

“Yes. Why would you be dishonest?” Celestia asked.

“No reason, I just don’t think Rainbow Dash is quite ready for this level of responsibility.” Cadence replied.

“Really?” Celestia replied. “Why wouldn’t she be ready?”

“I just think she needs to learn some humility first, that’s all.” Cadence sighed.

Celestia scoffed. “Humility will come to her Cadence. It came to me didn’t it?”

“Yes, yes it did.” Cadence answered.

“Exactly. And what better way to learn responsibility than for her to take over? Think of it as a crash course. Trust me.” Celestia said, pulling Cadence in for a hug.

Trixie suddenly trotted up. “Hello mother.”

“Hello Trixie. Is Dashie ready?” Celestia asked as Cadence moved to her position, giving Rumble a quick hug and a peck on the cheek, to which the colt responded with a quiet, halfhearted protest.

Before Trixie had a chance to answer the trumpets sounded in the throne room and the doorway across the room opened to reveal Rainbow Dash, who jumped into the air glided through over the crowd, waving at the ponies below. She suddenly did a cartwheel in the air and landed loudly at the foot of the throne.

Celestia's smile faded slightly. She’d had hoped that maybe, just maybe, Rainbow Dash would show a little more decorum.

Rainbow Dash took her helmet off and shook her mane free, before turning to wave back at the crowd and hold Mjolnir up for all too see.

The crowd was of course, going wild with Rainbow Dash’s antics.

Rainbow Dash turned back to Celestia and smiled.

Celestia smiled back and tapped Gungnir on the ground. The stick made a loud booming noise and the crowd went silent.

“Rainbow Dash Celestiamaden,” Celestia said, her voice noble and calm. “Thou doth stand before me, with a destiny unequaled. Thou art unequaled in thy might and strength. Thou art a princess of these realms, and therefore immortal, in thy veins runs the blood of many a noble king and fair queen. Thou art destined to rule these realms.” She paused for a moment before continuing.

“Rainbow Dash Celestiamaden, First Princess of Storms and Thunder, as mine eldest daughter, dost thou forswear that thou shall protect and defend thy subjects as thou would thine own children?” Celestia said, her emotions starting to get the better of her as her eyes started to water slightly.

Rainbow Dash nodded. “I forswear to protect and defend mine subjects as I would mine own children.”

“And, as Queen of Equisgard and All-Mother, do you, Rainbow Dash Celestiamaden, forswear that thee shall reign over thine subjects with true mercy and with true justice?”

“I forswear that I shall reign over mine subjects with true mercy and with true justice.”

Celestia smiled. “Then I, Celestia Odinmaden, All-Mother, declare thee, Rainbow Dash Celestiamaden, First Princess of Storms and Thunder, to be-”

Celestia suddenly froze as her felt the distinct feeling of foreign magic coming from the weapons chamber.

Rainbow Dash’s smile faded as she realized that something was wrong.

Without saying another word, Celestia’s horn glowed and she gently tapped Gungnir on the ground, sending a magical signal to the weapons chamber.


Meanwhile, in the weapons chamber, two guards kept watch over the various weapons that were kept inside.

“You know what Strong Arm, I honestly don’t think they pay us enough for this.” One of the guards, an eggshell colored unicorn with a powder blue mane said.

The other guard, Strong Arm, a rather large Pegasus simply rolled his eyes. “Twinkle, you always say that. For me it’s an honor to serve the Allmother.”

Twinkle sighed. “Yeah, I think it’s an honor too, but really, don’t you think they should give us, I don’t know, some benefits of some kind? Like if we die or something?”

Strong Arm groaned. “Twinkle, please, I don’t have time for your constant rambling. Shut up.”

“Ugh, fine Mr. Pouty Pants.” Twinkle muttered before turning back to his watch.

Unbeknownst to either guard however, several pairs of glowing green eyes watched them carefully.

Suddenly a sound caught the ears of the two guards. They both raised their weapons.

“Who goes there?” Strong Arm called out.

Suddenly a female voice spoke. “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m lost.” A shockingly beautiful Pegasus stepped out of the shadows, dressed in a very revealing dress that showed off all her curves.

The two guards relaxed a little. “Well, little mare, where were you heading? Maybe I can show the way out.” Strong Arm turned his swag on and strode forward, a practiced grin on his face.

The Pegasus blushed. “Aw, how sweet of you, come here.” She made a kissy face.

Twinkle meanwhile simply watched baffled. “Um, Strong Arm, are you sure we have time for this? Aren’t we on watch?”

Strong Arm simply waved a hoof dismissively. “Relax, Twinkle, this lady is obviously lost.” He put an foreleg around her shoulder.

The Pegasus smiled. “Oh, why thank you! You’re so noble and strong.” She suddenly gave Strong Arm a kiss on the neck. Strong Arm raised an eyebrow at the strange kiss and tried to return it, only to suddenly feel the distinct feeling of being bitten by a pair of very sharp fangs.

Twinkle meanwhile, watched horrified as the Pegasus’ fur disappeared in a burst of green flame to instead reveal a black bug like creature with a jagged horn and insect like wings. Strong Arm meanwhile dropped to the ground, two small holes in his neck that dripped blood.

“That’s one.” The monster hissed its voice no longer the sweet voice of the Pegasus, but a strange buzzing voice that was distinctly male. It turned to look at Twinkle, who was now shaking like a leaf. The monster wiped some stray blood from its lips before grinning, showing off its two bloodstained fangs.

“And now for two.” The creature leapt at Twinkle and everything went black.


Incubus calmly wiped the stray drops of blood from his chin. At his hooves lay the dead bodies of the two pony guards. He clicked his tongue. Out of the shadows immerged five more changelings.

“Okay, let’s get Hjerte Eske and get out of here.” He signaled telepathically as he and his troops walked forward. They found the Hjerte Eske sitting atop a pedestal, glowing dark green.

A grin crossed Incubus’ face. “May the queen in all her glory reign forever.” He signaled as he stepped forward to take the casket off the pedestal.

A loud noise caused him and his troops to freeze. “What was that?” one of his underlings singled.

Before Incubus could answer the wall behind the pedestal started to move and a truly massive dragon seemingly build out of metal stepped forward.

“Oh no,” Was all Incubus managed to think before the dragon opened his mouth and blasted forth a torrent of flame that roasted the six changelings to a crisp.


The doors to the weapons chamber opened to reveal Celestia, Rainbow Dash and Trixie standing there. Celestia quietly surveyed the weapons chamber. The Destroyer, its duty carried out, stepped back into the shadows and disappeared.

Celestia, Rainbow Dash and Trixie made their way down into the chamber, surveying the damage. There were several dead bodies, of both the guards and the invasive changelings. The changelings hadn’t gotten far though, since the Hjerte Eske still sat on its pedestal, its foreign magic still glowing its characteristic shade of dark green.

Rainbow Dash couldn’t believe the insolence of these bug-like monsters. She turned to Celestia.

“Mother, don’t you see what happened?”

Celestia nodded. “Yes, yes I do.”

“Well then don’t you think that the Changelings should pay for what they’ve done?” Rainbow Dash angrily asked.

“They already have paid. They paid with their lives. I believe that is a sufficient recompense.” Celestia calmly replied. “As you both saw The Destroyer did its work faithfully and to the letter and all is now well. No need to be worried.”

Rainbow Dash simply couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her mother was just going to let the changelings march right in and try take their power back? Not while Rainbow Dash was here.

“All is well?!” Rainbow Dash scoffed. “How can all be well, when can all be well when the Changelings can just break into our Weapons Chamber? If they had taken any of this stuff we-”

“But they didn’t take anything.” Celestia cut Rainbow Dash off, her voice still calm and collected.

“But I want to know why!” Rainbow Dash was almost shouting now.

Celestia sighed. “Rainbow, if you must know, I made a pact with Queen Chrysalis of the Changelings.”

“Well, it’s obvious that Chrysalis doesn’t care about the truce now, isn't it? She obviously thinks that you are vulnerable, and therefore she can just walk right in and take her stuff.” Rainbow Dash said.

Celestia quietly turned to Rainbow Dash. “Well, then, what would you, as queen, do in response to this?”

Rainbow Dash shifted on her hooves. “Well, if I were queen, I take our army and march into Hekkerhiem and make sure that they are never capable of challenging our authority again.”

Celestia shook her head. “Then you are thinking like a warrior, not a queen. As you can see, this was but a small band of changelings and thereby a doomed mission.”

“Doomed mission?!” Rainbow Dash said, now frustrated. “How can you call this a doomed mission? If it weren’t for The Destroyer, they could have easily escaped!”

“But they didn’t.” Celestia answered her voice growing stern. “And we’ll find the hole in our defenses and seal it shut.”

Rainbow Dash huffed. “But I, as Queen-”

“But you are not the Queen!” Celestia suddenly shouted. “Not yet.” Her voice instantly went back to her loving tone.

Rainbow Dash instantly shut her mouth, her mother’s sudden outburst being enough to make her not want to continue the fight.

Celestia sighed and quietly walked past Rainbow Dash and Trixie, who this entire time hadn’t even said a single word.

They both turned to follow. Celestia looked at the frustrated Rainbow Dash.

“Rainbow Dash, you will not take any action against the changelings. Is that understood?”

Rainbow Dash simply grumbled a response. “Yes mother.”


Rainbow Dash stormed into the dining hall. She was angry. Angry at the changelings, who had ruined her big day. She was angry at her mother, who still thought she was nothing more than a little filly. She made a beeline for the large table and gave it a good hard buck in her anger, sending it flying.

Content with her frustration she sat down to brood. She sat there, grumbling to herself.

“Stupid changelings….” She grumbled. Suddenly she could feel a pair of eyes on her.

“Trixie, I know it’s you.” She grumbled. At that, Trixie dropped her invisibility spell and became visible again.

“Well, Rainbow, that poor table will never see another feast, that’s for sure.” She motioned to the now completely destroyed dinner table.

Rainbow Dash simply grumbled a response. “It’s not wise to be around me when I’m like this, you know that.”

“Yeah huh.” Trixie said, sitting down next to her anyways.

Rainbow Dash gave her an angry look. Trixie simply greeted with a smile that made the angry look seemingly bounce off like a rubber ball.

Rainbow Dash sighed. “Damn it Trixie, today was supposed to be the day of my greatest triumph. I was going to be made Queen and everything would have been totally awesome and spectacular.”

Trixie nodded, and put a reassuring hoof on Rainbow’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Dash, that day will still come.” She paused, almost as if she was looking for another thing to say. “It’s just not today that’s all.” She finally said.

“Ugh, I know, I know….stupid dumb changelings.” Rainbow Dash grumbled.

“What happened in here?!” Suddenly a voice made Rainbow Dash and Trixie look towards the door.

In the doorway stood four familiar pegasi. One of them, a sky blue pegasus stallion looked like he was about to cry at the sight of the flipped over table with its contents scattered all over the floor.

The other three, who were mares, consisted of a bright yellow pegasus with a fiery mane and two nearly identical lavender pegasi, who could be told apart only by their mane styles. All had varying degrees of shock on their faces.

“Wow Rainbow, what did that table do to you?” one of the lavender pegasi with three dragonflies for a cutie mark asked.

Trixie waved dismissively. “Nothing Flitter, positively nothing at all.”

The yellow pegasus raised an eyebrow, looking at the table. “You call this nothing?” she asked as she and the stallion set the table back up, with Cloudchaser popping out a chess board.

Trixie ignored her and turned back to Rainbow Dash.

“Dashie, if it’s all the same to you, I think you’re right. Right about the changelings, right about Chrysalis, everything.” She whispered. “And, who knows, what if next time it’s not just six little changelings coming, but a whole army of them, ready for battle?”

Rainbow Dash nodded, Trixie was making a lot of sense. She started to get up. “Exactly, that’s why I think we should-”

Trixie held up a finger. “But, there’s nothing you can do without going against the direct orders of mother.”

Rainbow Dash sat back down and huffed, thinking. Suddenly an idea popped into her head. Yeah, she thought, that’ll show them. A mischievous grin appeared on her face.

Trixie took notice of the grin. “Oh no, no, no, no, Dashie, I know that look…”

Rainbow Dash bolted up right and turned to Trixie. “Trixie, it’s the only way they’re going to know who’s in charge.”

Trixie shook her head. “No, it’s madness. Complete and utter madness.”

“Everypony, I know what we’re going to do.” Rainbow Dash declared, ignoring Trixie.

Flitter and Cloudchaser looked up from their chess game. Spitfire looked up from her sword, which she was sharpening. Soarin looked up from his pie.

“Really? What?” Flitter asked, curious.

“My friends, we are going to Hekkerhiem!”

Everypony’s mouths dropped open, while Trixie facepalmed.

“Excuse me?” The other lavender pegasus said her face the very picture of confusion.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “You heard me Cloudchaser. We, as in you, me, Trixie, Soarin, Spitfire and Flitter, are going, as in heading the general direction of, Hekkerhiem, as in the changeling home world. Wadda say?”

“Wait, wait, wait.” Cloudchaser said, getting up from the chess board. “We can’t just run on over to Hekkerhiem. This isn’t like a quick little romp to Equestria, where you can just summon some thunder and lightning, make a big show of things and then everypony suddenly falls down on their knees and worships us like gods. This place is a place where everything wants to either kill you or suck all the love and feeling from your soul, leaving you nothing more then an emotionless husk of a zombie pony.”

Rainbow Dash scoffed and trotted over to her friends. “Oh come on, don’t be so glum. Anyways, it’s just us. Have you forgotten all the amazing things we’ve seen and done together!” She turned to Flitter. “Flitter, Cloudchaser, my friends, who was the totally awesome pony who lead into the most awesome battles?”

Flitter rolled her eyes. “You did.” She said, faking reluctance.

“Of course I did! Because I’m awesome!” Rainbow turned towards Soarin, who was licking his lips at the sight of another beautiful freshly baked pie.

“Soarin! My brother in arms!” Soarin jerked his head around, pie crumbs scattering about.

“What?” he said around a mouthful of the now mangled pie.

“Soarin, who was the awesome pony who showed you the best and most tasty pies in all the realms? Pies so tasty that you could have sworn you died and had ascended to Marehalla?”

Soarin grinned. “You did!” he replied around a mouthful of pie.

“Exactly!” Rainbow Dash said, giving a playful nudge on the shoulder. She turned towards Spitfire.

“And you, Spitfire, who was the pony that proved all those other ponies wrong when they laughed at the idea of a poor peasant pony rising to become one of the fiercest warriors this realm has ever had?”

Spitfire smiled. “Me. And don’t you forget it.”

Rainbow Dash stopped for a second. “Right. But always remember that I was the pony who had your back the whole time.” She gave Spitfire a fistbump.

“So,” Rainbow Dash trotted over next to Trixie and turned to face her friends. “Who’s up for some battle?”

The other ponies cheered.

Author's Note:

Well, here it is. Finally.

Don't expect another update for awhile, since the both of us are quite burned out.

But, hopefully we'll be able to get the next one out before March.

Chapter title from 'Princes of the Universe' by Queen.