Harmony's Warriors: The Spectacular Spider-Colt

by Avenging-Hobbits

Act I - 01 - On the First Day...

Act I:
Chapter One:
“On the First Day”

The scream of the alarm clock hit Pipsqueak’s ears like a freight train. He let out a groan, stuffing his head under the pillow.

“Five more minutes…” he droned, blindly reaching his hoof out in an attempt to silence the horribly inconsiderate machine. He reached as far as possible, finding nothing but thin air. Dang it, where are you? He thought, before letting out a yelp as he lost his balance and fell out of bed with a thump. He swung his arms wildly as he fell, finally catching the alarm clock, which merely slid off the nightstand and plopped onto his head.

“Stupid bloody thing…” he muttered, blinking as he tried to find the snooze button. Forgot me glasses. He grumbled, reaching behind himself again to paw along the nightstand, his fingers finally feeling the plastic of the frames. He pulled them onto his face, blinking a few times as his eyes adjusted. There you are! He smiled as he firmly pressed the snooze button, finally causing the alarm to cease its cries. Satisfied that the alarm was silent, Pipsqueak stood up, flexing his skinny frame to loosen up for the day ahead, putting the alarm clock back on the nightstand.

The early morning sunlight drifted through the windows, illuminating the bedroom with a soft glow. Outside, the city streets were covered in a layer of fog, and the leaves had already begun falling off the trees. Pip, however, wasn’t really focusing on that, as a knock on the door caught his attention.

“Pip, dearie, are you alright?” came his Aunt Mayflower’s voice, sounding concerned. “I heard something fall.”

Pipsqueak shook his head.

“Um, no, I’m good Auntie,” he yawned, stretching as he spoke. “Right as rain, just fell outta bed.” His aunt could be heard chuckling from the other side of the door.

“Well, alright, then…” her gentle voice chimed back. “You should be getting ready though, school starts in two hours. Wouldn’t want to miss the first day.”

Pip’s eyes nearly exploded out of his skull. “It’s the first day o’ school?! Already?!” he panicked, and he could practically hear his aunt nodding her head.

“Yes, yes it is, now go get yourself ready so you don’t miss the bus.” With that, the older mare could be heard walking away. Pipsqueak, meanwhile, immediately grabbing the comb on his dresser and running it through his mane in an attempt to make his wild mane look ever. He swung the door open, scampering down the staircase and into the kitchen, where he was greeted by the sight of Aunt Mayflower, busily cooking what seemed to be pancakes.

“Well, look who’s up and at'em,” his uncle chuckled, looking up from his morning paper. “How’s the champ doing?”

Pip nodded, slipping into the chair he normally used at the kitchen table. “Right as rain,” he looked over towards the stove. “We eatin’ pancakes?”

“Yes, yes we are,” Aunt Mayflower answered, placing the plate filled with steaming hot pancakes. “They’re buttermilk chocolate chip, your favorite,” she smiled, taking her place besides Uncle Copper, who put his arm around her to give her a half hug. Pipsqueak smiled broadly.

“Brillant!” he cheered, practically ripping several pancakes off the top of the pile and onto his plate. The family then proceeded to eat calmly, with Pip using enough maple syrup to make a small ocean in his plate. As he put the syrup back down, he paused. “Half a mo’. It’s Monday. We don’t ‘ave pancakes on a Monday.”

Uncle Copper smiled one of his ‘scheming friend’ smiles. “No… unless it’s a birthday.”

It was then that everything dawned on Pip. “Oh my gosh! I totally forgot!” he said, face palming. “How could I forget that?!”

Uncle Copper leaned over, playfully ruffling Pip’s mane. “Because you are one easily distracted lad,” he laughed warmly, and Pip smiled.

“Or simply because he and I were preparing for school; after all, he needed new clothing. What with all that grease staining them,” Mayflower countered sweetly, giving Pip a knowing glance. “I still don’t understand why you felt so compelled to rebuild that old heap of rubbish.”

“Old heap of rubbish?!” Pip cried in mock outrage around a mouthful of pancakes. He paused to swallow after earning a glance from Mayflower. “I will ‘ave you know that that ‘old heap of rubbish’ is a 1965 Ponyac GTO convertible! It’s a classic!”

Mayflower nodded. “Yes dear, I know. I was with your Uncle when he bought it twenty years ago. It didn’t run then, and-”

“It runs now!” Pip stated proudly, puffing his chest out.

“Does it really?” Mayflower asked, looking at her husband in surprise. He simply nodded, motioning towards Pip. “You fixed it?” she asked again, and Pip nodded proudly.

“Damn right I did! All she needs is some oil an’ tires and she should run like new,” he crossed his arm with pride.

Copper Wire tapped his chin. “Well, considerin’ that I changed the oil and put on new tires last night, I think that now would be a perfect time to test that. Consider it part of your birthday present.”

Both May and Pip turned to gawk at him. “Really!?”

Copper Wire nodded. “Yes, really. Git the keys, I’ll drive you to school.”

Pip's face practically exploded into a huge smile, and he bolted out of his chair, scampering off into the garage, a frenzied thanks ringing out behind him as he almost slammed the door behind him. Within less than two minutes, the low rumble of the car’s 6.6 liter V8 engine filtered into the house. Mayflower said nothing at first, instead turning to simply give Copper Wire an unimpressed look.

“You’re not serious, are you? You’re driving him to school in that?”

“Oh, sweetie,” Copper said, standing up and pulling his wife into a tight hug. “‘e’s a smart lad. We’ll be perfectly fine. Anyways, it’s ‘is birthday, let ‘im live a little. I mean, when I was ‘is age, I was already driving meself to school."

Mayflower sighed, looking down at the tabletop. "I know, I know, but I still worry."

"I know. And I know that you know that I would never do anythin’ that would put ‘im in danger." He hugged her again, gently putting his hoof under her chin and moving her face up towards him. "Now, where's that ‘appy little honeybunny I met all those years ago?"

Mayflower smiled lovingly, giving him a quick peck. "Right here, pumpkin’." They both laughed warmly, and hugged tighter.

Their private moment, however, was interrupted by the sound of the car horn blaring from the garage.

"Oi! Uncle Copper!” Pip called out, shouting at the top of his lungs. “Come along or I'll be late!"

Copper Wire shrugged.

"Well, duty calls." He ended the hug, giving her a kiss on the cheek, earning a giggle from her.

"Go on now, or he'll be late!" She gently pushed him away, still smiling from ear to ear.

"Tarry not, for I shall return for my maiden fair," he blew her one final kiss before stepping outside and going into the garage.


Featherweight sighed, shifted in his seat, glanced across the interior of the limo to where his sister sat. She was slouched in her seat slightly, her bright white sweater contrasting with her purple coat. Her hooves were tucked under her on the seat snugly, and she looked out the window, her expression looking vaguely worrisome.

“There’s no need to be worried, my dear,” their father, a tall, authoritative looking stallion said. “The doctors say that your new medicine should prevent any more…” he paused, and Featherweight glanced towards him, catching his tentative smile. “... unwanted incidents from happening.”

Diamond Tiara simply sighed, nodding slightly. “Yes, daddy,” she replied with understanding, laced with ambivalence, but Featherweight could still catch the slightest hint of trepidation in her voice. It looked as if she was dreading school.

Featherweight and his sister had never been on very good terms. She was always the smarter of the two, and her manipulative ways seemed to resonate with their father more than Featherweight’s (relatively) more straightforward thinking and honest approach. For the past three months however, his relationship with his sister had taken a decided turn for the worse. It had all started during the summer break. For some reason, Diamond had begun to always complain about some sort of headache or something. Her fuse, which had always seemed to be on the short side, had practically vanished over the summer, and she was constantly snapping at him, her tone always biting and irritated. Then, a few weeks later, Diamond woke everybody up in the middle of the night, screaming about her coat. After that, it had been a flurry of doctors and scientists coming in and out, and Featherweight had been completely cut out from everything. “Your sister is sick” was all anyone would tell him. He cast a forlorn gaze outside the tinted window of the limousine. It didn’t help that Filthy now doted over Diamond constantly, and Diamond seemed to have grown even more abrasive towards Featherweight.

At least I’ll be able to get away from her for a few hours.

This morning however, she’d seemed oddly lacking in her normal confidence. The way she moved and acted, it seemed like she were walking on eggshells. She’d practically begged their father to allow her to stay home, something Featherweight found downright baffling. If there was anyone who adored the complex social dynamics of high school, it was Diamond Tiara.

Their father would have none of it, and he had stuffed the two of them into the limo, driving off towards the school. They had to ‘learn to pull themselves up by their bootstraps’. So here they were, being driven to school against their will.

Finally, something we can relate on, Featherweight thought, shifting in his seat again. The feeling of the car slowing down brought Featherweight out of his ruminations, and he looked out the window to see the entrance of the school. He was already reaching for the doorhandle when he heard his sister speak up for the first time since they left.

“Uh… Father?”

Both Featherweight and Filthy turned to look at Diamond. “What?” Filthy asked, raising an eyebrow.

Diamond swallowed slightly, shifting to tuck her boot covered hooves under her torso like a cat. “Can we, um, drive around the block please?”

Featherweight rolled his eyes, looking back out the window again. He honestly just wanted to get into the school building and get the day over with. But apparently, Diamond had developed a love for procrastination over the summer.

“Why? The entrance is right over there,” Filthy asked, visibly confused.

Diamond shifted in her seat. “Just because. I’m-”

Their father interrupted. “Listen, Diamond. I know what’s it like to feel nervous. While my own situation was not quite the same, I still know how you feel. The first time I went to school, I was terrified.”

The thought of his father feeling fear was so boggling Featherweight had trouble focusing on the rest of his father’s words.

“I let my fear rule me for most of the term,” Filthy father continued. “But then I realized something: life is, in the end, simple. You are put on the earth and it’s your job to make the most of it. It doesn’t matter if you are given a king’s fortune or a beggar's cup, there is nothing that can be allowed to stop you from discerning what steps you require to achieve your goal and implementing them.”

Privately, Featherweight actually agreed with his father, which was something of an oddity. You couldn't count on others to do everything. A lot of the time, you couldn't count on them to do anything. You had to get things done yourself.

His father leaned forwards and looked them both in the eye. His tone changed to one that command all attention in the car. “Always remember this: You are who you choose to be.” He sat back in his seat and gestured towards the door. “Now go out there and choose.”


“Alright then, are you ready?” Derpy asked, turning to look at the pale lavender unicorn sitting across from her. The filly was looking out the window, her brow furrowed slightly.

“There’s a lot of ponies out there,” she answered quietly, her expression growing somewhat uneasy. She glanced towards her mother. “You know, I’m kinda still okay with being homeschooled. I mean, dad was gonna show me how quarks work today and--”

“Dinky, you yourself said you’d rather be in a normal school than locked in the building all day," Derpy said, motioning towards the school building. "And to be honest, me and your father think you really need to open up and make some friends."

Dinky rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly. "You make me sound like some kind of hermit, Mom. I'm not. I mean, I just don’t think we’ve done enough fieldwork to create a proper-"

"Dinky, you're starting to sound like your father. Look, I know firsthoof how it feels to not fit in okay? But the only way you can hone your social skills is to be in a social environment. As smart as you are, book smarts aren't the same as social smarts."

“I can reprogram a robot to do that,” Dinky countered, shifting her weight, and slouching slightly.

Derpy let out a chuckle. "H.E.R.B.I.E. isn't the same as a real friend. You sound like your dad. Don't worry yourself," she put a hoof on Dinky's shoulder. “But I do want you to remember one thing, muffin,” she said, adopting a much more serious tone, “You don’t know what somepony is like deep down, so try to be as kind as you can be to everypony. You never know who might be your next best friend." She unclipped Dinky's seatbelt. “Promise me you’ll remember that?”

Dinky took a breath, smiling meekly. "Okay Mom. I'll do my best."

"Which is good enough for me," Derpy was quick to add, her smile growing as Dinky opened the door to the minivan and stepped outside, slinging her backpack over her back with her magic. Derpy waved goodbye. "Remember, have fun! And call me if you need anything!"

Dinky turned and waved back. "Sure thing Mom! Have fun at the lab!" She turned back towards the school, taking a few steps before coming to a sudden halt. "Oh my gosh! I forgot! Remember to tell Dad that he promised to feed Tesla!" A few more steps. "Oh and Edison too!"

"Don't worry, I'll remind him!" Derpy responded as she drove off, leaving Dinky alone. Dinky turned towards the school building again, watching as dozens upon dozens of her fellow students started to slowly trudge their way into the building. She took a deep breath, straightening herself out.

Well… the grand experiment begins, I guess, she thought, swallowing one final time and starting forward.


“Okay then, champ. Do you ‘ave everythin’?” Copper Wire asked, looking over at Pipsqueak, who just unzipped his backpack.

“Let’s find out…” he said as he began to rummage through his personal school equipment. "I ‘ave me camera, me sketchpad, me books, me notepad… yup I think I got it all,” Pip answered, with a satisfying smile and closed up his backpack. “I think I’m ready.” He reached towards the door handle, only to be stopped by Copper Wire’s hand on his shoulder.

“‘old on there bud,” Copper Wire said, and Pip raised an eyebrow. “I just want to share some advice before you go.”

“Uh… okay,” Pip replied, releasing the door handle pushing his glasses up his nose. “What is it? Did I make the timin’ belt too loose, because I think I can fi-”

“It has nothin’ to do wit the car, Pip. It ‘as to do with you.” Copper Wire answered calmly, and Pip raised his eyebrows again.

“With me? Why, what did I do wrong?” he asked, wondering why his uncle suddenly seemed so sober. Copper Wire shook his head.

“No, you didn’t do anythin’ wrong. I just want to give you some advice for your life, after all, you’re turnin’ fifteen today, and today is the day you really start down the road to stallion’ood.”

Pip said nothing, instead simply glancing around slightly and briefly wetting his lips out of reflex. The conversation had taken a decided turn for the heavy. “Oh… um… you sure?” he asked, tilting his head slightly.

Copper Wire nodded. “Sure as ever. You’ve really grown a lot this summer. But you’ve still got a ways to go. You’re gifted champ, you know that, right?”

Pip shrugged. "Um, yeah, I s’pose I am."

“And everyday for the rest o’ your life, I want you to remember this, and this is something that your father used to say… if you have the power to help others, then it’s your obligation to help them. With any kind of power, comes a great deal o’ responsibili’y."

Pip nodded intently, sensing that this was a time for reverence, not sharp witticisms. "Yes sir, I understand.”

Copper Wire smiled. “Good, that’s good." If Pip didn’t know any better, he’d say the old stallion was choking up. “Now, time for you to git goin’,” Copper leaned forward and embraced Pip for the first time of the day. “I’m not goin’ to the principal’s office the first day of school," he added slyly, giving Pip a good, strong pat on the back.

“Yes, Sir!” Pip answered with a smile, giving him a quick salute and opening the car door and scampering off through the maze of teenagers.

Copper Wire, meanwhile, looked out as Pip started towards the school. Pip turned and waved, nodding his head. “‘e’ll be alright,” Copper nodded to himself, starting the ignition to his vehicle.


Pip walked along, vaguely ruminating over his uncle’s words. He was so wrapped up in his uncle's words that he was suddenly blindsided by a bundle of lavender.

“Bloody ‘ell!” he shouted as he crashed into the other pony, forcing them both to sprawl awkwardly over the pavement.

“Oh my gosh!” came a female voice, and Pip blinked a few times, his vision blurry. “I’m so sorry!"

“No, it’s alright,” he began, reaching to gather up his stuff. “I really should ‘ave watched where I was goin’.” He stuffed his papers and books rather sloppily into his backpack as he spoke, now searching for his missing glasses.

“Oh no, it was my fault,” the other pony apologized, scooping up her own books. “Um, here,” she added, picking up his specs and handing them to him.

“Thanks, Miss,” he expressed as he placed them over his face, happy to see that they weren’t broken or scratched in any overly irritating capacity. “And, at any rate, you don’t really have to blame yourself,” Pip replied, shaking his head as he reached for a nearby book, only stopping when the other pony reached for it as well. Instinctively Pip drew his hoof back before looking up, fully taking in the other pony for the first time.

She was a unicorn of some shade of violet, complimented flawlessly by platinum blonde locks that went down to her shoulders. Radiant seemed to be an apt word to describe her in her coat, adorned with a quintet of gold stars on her flank. Though she lacked Pip’s height, she also lacked his awkward and lanky frame, and then more than made up for it with her slim, yes decisively and near fully formed, body. Within the next few moments, Pip found himself staring into those two bronze novas that she’d claimed as her eyes.

“I-I’m really so sorry about all that,” she suddenly said, snapping Pip out of his fantasy. Pip blinked rapidly, shaking his head slightly to clear it.

“Um, I’m sorry what?” he asked, and the filly sighed slightly, looking down at the ground in embarrassment.

“I said I’m sorry. It’s my first day here, and I guess I’m a little bit nervous…” she blushed slightly, and a lock of her mane fell in front of her eyes, making her look even more angelic. Pip swallowed, before blinking again.

“Um, no, no that’s perfectly alright! I mean, it’s really not all that bad once you git used to it.”

The filly looked up at him. “Really?” she then smiled slightly. “Yeah, I guess all things considered it could have been worse. I mean, it’s not like I teleported across town or something...” she paused, blushing again. “Or did I?” she added with a smirk, and Pip merely smiled. She was so cute when she was nervous. She fiddled with some of her mane, which only managed to make her even more insanely cute.

“But I’m rambling, like I tend to do,” she laughed nervously. “My name is Dinky, by the way.” she said meekly, before nibbling her lip and looking down at her watch. “I should probably be going. I don’t want to be late for class,” she said, starting to walk towards the school. She stopped at the door and looked back to see that Pip hadn’t moved an inch. Raising an eyebrow slightly, she asked, “Uh...are you okay?”

Pip’s eyes bolted open, as he snapped out of his second fantasy in as many minutes. He instantly started to sweat, having no doubt looking like a complete idiot just gawking at her. “Oh, um, no I’m fine, just fine. Just got distracted by…” he glanced around briefly, feeling increasingly awkward by the second, his hand reflexively reaching up to fix his glasses again before catching sight of a familiar limousine pulling up. "That limo!" He then darted off, blushing furiously.

“Wait! I didn’t get your name!” Dinky called out, causing Pip to awkwardly spin around mid-run to shout back.

“I’m Pip!” he answered with a shout. “Pipsqueak!”

Dinky smiled, waving a little more noticeably this time. “Well then, see you later Pip!”

“You too!” he practically leapt into the air to return the wave, only to stumble over some random school filly, who voiced her displeasure with a stream of some very un-lady like language. Pip spun around, shouting back a brief apology, increasing his pace towards the limo, slouching in an attempt to avoid any further embarrassment.

Dang it. First time you talk to a pretty mare and you make a total donkey out of yourself. Stupid Pip, stupid! he admonished himself, finally reaching the limousine. The door opened to reveal the thin, scarecrow-like frame of his best friend, Featherweight. The colt stepped out, backpack slung over his back, black and white sweater vest snugly worn over his white long-sleeved shirt. His expression was rather sullen, but Pip figured that was mostly due to the purple earth pony who stepped out immediately after.

“‘ello mate!” Pip called out, and Featherweight smiled, the two sharing a quick fist pump, which only earned an eye roll from the purple earth pony. Pip looked towards her, waving slightly. “Hi Diamond.”

“Don’t talk to me, dork!” she spat back, stomping away harshly, her saddlebag yanked tightly over her back. It was then that Pip noticed the booties, something that, even taking into account the crisp September air, seemed out of place. “In fact, don’t even look at me. I don’t want to catch lower class.”

Pip simply blinked. “Well it’s nice to see that you… haven’t changed at all…”

“Hmmph!” came Diamond's response, and she stomped away, head held high.

“D’you know why she’s wearing the boots?” he asked Featherweight, who merely shrugged and rolled his eyes.

“Beats me. Something about her hooves or something. She’s been hung up about it all summer.”

Pip raised his eyebrows. “You mean like she’s got a disease?”

Featherweight shrugged. “No idea. I asked Dad about it, but he didn’t tell me anything.”

“Wow, Mate,” Pip threw his arm around his best friend. “Three months and still nothin’ changes. Just our luck, eh?”

“Asked me about what now?” came a deep, authoritative voice. Pip looked to see Featherweight’s father, Filthy Rich, step out of the limo, his eyebrow raised. Featherweight was quick to stand straight, and shook his head.

“Nothing, Sir. Pip just wanted to know why Diamond was wearing boots.”

Filthy Rich nodded slightly. “I see. Well,” he turned towards Pipsqueak. “That’s a private matter for Diamond. Understand?”

Pip was quick to nod. “Yeah-I mean-yes sir, I understand. My apologies.”

Filthy Rich quickly held up a hand. “No need. You were simply following your innate curiosity. Something I greatly admire about you, boy.”

Pip glanced towards Featherweight as Filthy spoke, and noticed how his friend’s shoulders drooped noticeably.

“Featherweight can learn a lot from a young stallion like yourself,” Filthy continued, and Pip looked again towards Featherweight, who seemed to grow increasingly sullen the longer his dad spoke. “After all, it’s not every day he’s able to come in contact with somepony as down to earth and responsible as you are, as well as intelligent. In fact, you remind me of a bit of myself at your age. Young and untested, but brimming with directionless ambition.”

Pip looked back at Filthy, and nodded slightly. “Thank you, sir, I appreciate that. But Featherweight’s really a smart colt. I mean, he’s probably smarter than me, I'd wager,” he smiled, giving Featherweight a sympathetic glance. Featherweight smiled slightly, idly pawing his hooves slightly.

“Even if that were so, he has no initiative. You on the other hand, do,” Filthy countered, before looking down at his wrist watch. “Alas, I must be on my way. The laboratory is probably wondering where I am.” He then spun around, stepping back inside the limo, which quickly drove off, leaving Pip and Featherweight standing on the sidewalk.

“So… how was summer break for you?” Pip asked in an attempt to cheer his sullen friend up. Featherweight shrugged, as the duo walked into the school. They ambled along, weaving through the ocean of students as they headed towards their lockers.

“I guess it was kinda okay… all things considered,” Featherweight said, as they both finally reached their lockers. He shrugged, opening his locker to put his backpack inside. “We spent most of it in Shady Oaks. Dad has a house there. How about you?”

Pip shrugged. “It was pretty good. I got a job helping Dr. Cheerilee. She needed some extra hooves after her lab got ruined last year. Remember, with that giant red rage monster?”

Featherweight lowered his eyebrows for a second before shaking his head. “Um, no I don’t.”

“Remember? The whole… something-hulk thing? The mass of muscle showed up an’ everythin’. It was all over the news.”

Featherweight’s face lit up in recognition. “Oh that, right. That was weird wasn’t it? I mean, right in her lab? That’s gotta suck. Did she ever tell you why that happened?”

Pip shook his head. “She didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t want to bug her anyways, you know? I mean, if my lab got destroyed by a giant monster, I’d be pretty bummed," he said as he collected the right school books. “But I guess all things considered, she seems to be handling it well. You’re dad’s funding really helped get things back on their feet.”

Featherweight shifted on his feet slightly. “Yeah… yay for dad.”

Pip could sense that Featherweight was starting to go down one of his ruminations again. He was quick to give him a pat on the back. “Hey, Feather, don’t be glum. I’m pretty sure you an’ your dad will find something to relate over. You just gotta look for it. Trust me.”

Featherweight rolled his eyes. “Easy for you to say. Dad already likes you.”

Pip shrugged. “Again, I think you shouldn’t worry about it. Ya just gotta keep on the bright side of life, an’ everything will work out,” he paused, thinking about exactly what Featherweight’s dad was like. “... eventually.” he finished after a moment.

Just then the school bell rang, its shrill cry cutting through the hustle and bustle. Both Featherweight and Pip traded glances.

“Well, I’d better get to Miss Proud Flower’s language class,” Featherweight sighed, giving Pip a fist bump. “See you in Science?”

“Yuppers. Good luck with that,” Pip responded, turning down the hall, heading to his own class.


Diamond Tiara took her time walking down the halls of the school, avoiding the areas where large numbers of ponies were congregated. Before, she would have loved a chance to go among them, to bask in the admiration and praise that she knew she deserved. But ever since she developed her... condition, she had begun to dread being around anything that could process coherent thoughts. The medicines her father gave her helped somewhat, and for now she was willing to put her faith in them, but she still felt it would be best to make sure to avoid any situation that might cause an... “incident”.

Just get through the day and get out, she thought, slipping around one corner and giving a semi-polite wave to a few ponies who recognized her. That’s all you have to do. Just get through the day and go home. Dad said everything would be fine, and it will be. Just keep quiet, avoid crowds and you’ll be--

“Diamond?” a voice said from behind her. Diamond froze mid-step, her composure shattering for the briefest of instances before she spun around to see a silver-coated filly with pigtails and glasses, Silver Spoon.

“Oh, it’s you,” Diamond said, relaxing somewhat but still managing to give Silver Spoon a look. “You know, I hate it when ponies sneak up on me.”

Silver Spoon shrugged. “Yeah, I know, but I saw that you were over here sneaking around and that got me curious. After all, it’s the first day of school. Usually you’re hitting on the football team captain or something.”

“I wasn’t sneaking around, Silver,” Diamond Tiara replied, starting back down the hallway with Silver Spoon in tow. “I’m just not feeling like dealing with the common rabble today. Honestly, why my father enrolled me in this pig pen is beyond me.”

Silver Spoon blinked. “I… guess that makes sense…” she paused, furrowing her brow slightly. “But, I didn’t get to hang out with you all summer. Like, I haven’t even talked to you since June. Are you okay? You can be honest with me.”

“Well...” Diamond Tiara stopped walking and looked around, noting that there were few ponies around her. She wondered if she should tell Silver Spoon what had happened. About her condition. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell her… I mean, she’s never squealed on me before… anyways, better get it off your chest now instead having her pester you about it.

“You know, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. It’s okay if you don’t.” Silver said, putting a hand on Diamond’s shoulder. Diamond shook her head.

“No, no, I’ll tell. Might as well tell you now instead of you finding out from somepony else.”

Silver arched an eyebrow. “Somepony else? Like who?”

Diamond sighed. “Nopony. It’s just… you know how gossip is. You do one thing and suddenly everypony knows about it.”

Silver simply nodded slightly. “I promise not to tell,” she crossed her chest as she spoke. Diamond smiled thinly. If Silver Spoon was anything, she was honest.

“Alright. I don’t really want anypony to know about this but... I’ve been sick.” Silver Spoon’s eyes widened and she took a small step back, causing Diamond to quickly raise a hoof. “Don’t worry, I’m not contagious or anything. It’s just a coat problem. That’s why I’m wearing the boots.”

“A-are you sure?” Silver Spoon asked. “I mean, we’re friends and all, but I kinda don’t want to get sick on the first day of school. Mom would blow a gasket.” she rubbed her arm slightly as she spoke.

Diamond sighed, rolling her eyes slightly. “That’s the problem with you, Silver Spoon. You worry too much.” As they continued walking, Diamond noted that Silver had fallen behind a few steps. “Anyway, Dad has me on some medication that should take care of it. I’ll be fine.”

“If you say so...” Silver replied, clearly not as confident as she would like to be. “Um... what exactly happens to you? I mean, when you don’t take your meds. Is it like asthma?” Diamond’s lips twitched, but she took a breath.

Keep calm. Just keep calm. She thought before answering the question. “Just... a few headaches, a panic attack every now and then, and a rash. Nothing more.” She raised a hoof to show Silver Spoon her boots. “Did you think I was wearing these because my hooves were cold?”

“Well, no, but--” Silver started only for Diamond to cut her off.

“It doesn’t matter.” Diamond quickened her pace. “Come along, we’re going to be late for class.” Silver Spoon nodded and the two continued on down the hallway, neither speaking. They didn’t have to go very far, a fact that Diamond Tiara was deeply thankful for, and she gave a small sigh of relief as she neared the classroom.

I hope Diamond Tiara’s okay, she heard Silver Spoon say. She seems a bit more on edge than normal.

“For the record, I am not on edge.” Diamond snapped, catching Silver Spoon off guard. “And I am perfectly fine. It’s just a few headaches, that’s all.”

“I know that,” Silver Spoon said, her face vaguely confused. “But what’s that about you being on edge? I didn’t say anything.”

At those words, Diamond Tiara’s mind came to a crashing halt. Silver Spoon had said that, she must have, unless...

... No. It was then that more thoughts began to drift into Diamond Tiara’s mind, none of them her own.

That pony Pipsqueak was cute, a filly thought. I wonder why he was so nervous, though...

There’s no way Tiberius could get out of that, a colt’s thought said. The Gorn has him dead to rights. Unless he decides to-

Should I tell Truffle I like him? A second filly passed, her brow furrowed. I mean, I don’t want to hurt our friendship…

“No...” Diamond Tiara whispered, halting mid step and putting a hoof to her head. “T-t-this isn’t supposed to happen.”

“Diamond?” Silver Spoon asked, taking a step towards her friend. “Is something wrong?” Please don’t be sick or anything; I don’t want you to just pass out or have a seizure or something.

“St-stay away from me!” Diamond stammered as she moved away from Silver Spoon. Her head had started to ache again, and try as she might she could not slow the influx of thoughts coming into her mind.

Silver’s face grew more concerned. “Diamond, what’s wrong?” You’re starting to scare me.

“Just leave me alone!” with that, Diamond Tiara sprinted down the hallway, shaking her head. She heard Silver Spoon call after her, but her mind was awash with other ponies’ thoughts.

I really shouldn’t have worn yellow today. All the colts will think I’m some kind of nerd.

Mom and Dad will get everything worked out... they should...

We already have three kids. How will he react when I say we’re having twins?

“Shut up. Shut up!” Diamond Tiara screamed, drawing several more thoughts from ponies curious about who was screaming. She turned left and ducked into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her and collapsing against it.

Stop! Just stop! She screamed into her mind. The endless cacophony of thoughts only seemed to get louder, almost as if it were fighting against her. I don’t want to hear anything, I don’t want to be... whatever it is I am. Just stop! She would have started rocking back and forth, but the pain in her head and the influx of thoughts only grew worse. He said the medication would make everything fine. He said this wouldn’t happen.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, she felt a tell-tale tingle spread across her hoof. Her eyes widened, and, in a panic, she pulled the boot off with her teeth, her left hoof still rubbing her temple in an attempt to alleviate her headache. Her face went pale at the sight that greeted her.

Her hoof and wrist were now covered in small crystals, more than she had seen earlier this morning. In fact, there were so many, that they formed a somewhat warped mirror, giving her a distorted mirror image looking back at her.

Diamond Tiara let out a choked sob, slumping her head down and crying freely.


Filthy Rich surveyed the board room with a vaguely contemptuous look. He’d been sitting here for almost an hour, his time slowly wasting away as he was brought ‘up to speed’ on the various methods that his scientists were pursuing in their feeble attempts to cure his daughter of her… condition.

At the head of the table, dressed in a lab coat that seemed ever so slightly oversized, was Dr. Cheerilee, a grape colored earth pony whose right foreleg was conspicuously absent, instead replaced by one made of plastic. She was nearing the end of her rather detailed presentation. “Thanks to the data we have received from the blood sample, we have managed to make quite a bit progress in repairing the sample you were so kind to provide for us, Mr. Rich. However, I’m afraid that, at this point, the word ‘cure’ may be too strong of a word. The term I would use is ‘remission’. Like chemotherapy.”

“Is this more or less effective than the medications that my daughter is already taking?” Filthy asked critically, arching an eyebrow. Cheerilee opened her mouth briefly before closing it.

“Well, Mr. Rich, I’m not sure if the condition your daughter suffers from is an actual disease,” she answered meekly, visibly shying away in fear as she spoke. Filthy Rich set his jaw, leaning forwards and steepling his hooves.

“Then what, Doctor Cheerilee, do you believe she suffers from?” he asked, his voice dropping at least two octaves to become a low rumble. Dr. Cheerilee shifted on her hooves, swallowing and fiddling with the projector controller.

“Well? I’m waiting…” Filthy prodded, and Dr. Cheerilee finally sighed.

“Sir, I have reason to believe that your daughter is actually a mutant.”

There was a gasp of shock, the other scientists in the room erupting into a cluster of hushed whispers and exclamations. This was exactly what Filthy wanted to avoid. He had tried as much as he could possibly do to keep this revelation away from others. He himself had only found out when a certain paraplegic professor showed up at his doorstep, offering her help. He had been quick to turn the mare away. The Rich family took care of its problems on its own. It didn’t need anyone else.

“Of what impact does this have on your work? She has a defect. Solve it.”

“But, Mr. Rich--”

“No buts. Solve the problem. Soon. Or shall I have to seek help from other resources.”

Dr. Cheerilee instantly shut her mouth. “I’ll do my best sir,” she answered, looking down at the ground and letting her shoulders sag.

Filthy nodded. “Of course you will. Now, when might I expect it on my desk?”

Dr. Cheerilee looked up, her face worrisome. “Well sir, we haven’t had a chance to properly test it beyond simulations--”

“When, Doctor?” he pressed, and Dr. Cheerilee sighed.

“I don’t know.”

Filthy Rich opened his mouth to respond, but was interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. He recognized the ringtone instantly. “Excuse me for a moment.” He then stood up and stepped out into the hallway. “I’m in a meeting,” he answered the phone curtly, already knowing full well who was on the other end of the line.

“Daddy, it didn’t work!” he heard Diamond Tiara sob. Filthy blinked in surprise.

“What didn’t work?” he asked, his voice losing some of its previous venom but remaining stern. He heard his daughter let out another sob.

“The pills! They didn’t work! I can’t stop it! They just won’t shut up and I can’t stop it and the crystals are spreading and-”

Filthy inhaled sharply. “Diamond, just calm down,” he ordered, his voice stern.

“I can’t! Every time I try, it just gets worse, and they won’t stop... what if somepony comes in and they’ll see me like this and-”

“I said calm down!” Filthy practically hissed. His daughter’s cries stopped instantly, and Filthy took that as a cue to continue. “Listen, it’s only going to get worse the more you panic, and I thought I had raised you never to panic, even if things are going wrong.”


Filthy shook his head. “But nothing. I don’t care how you do it, just stop panicking and remain focused. I’ll try to think of something to make sure these... outbursts stop happening.”

“... O-okay,” Diamond Tiara replied, her voice calming slightly. Filthy nodded in satisfaction.

“We’ll talk more when you get home,” he said before hanging up, staring off into space for a moment before stepping back inside. Whatever was going wrong with her, be it sickness or worse, mutation, it still pained him to see his daughter in such despair, especially if it ended up making her some ostracized freak. Of course, that was no excuse for her to constantly collapse into a pile of tears every time her symptoms showed. She had to learn to overcome such obstacles. Sighing, he turned around and stepped back inside the boardroom, where everyone looked at him with concerned faces.

“Sir?” Dr. Cheerilee asked as Filthy returned to his desk. “Is something wrong?”

“... I’m fine.” He turned back to the group. “New plan; I want your so called 'cure' on my desk by the end of the week. And I want something physical. I don't want some computer simulation or placebo. I want something that works. Understand?"

“A week?!” Cheerilee cried in shock. “But we don’t have the resources to-”

“I'll purchase whatever equipment you need.” Filthy said, giving her a dismissive hand wave. “Your project’s just been bumped up to priority status. Be happy.”

“B-But sir, we don’t have enough information, and we still need some test subjects-”

“I don’t care if you have to kidnap homeless ponies off the street, I want your cure finished and I want it by the end of the week. Is that too much of a task for you, ‘Doctor’, or should I give the project to someone more qualified?” Cheerilee opened her mouth to object, only to close it a moment later. Filthy took this as a sign of her cooperation. “I thought so. Get to work, all of you.” Cheerilee and the other scientists nodded and moved to leave.

“Oh, and one more thing, Dr. Cheerilee,” Filthy Rich said before Dr. Cheerilee could leave.

She looked over her shoulder, her good hand already on the door handle. “Yes?”

“If you find those doctors that developed my daughter’s 'medicine', tell them they’re fired.”