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Welcome to Ponywords™ Inc.! This company is focused on the production and distribution of Ponywords™ for the uses of online entertainment.

Here at Ponywords™ Inc., we're focused on bringing you quality fan-fictions, none of those HiEs or Mary Sue stories we know you hate so much. If you want a job here, all you have to do is hand in your resume to me. And by resume, I mean ask nicely.

If you only wish to know when a new Ponywords™ Inc. story come out, just join the group!

"Ponywords™ Inc.- Spewing Ponywords™ onto the internet since 2013!"

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Do whatever you want, you work here now. Just don't expect to be paid. Or get benefits.

Okay then. Two things. I have a folder? :pinkiegasp:
And can I make a thread?

You're a contributor now, too.

You... Didn't.

There, you're a contributor now. Welcome to the team. Go add stories.

I don't actually have any stocks. Or employees. Or a headquarters.

Or any discernible means of income.

300756 Why of course. I'd love to buy into this investment. I already joined.

Shall we trade stocks?

You totally can if you ask to join the company nicely.

You don't get paid, and our company's worth is in the negatives.

Now I wonder if I should add all my stories here.....

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