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The Poetic Frost makes mistakes so that you don't have to. "Dance, Sode no Shirayuki!"


Music has become a staple of Equestrian life. Several pony citizens can't go two weeks without at least one song. A certain mare trapped in a filly's body plans to take advantage of this. She utilizes her stolen powers to summon villains of old in the name of the rap demons.

To combat these enemies, Equestria will need to fight fire with fire. Unfortunately for the rap demons, the Tree of Harmony summons something much more powerful: Some young stallion wearing a baseball cap and a similarly aged mare in a red dress. They brought their own microphones.
Friday Night Funkin' is property of Newgrounds user NinjaMuffin99, Phantom Arcade, and Evilsk8r.

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I was waiting for someone to do a Friday Night Funkin Crossover.
Wee'll see how it goes.

hmm that is entirely new . If it has update , ... in the continuinfg of the story , I have 1 song , based to answer Ink's warning for overweite substituding with basic forgetting that the event happened which is similiar to overwrite , and the next one is music when I would move my limbs like a piano Break like rhitm following when long rhitm is longer leg streching , unless if .. somehow record my dance on the tune with the music

unless if it is possible

Hell yeah!
I was kinda hoping, that one day someone will create a fanfic with Friday Night Funkin' game
Keep it going - this story has potential!
I just wonder if Whitty appears...

It's will be fun if you can make BF can talk not "beep -boop" 😑. But anyway, if you write a real lyric, you can make it morr interesting

holy shit i was just searching for a fnf crossover last night. and it was on a friday night as well.


but seriously though, glad to see someone finally got around to it.

I’m not in the FNF fandom, but this seems pretty spot-on to the chaos that goes on in that game. 👍

Congrats on being the first person doing this crossover

Well good old tricky showed up sucks that Hank wasn't there to shoot the mask off

you are the first person to do this and i actually searshed for this when fnf became popular but no one did anything

Tricky the Clown isn't a lesser demon or demon he is literally a demi-god or god with the portable improbability device which can alter reality and create shit and revive anyone and it made him insane and I highly doubt any of Grogars bell can contain him and also I'm a madness combat fan and fnf so yeah and if Cozy Glow absorbed him then she would have died

Starlight rubbed her eyes. "What was all of that? So many cardinal arrows..."


~Your skin is freezing...~

Lemon Demon, what are you doing in NM's body?

But then she'll take a piece of their rabies and vivisect their mind.

Well this was surprising

Ah, would you look at this?

The first FNF crossover story.
And I here I was thinking that I wrote the first!


I guess I should read it now...

Edit, after reading-
Gotta say, I like this more than my story.

I'll defiantly read this again.

"Always have been." Girlfriend smiled wickedly.


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