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A Man Undercover
Group Admin

If anyone has any stories that they have made themselves, please, don’t be afraid of posting them into the group.

If you want me to personally give approval on some of them and to take a look at them, then that is alright. Otherwise, you are free to do whatever you decide.

Here’s how it works:

Imagine your story like it’s a movie. Vision what movie-rating you think would fit it, and add it into the folder that you believe fits that rating.

That is all.

I know what I'm doing.

Rated G= E
Rated PG= E or T
Rated PG-13= T
Rated R= T or M

A Man Undercover
Group Admin

You’re actually very correct on that. Although, that’s only for what people rate their stories in real life.

It really depends on the content and what the story contains in particular, such as excessive gore.

Thank you for this as I did PM your permission if I could submit my story here...

Gryphon <><
1 Corinthians 15 : 1-4

For anyone in the UK, here's the BBFC equivalent:

Amercian = G, British = U
American and British = PG
Amercian = PG-13, British = 12A/12
American = R, British = 15
American = NC-17, British = 18

If you could look at my stories and give feedback on how to improve (other than grammar and spelling) I’d be very thankful. I tend to have multiple ideas and write them down whenever I can but I realize I’m not the best writer so please be nice

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 8
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