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Hey, are you tired of looking up Applejack or Rainbow Dash shipfics only to find page after page of one god damned page of AppleDash? Are you disappointed at the fact that out of all the characters in this franchise, that this one pairing is so popular?

You're in luck, and not alone!
This is a group for people that Ship ResponsiblyTM.
If you get butthurt, please write better stories.

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I don't remember seeing any AppleDash at all, lately. :fluttershysad:

If you click the Applejack search tag again to turn it red, you can get rid of the problem of too much mudpony when looking for Rainbow Dash fics.

"Tired of AppleDash"

Well... it's a start.

I have never seen a single AppleDash ship. Honestly.

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