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This is shit you'd expect on a porn website. Not FIMfic.

Seriously, knighty, don't turn FIMfic into a porn website. And don't link us to a sex shop.

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377562 I just like to emphasis the "fiction" part of FIM. Dildos and Flashlights are a physical thing, and I'm not comfortable of having my account associated with them.

Though sadly, I don't think Knighty cares that some people just aren't ok with it because some people don't see the difference or our Bad Dragon patrons.

My hope is that once this "sale" ends, the ads will just disappear and we can all joke about it like the gold accounts.


don't turn FIMfic into a porn website

The users are more than capable of doing this themselves.


You ask for a lesser of two evils.

No. That's not what I'm asking at all. I'm asking you to actually stop and think about what you're criticizing, and on what grounds.

Maybe you should see the founder of the group for the moral crusader.

Nah. I'm acquainted with him and this seems like the sort of thing he'd do as a troll effort.

That's why your posting here amuses me.

376957 You ask for a lesser of two evils.
Well, perhaps the clop should no longer be allowed and the ads for sex shops a adult fantasy games should be done away with. Maybe a second Fimfiction should be made for the clop.
I'm not here to say ban all the porn as the internet itself is a host to such and we all know that won't be going away any time soon. I jumped onto this group to agree to what someone said and nothing more. I leave after each comment. I'm not getting into a huge debate over advertisements when there is stuff that just as bad on the site itself. I'm not here to lead a moral crusade. Maybe you should see the founder of the group for the moral crusader.


Riddle me this.

What's worse, to unabashedly host thousands of pieces of literary pornography with easy access to underage people (many of which feature underage people), or to accept money for advertisements of devices to assist you in jacking off to them?

Methinks your moral crusading has some serious aspects of denial, to just skip over the actual porn content of the site like that.

376955 Not behind, just never truly paid enough attention to notice. Regardless, I don't like the ads and agree that to advertise for a sex toy site on a fanfiction site it ridiculous. But I suppose as long as it stays with the mature stuff, then that at least makes it easier to avoid.


Unless you can ensure that the ad only appears for those with the mature filter off, remove the ads.

You're way behind the times. This already is the case: you only get Bad Dragon ads when browsing Mature stories.

Seems to be a troll group.

So, what you're saying is that you've been assdamaged by Bad Dragon products?

As I said earlier, they are two completely different circumstances because he can make sure one doesn't lead to problems but he can't control the other. I've run out of time for circular arguments, though, so I must bid you good night and good luck with whatever it is you strive to do. Thanks for the debate! It was fun while it lasted. See you tomorrow, maybe. :twilightsmile:

But it's just so hypocritical that Knighty is letting these ads that link to an extremely NSFW site despite the fact that he was the one who made the rule of no NSFW links in the first place.

You don't like seeing Bad Dragon ads. I don't like seeing foalcon. Neither of us gets to make those choices because Fimfiction is a business, and if Knighty has to allow these things to keep this site afloat so you and I and all of us have a place to read and write and talk about pony stories at no cost, that's just the price we have to pay.

What does foalcon have to do with this conversation?

I start trembling in a post-traumatic reaction to certain events in my life every time I see a foalcon story, and those things flood the feature box on a regular basis. What do I do? I just don't click on them.

And what about people with out the filter on who don't want to see ad's to a porn shop but also like to read stories with the mature tag.

No, it wouldn't. He can make sure nopony with their filter on can see an ad. He can't make sure nopony with their filter on will follow a link in a blog post. Apples, oranges.

The problem is that putting porn ads on this site and one of the rules being no NSFW links or pics would be an extremely hypocritical move by Knighty

The site itself links to all kinds of adult content because that's what it hosts. What the users can and can't do is different because the admins and mods can't reliably control who sees it. They can't be sure that nopony with their filter on will see a risque blog post, but they can determine who has the privileges to see an ad. The admins are doing a fine job.


1. There's porn here. It's not just in the ads; it's in a sizable portion of the site content, from stories to avatars to blog posts. That's what this site is for, and if it wasn't allowed to be here, it wouldn't be here.

You can not link NSFW or post NSFW pictures here. Because of our ad runners. But we link to a NSFW site?

Nor do I. In fact, I was entirely against clop for the first half of my stay here at Fimfiction and I still haven't entirely come to terms with it Here's the thing, though:
1. There's porn here. It's not just in the ads; it's in a sizable portion of the site content, from stories to avatars to blog posts. That's what this site is for, and if it wasn't allowed to be here, it wouldn't be here.
2. As I mentioned in the first Bad Dragon ads group, they took away Bad Dragon ads but left those for Victoria's Secret. A double standard, no?
3. Now that Bad Dragon ads are back, it seems that only those with the mature filter off - those who can see all of the other porn on the site - get mature ads. If you have your mature filter unchecked, you'd best prepare for mature content... and not all of it is going to be the kind of mature content you're into!

So basically it's become a non-issue centered around the fact that some people don't want to acknowledge the existence of a certain furry-oriented sex toy company. Well, this is a site built to share the products of our creativity; equine strokers in "Butter Yellow" and "Rare White" are just another byproduct of this fandom's creativity just the same as The Secret Lives of Doors or The Riding Pony. You can't honestly tell me that it's fair to host The Abyss and Akumokagetsu and SleeplessBrony and Norm de Plume but not Varka. Again, it's a bit of a double standard. If you don't want to see mature content, keep the filter on; if you want to keep it on but don't want to see certain kinds of content, you can avoid clicking the ads just as you can avoid clicking foalcon or tentacle porn or cheap, poorly-written lemons.

Also, I just happen to like writing ditties to parody whatever little tune has struck my fancy of late. I'm sorry if this one offended you. :twilightsmile:

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