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This is my Proofreading and Editing Workshop for the stories that need to be either looked at or edited. I decided to devote some of my time to you guys by taking on your editing or proofreading requests.

Be sure to put stories in the appropriate folders to be edited. And above all, you must be patient. In this group, I give alot of my time and effort in the editing of these stories, and that takes time. If your stories doesn't have too many errors, it would make it faster for me to edit the mistakes. If you're an experienced writer, than you could just drop them in anytime and expect them later that same day, or the next day at max.

I will also offer my proofreading requests to any and all stories. So you if you have a story that you would like edited, then by all means drop it here. My maximum date of notice would be two weeks from accepted date. It may be more depending on how long the stories are. (Not to mention I write myself, so give me air.)

The folders will be locked after the stories has reached twenty stories in each genre.

Submit your story and expect a hearing from me by either proofreading or editing in two weeks max.

You could either PM me or if you have a gdocs version, you could drop it in my email at


Alright so I basically started my Archsage Review series which is basically me give short reviews about a story and suggesting whether or not you guys should read it I guess. Start for the next reviews I do, I will be making them shorter and more to the point so that I do not bore hungry readers.

I have a folder for all submissions. Just drop them in the Archsage Review Submission Folder.

I will be accepting up to twenty stories at a time. And for each month starting in july. I would ask around for a long story that would take me well a month to review. I don't think this is necessary, but I feel you guys should've known that anyhow.

As for the stories that were currently in the box you guys are going to have to resubmit them. For Editing, drop them in the Editing Submissions Folder in which I will only accept five stories at a time. For the Proofreading, drop them in the Proofreading Submissions Folder where I will only accept three stories at a time.

The purpose of this group, for now, would be to train my skills in editing, proofreadin, and reviewing. Hopefully, if all goes well that would be awesome.

If you want to just place stories in folders, you can do that to.

Other groups you can go to for help:

The Writer's Group

The Proofreader Group

Looking For Editors


Overly Extensive Editors (For good editing)

If you people want to recommend stories to get more views, likes, and favs then submit them to these groups:

Twilight's Library

Seattle's Angels

The Royal Guard

Equestria Daily (This is the submission link for if you want to submit your story to EQD for more publicity)

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I've been told by zachary56 to bring my stuff here, and I'm not exactly sure how to do it.

I'll just drop it here for your consideration, if that's okay: Thread for those who like editing.

Any and all before comments are to be ignored. The group has been improved.

The commas in your description are either nonexistent or replaced by periods.

I doubt your skill.

for tht stories that

You're killing me, Fantasia

for of those stories that needs

I still don't even...

This is my Proofreading and Editing Workshop for of those stories that needs help being either look at

Start here

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