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Kitsune - Mythical fox spirits that are able to use magic and are often known for causing mischief. Unlike normal foxes, Kitsune has multiple tails. They start with one, but as they grow older, stronger and wiser, they earn more tails. The oldest, strongest and wisest are the nine-tailed kitsune...

When a small group of these strange creatures appear in Equestria, there can only be so many ways this could end. Led by a fox with seven tails, the skulk escapes to Equestria for a new home after they've lost their previous one. This is their story...

Thanks to the talented TP Night for the editing, proofreading, and overall help with the story.
Note: Although there is a slice of life tag, there will be some adventure moments throughout the story as well.
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The mercenary life is a tough one. Traveling from town to town, taking different jobs, and working for many clients. There's also not a lot of mercenary groups in the peaceful land of Equestria. So, what does young Jade Caliber with all of her guard training do? Form her own party to earn some extra cash! (Of course!)

Belonging to no specific employer, she and her group travel all over Equestria taking various jobs and get into all sorts of strange situations. Jade and her rat-tag team of troops face many challenges on their adventures, such as monsters, snobbish nobles, harsh environments, cursed items, and each other. Jade will stop at nothing to complete her life-long quest: to do whatever the hay she wants before her time is up!

Rated T for language, sexual themes, and gore. May add more character tags later.
This fic takes place between "Spice Up Your Life" and "Stranger than Fan-Fiction."
Thanks to all the members for their awesome OCs, and thanks to TP Night for helping out with this fic.
Also, made the "popular stories" list 8/5/16! Thanks to everyone who is loving this fic so far.

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"Where do all of these guys come from?" - Twilight Sparkle

Twilight, being the new alicorn princess, has a lot to deal with in her life right now. A stallion crash landing at Sweet Apple Acres, a sharp-shooting pegasus, a unicorn assassin that's able to control ice, and a strange and mysterious filly appearing at Fluttershy's cottage. To top it all off, the danger in Equestria has risen by ten. Twilight and her friends begin to wonder why Equestria has suddenly become more dangerous and why there are so many more ponies nowadays. Surely, there must be some connection between the danger and the mysterious new ponies.

Suspicious and confused, can Twilight and the others be for sure that these newcomers are actually ponies? This will be an adventure that they won't forget, no matter how hard they try.

Yes, this fic takes place in the middle of season 4.
And here's a little opening song for the fic.
Thanks to RemixHero for helping with the story, I really hope you like this new fic :twilightsmile:
Hit the popular list 4/4/2015! Thank you all so much for liking it! :pinkiehappy:

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Shira Blitz, a unicorn mare planning on serving a princess.

Twilight Sparkle, an Alicorn princess who has no guards in her castle.

When Princess Celestia creates a new program that helps Twilight pick out the perfect guards, things start to get a little interesting. The point of the program is to, not only help Twilight, but help the guards improve their skills and become the finest warriors in Equestria. Shira, who was originally planning to serve Celestia, gets transferred to this new program to first serve Twilight and to better enhance her prowess. However, will she still want to serve Celestia after making some new friends along the way? She'll face different challenges, go through countless obstacles, and prove she's got what it takes to be somepony extraordinary.

However, behind every extraordinary pony, is an even darker secret; and Shira hopes that nopony will ever find hers out.

Thanks to everyone out there for the great OC suggestions in the fic.
And Thanks to Feather Flyer for the awesome coverart of Shira

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Wormhole: A hypothetical connection between widely separate regions of space-time.

What happens when said connection appears out of the blue and transport our new princess to a unfamiliar world? [only the strange and unusual that anyone could imagine, to most to say the least] Witness Princess Twilight and school boy, Henry Hirota, as they meet and share the knowledge between worlds. All while making new friendships along the way and desperately trying to find the right path home. World jumping might be the least of their worries as they try to survive this absurd journey.

Note: I may or may not add more character tags along the way, depending on how the story goes.
Thanks to ZombieHeadCrab for the amazing cover art

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Alice Liddell feels like she's losing her sanity ever since she visited Wonderland. She feels like she's slowly breaking down with madness. Her sessions with her psychiatrist, Dr. Bumby, doesn't seem to be working for her. All she wants to do is forget.

But, when a mystical mirror brings her to a mysterious new world filled with talking ponies, what will happen to her? What will she do, how will she get back, will she go mad? We're all mad here.

(Edited by RagingPonyRider)

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