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Screw thinking outside the box! I'll just make the box bigger! Send a PM if you like having a conversation or looking for an editor. (Slightly busy) Oh, and if anyone says that I'm sane, they're lying


_____ Fluttershy notices something while on her way to meet up at Victoria's house, her human friend. She's being followed. Again. Of course, it is by one or both of the two humans that she helped not too long ago. They think she never knows they're there but she does. And it's not just the following, it's how they've been acting recently, as well. Which is why she's heading to Victoria's to enlist her help to find out what their deal is.

_____ Set in season three.
_____ Done as a gift for TGM. Blessed be he. I'm also unsure of who the artist is, so if you're wondering about who did it, ask TGM. Oh. And Preread by TGM as well, I guess.
_____ Rated teen for some colorful language and some implications.
_____ Probably the only story that has anything to do with anonymous that you'll see from me.

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Noel, along with the Hunter Organization, has been working with Equestria for quite some time now. With deals for protection and trade being implemented, the two sides have become stronger in the end for it with the new technology and magical techniques that have been borne of the alliance. To the outside observer, it would seem foolish to challenge the growing might of these two factions.
Tell that to the demons and other, greater, evils that have turned their sights to Equestria.

Part of the Wrath of the Harbinger-verse but non-canon. A ship-fic between Applejack's hat and Trixie's hat. I suppose stranger things have happened. Rated T for some language. Thanks to TP Night for the art, and Banana Prince for the idea from the "Write my fic for me" group.

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Big thanks to Hei201 to providing me with cover art, and for being the only one who was willing to help me out!

When a man from a different world accidentally falls into a portal that lands him in Equestria and is now lost and now parts of his memory are locked. He's a highly-trained soldier from his world so his absence will be noticed. Can he make sure that he makes it back to prevent a possible invasion? Or will he come back to invade this new land? What choices shall he make? Will he establish peaceful relations and start trade? He has no idea. And the things he will experience shall change him forever, for better or worse. But before he can do any of that, Fluttershy is responsible for taking care of him first.

After reading other pieces I think I'm finally ready to begin writing myself I'm being held at gunpoint because I lost a bet. Feedback in all its forms is appreciated. One note however: I just hope I didn't create a Mary Sue/Gary Stu or otherwise I'll be very disappointed in myself.
Another note: Just because this is my first story, does not mean I get a free pass. So go crazy with the comments, I guess.
This is also a very bad story, in my opinion.

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