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Nimbus Stats for Group Story

Name: Nimbus
Race: Pegasus
Sex: YES! jk Male (That joke is distasteful, I'll remove it if you'd like)
Coat: Sky Blue
Mane: Gold
Eyes: Silver
Brief Bio: (I already have a fan fic on this, but I'll keep in the important stuff and trim the fat). Nimbus was orphan born and never knew his parents. He was cliché found in front of an Orphanage on top of a nimbus cloud, where his name originated from. He went to Flight School when he was finally of age where he met his old friend Rainbow Dash (I could change the name if it is too cliché or ruins the story). Sadly, the orphanage couldn't take care of him past the age of 15. Before he dropped out of flight school, he chased down the pony who killed Rainbow Dash's Dad (who was also his only father figure). When Nimbus found the killer, in a pit of anger he broke the pony's wing and pushed him out the top window of a building in Cloudsdale, letting gravity do the rest of the work. The body was never actually found, but it was no doubt Nimbus couldn't stick around if he didn't want to get caught.
Weapon Skills: none. He has absolutely no training in any category so he hasn't even tried. Nimbus does use house hold items and objects around him to fight, but his style is mostly off the top of his head and no real rhythm or method.
Fighting style: Improvised Martial Arts (think Jackie Chan fighting with ladders, umbrellas , and jackets.) He can't fly as fast as many other recorded Pegasus, but he can effortlessly move out of the way of bullets . He's not exactly sure he got the potential to do so, but he thinks it has something to do with the parents he never knew about.
Personality: Nimbus loves to crack jokes all the time, even the occasional one liner when give the opportunity. He can get easily distracted by a pretty face as well as manipulated, making it easier for him to be persuaded by females much easier. While loving to laugh, he will fight but at the expenses of telling jokes while he does so.
Nimbus does also don on a cape and mask to become a vigilante. However, even though he does mainly do it for justice, Nimbus usually will pose for cameras in costume and often stretch the truth about the criminals he caught. He'll often build them up as terrifying masterminds and making them seem more dangerous than they really are, when in all honesty they're just mainly ponies who've drank too much, non threatening thugs, and minor thieves. He has tried to find an "arch-nemesis, but most ponies in Equestria don't really do much beyond crimes.
In his everyday life, Nimbus is a simply courier and wants to be a stunt double in stage plays, but he's too busy to really even try or make an attempt. For his job, he does own a chariot, but it's mainly designed for packages and not holding ponies.

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I'm back (again)! · 8:10pm Sep 5th, 2017

I took the sequel down for Vulnerable for the final time a few months ago. I didn't like where it was going and wanted to give it a final rewrite. It will take sometime but please bear with me.

Anything else, I'll finish a Lily Longsocks story before I start on it.

I am going to apologize for the seven hundredth time, sorry I've been gone for so long. I know a goid chunk of people liked these stories and want to see them concluded.

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Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, friend!

Absolutely! I love Lilly.

Thank you for the fave on my Lily story. :twilightsmile:

Absolutely! Shoot.

You're a bartender? Great! Can I ask you a couple questions for a story of mine?

Well thats what im good at so expect more in the future and it has made me feel like im not the only one working my butt off so keep doing what you're doing


Oh, yeag! Hey, again, your comment and positive feedback help me through the day again! /)

Hey its been to long so you might not remember me but iv been reading your stories and they have improved so much so congrats on your success:pinkiehappy:

P.s. Spelling errors and such don't matter to me, just as long as you try to do something

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