• Published 19th May 2020
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My little Sunspot - LSTS Connor

We have all read the stories about a human waking up as N.M.M but what if that human woke up as their fiery counterpart

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1-A fiery entrance

A fiery entrance

It was a normal quiet night in the magical land of Equestria. The moon was sitting high in the sky painting the ground below in a serene moonlight. The princess of the night was looking over the dreams of her subjects with a serene smile on her face. The balcony she was standing on provided a perfect view of her kingdom. Her sister was softly snoring away in her room, dreaming about being able to eat as much cake as she could desire without consequences. All was well in the equestrian kingdom.


The quiet serenity was broken by a glass-shattering sound being heard across the equestrian continent. From the crystal empire to the deepest parts of the jungle. It was heard everywhere. Then it all went quiet as if there was no eardrum bursting boom several seconds ago.

“LUNA WHAT HAPPENED! WHAT WAS THAT SOUND!” Shouted princess Celestia in her royal canterlot voice, being very unceremoniously awoken from her slumber in a panic. She was still wearing her sun themed pajamas.

“I do not know but some type of massive magical anomaly just happened over the everfree forest!” Replied luna hastily. “Some type of magical bolt struck our old residence” She pointed a finger in the direction of the castle of the two sisters.

After hearing this Celestia ran up to the balcony and leaned over to get a better view. Everything looked normal but there was something. Some familiar magic was emanating from the castle. Solar magic to be specific.

“I have to notify Twilight. If someone else can use solar magic other than me…We might have one immensely powerful entity on our hands” Said Celestia trying to keep the fear out of her voice. Solar magic as well as Lunar magic are the strongest magics known to exist as they require a connection to celestial bodies to function. For several millennia, the only users of such magic were Celestia and Luna, respectively. Someone else being able to use Solar magic, her magic, was a serious threat. Celestia could only imagine what was going on in the ruins and who could be holding such power.

“Aww man it still hasn’t updated yet”

I mutter in disappointment. Hello there, the name is Jolyne and right now I am staring at my computer screen in sadness. One of my all-time favorite fictions hasn’t updated yet and the last chapter ended on a cliffhanger. I am just your average introverted pegasister living one of the most boring lives imaginable. Like, imagine what it must be to watch paint dry for a living, yeah it would pay the bills so I’m not complaining that much. Unfortunately having basically no friends and being a shut-in doesn’t help make my life more interesting. Anyway, I’m getting off-topic so I’m sitting there looking for some new interesting fic to read when I start to smell something burning.

“Huh, what’s that smell?” I say to myself as I get up from my chair and follow the smell into the living room. Walking down the corridor some type of light was coming from the door to the living doom which is weird because I remembered that I turned the light off earlier.

“Ok, so it's coming from he-OH MY GOD!” I shouted in alarm as I entered the room. In the center of the room was some type of pillar of fire. The living room could not even be called that anymore, where once was furniture was now ash. The couch was burning in the corner of the room half on it was gone, reduced to a pile of ash. The walls were smoldering some parts beginning to catch fire. Seeing this panic instantly gripped my whole body as I began to make a mad dash back the way I came.

“JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE HELL” I yell in confusion. I am trying to run as far away as possible from the fiery spiral but for some ungodly reason, I could not move. The bloody thing was pulling me towards it, luckily I was close enough the door that I was able to grab onto the handle to keep myself from being pulled in.

“NO NO NO I AM NOT LETTING YOU PULL ME IN! YA HEAR ME WEIRD FIRE!” I scream in defiance holding on to the door handle with all my strength. I could feel the heat that thing was emitting, and it was the hottest thing I had ever felt. Causing my body to start sweating like crazy which is not a good idea when the only obstacle preventing my most likely very painful death was a slippery metal door handle. Yeah needless to say I was not going to be among the living much longer.

When my hand slipped, and I was sent tumbling towards the weird fire spire I wondered if it would hurt to die but thankfully I didn’t have to find out as all the smoke I had been breathing in finally caught up to me and I lost consciousness.

‘Ugh my head…what happened’ is what was going through my head as I regained consciousness. I had a pounding headache and my eyelids felt like lead. I was lying down on some type of stone floor which for some reason was quite warm. I was there on my back and I could feel…something else on my back that really did not like being lied on. The last thing I could remember was investigating some smoke then…then there’s that smell again…oh yeah that’s smoke…OH YEAH THAT’S SMOKE OH GOD!

“FIRE!” My Eyes shot open and I instantly regretted it as I saw my surroundings. There was fire everywhere. Panic immediately gripped at my soul, I was trapped, the fire was surrounding me on all sides. Then suddenly they started receding. The fire was using some type of carpet as its fuel source and strangely where I was lying was completely devoid of carpeting but there was a light sheen of ash all over the floor. As the fire died out so did the Smoke having dissipated into the surrounding area allowing me to get a good look at where I was located.

“No…it couldn’t be” I recognized this place the banners, the windows. This was the Castle of the two sisters!

“This...this can’t be real w-wait what happened to my voice!”

My voice was vastly different. It was several octaves higher than normal with a distinct childlike tone. Now without the immediate danger of burning to death, I looked down at my body. My white-furred childlike body. My heart rate began to skyrocket. I was still a girl -thank god- but now I was covered in white fur. My clothes were gone, and I was wearing some type of white dress.

I quickly looked around the room trying to find some type of reflective surface. Luckily, there was a mirror sitting in the corner of the room. Unfortunately, the glass had several large cracks in it but in my panic addled mind, I didn’t care. I tried to stand up but there was something wrong with my feet as I did not have feet anymore.

They were hooves.

“oh-oh no,” I muttered as I slowly stood up and walked towards the mirror trying not to trip over my own feet or hooves now. When I reached the mirror, my jaw dropped. I instantly recognized that face.

It was Daybreaker.

Albeit as a 6-year-old child but that flaming hair and tail, the orange slits for eyes, the fangs. At least I got to keep my hands so that was nice. I had a pure white horn on my head with my wings at their full length behind me. If it weren’t for the eyes, fangs, and hair that looked like fire, I would have looked like a child version of Celestia. I was speechless at my new appearance. After a few minutes of me standing there looking at my reflection in the mirror, I decided that standing here would not help I needed to get organized, I needed to go full-on Twilight mode.

“Ok…So I’m Daybreaker…but as a child…and this is most likely an anthro Equestria. I mean it could be worse at least…I’m not…burning…alive

Then it came back to me. I was so caught up in the stress of waking up here I had not taken the time to think about how I got here. But now it all came back to me. The Smoke, the fire, me getting sucked into said fire. I began hyperventilating.
“Ok…Ok, calm down! You are not dead you probably got transported here by some magical shenanigans. That fire clearly wasn’t normal calm down.” I took some deep breaths trying to slow my heart rate which was somewhere in the 200bpm range now.

“Ok take stock of the situation, right now I am in the middle of the everfree forest, in the middle of the night. I need a plan

Step 1 look around for somewhere safe to wait for morning/sleep.

Step 2 try to find the main 6 and not have them blast me.

Step 3 uhhhh.

Step 4 profit.” I say quietly to myself

With a plan in mind and my heart rate under control, I started exploring my surroundings. But first I had to get these wings under control, otherwise walking through doors sideways is going to suck.

Author's Note:

Hello everyone and welcome to my second ever story :D
I hope you will all enjoy this the idea came to me on my way home from school one afternoon as i thought. "huh everyone does a story as a human in N.M.M body well how bout one with daybreaker" and here we are. :D

This is a Lv4 anthro

so you guys have an idea of how the char look.

Big thanks to Darkspyro and PlantedG for prereading this chapter. You guys are the best :twilightsmile: