• Published 19th May 2020
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My little Sunspot - LSTS Connor

We have all read the stories about a human waking up as N.M.M but what if that human woke up as their fiery counterpart

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After several attempts I was finally able to get my wings firmly pressed against my back. And let me tell you, having wings is cool and all but trying to manipulate muscles that you never had is hard. But during my attempts I discovered just how maneuverable they were. I could use them as a makeshift shield or blanket as I was able to use them to almost completely envelope my chest with my wings. For some reason whenever I did that, I felt…safe. I do not know how to describe it, maybe its this child body but it just felt good and safe.

I left what I assumed was the throne room and began exploring the ruins of this castle. And my god were they beautiful. The show never did it justice but even though the castle was in complete disrepair and looked like it would collapse under its own weight at any time it was breathtaking. It’s probably just because I’ve never been to any castle before so for all I know it is in fact very ugly but to me…It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever been to.

After walking around in random directions for what felt like hours walking down majestic corridors being lit by the moonlight. I began to smell something sweet…something chocolaty. I of course began to follow said smell as my stomach began to growl. The smell had brought me to one of the many kitchens of the castle.

“What could be that smell” I muttered to myself as I began to search the room. The kitchen was completely trashed. There were spider webs everywhere. I am not overexaggerating

They. Were. Everywhere.
Thank goodness I wasn't arachnophobic otherwise I would be lying on the floor having a heart attack at the amount of spiders that must be in this room. Between the counters were what could be described as walls of web. Which only deepened the mystery of the smell. How could there be food here that had not turned to dust by now? These webs were clearly several months old and completely untouched. I began to methodically search everywhere I could. Trying to find the source of sweet chocolaty goodness. After half an hour of searching through cupboards I had finally found the source of the smell. When I had seen what it was, I could not help but burst out laughing.

It was a dark blue cookie jar with a crescent moon emblazoned on the lid.

Luna’s cookie jar to be precise, with multiple chocolate chip cookies still inside it.

After getting my childish laughter under control I grabbed the jar from its cupboard and tried to open it to get that sweet Luna-forbidden goodness. At this point it was obvious that magic was somehow involved with the preservation of the cookies inside. How else would there be completely normal cookies after most likely several centuries? After a few seconds I had gotten the jar open and stuck my hand inside. My fingers touching the chocolaty goodness that is cookies. Did I mention I love cookies? No? Well I would do anything for cookies. They are my one weakness.


The sound of the door cut through the silence with all the subtlety of glass being shattered.

I froze, my hand still in the jar and slowly turned my head towards the door.

Spike was standing there. Looking right at me fear in his eyes. Whether it was fear at how I looked or the fact my hair looked like fire I could not tell.

Our draconic eyes met and we both just stood there completely frozen, the only movement in the room being my tail and hair. I stood there frozen like a kid getting caught by their parents with their hand in the cookie jar. Spike was the same height as me we were both at eye level to each other. For some reason he looked extremely cute to me. He was wearing a pair of purple jeans and a green shirt. I needed to break the ice somehow otherwise we would be stuck here staring into each other's eyes for all eternity.

Uh…Hi?” I say nervously waving my free hand the other one still in the cookie jar.

“…” Spike did not respond to me he just stood there frozen. His draconic eyes never leaving mine.

I decided I had to make a good first impression and went with the act like a child route, so I grabbed one of the many cookies from the jar and stuck my hand towards him. Hoping it would break the ice.

“Want one?” I say with a smile on my face trying not to scare him with a cookie in hand.
That brought him out of his stupor and his gaze shifted between the cookie, my hair, and my eyes. Eventually he grabbed the cookie out of my hand bringing a smile to my face. I had hopefully showed him that I was not evil or bad in any way.

“My name is Jolyne what’s yours?” I ask with a smile. Unfortunately, I smiled a little too widely and showed off my fangs by accident causing him to flinch slightly.

“S-Spike” He finally said nervously, his eyes switching between my fiery hair and draconic eyes.

“Cool!” I respond like any other six-year-old would.

He did not respond.

“Are you worried about my hair?” He nodded dumbly.” Don’t worry it just looks like, it’s not real fire see?" I stuck my hand through my hair, it felt pleasantly warm for some reason. "Want to touch it?”

“N-no I’m good. What are you doing here? This castle is dangerous for children.” He said looking over his shoulder.

“Why don’t you come with me.” He says with a smile reaching his hand out for me to grab it.

“Sure! But I’m keeping these cookies.” I respond with a smile grabbing his hand following him out of the room with the cookie jar in my other hand.

We were walking down one of the many corridors in the castle, most likely heading to the entrance where I would meet the main 6. Spike was walking in front of me munching down on the cookie I gave him I was also eating on of the many Luna-forbidden cookies and my god they were the best cookies I had ever eaten in my life. I was dreading having to meet with them. But I had a sliver of hope that they do not know who Daybreaker is. The best reaction I could hope for was just shock at my hair and the whole alicorn thing. Because -somehow- Spike had not noticed the wings pressed against my back. They must be blending in with my dress somehow, but I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

“So, what were you doing all the way out here,” Asked Spike breaking the silence. Looking over his shoulder. I suddenly started to feel terrible like some switch was flipped and tears started to form in the corners of my eyes.

“I-I don’t know…s-some type of portal transported me here. A-and I just want to go home” The full force of what happened to me dawned on me and one big question formed in my mind.

What if I can’t go home?

Will I ever get to see my parents again?

What will I do if I can’t go home?

These questions were going through my head at the speed of sound the emotional backlash becoming stronger and stronger. Then another thing became known. I was never this emotional back home or in general. Could it be that I have the emotional stability of a child? God that is going to suck if that’s true and judging from the fact I am crying it seems very true.

Spike noticing my distress slowed down and turned to face me.
“Hey hey hey it's all right. I know a few smart ponies. They’ll be able to help you get home.” He says reassuringly.

“A-are you sure?” I say looking up at him hopefully. “I l-look like a color swapped Nightmare Noon” I say with a sad laugh.

“I am. Aren’t I?” He said with a sad smile putting his hands on my shoulders.

“O-ok,” I say a small smile starting to appear on my face.

After getting my emotional outburst under control. Stupid child body with nonexistent emotional stability. I needed to get some more information such as why were the main 6 here. It must have something to do with my being here. Unless I just got lucky, but I highly doubt that.

“What are you doing here? I am here by accident, but what about you?” I ask probing for information.

“Oh, we are investigating some type of magical thing…probably the same thing that brought you here now that I think about it” He answered thoughtfully putting a hand under is chin.

“where did spike run off to now?”
“Ah’m not sure he said something about laughter then he just disappeared”

Muffled voices were coming from the door to our left, as far as I could make out it was Applejack and Twilight. As Spike moved to open the door, I muttered one thing under my breath.

“It’s showtime”

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