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Feather Book
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Welcome to the fourth Equestria at war Write Off!
This time the theme is: "A normal being's point of view and life amidst global events."

There is a saying amongst the Kirins, "May you live in interesting times."

It's meant as a curse for good reason. When interesting times come, instability and devastation follows in its wake. When the Griffonian Emperor lies on his deathbed, being the only one to keep the Empire together. When the leaflets on the streets of Aquila call for revolution flutter in the wind. When River Swirl and Nova Whirl clash in the Sabor, each day being a new game of political chess.

And yet, the average creature, while affected by it have never been asked for their experience...until now.

Points are given out in the following category:

  • Spelling and Grammar.
  • Characters.
  • Originality.
  • Story and pacing.
  • How well it fits the theme.

The rules are as follows:

(Be advised, stories which break these rules will not be considered by the judges.)

The deadline is 23:59:59 (PDT) on Monday, 5th April.

See here for a countdown.

The Prizes are:
1st Place – A free copy of one Hearts of Iron IV DLC of your choice. Plus, the 2nd Place rewards.

2nd Place – A portrait of a character or OC of your choice drawn by our Equestria at War artist RyanManDraws. This can be added to Equestria at War if it fits. Plus, the special role in our Discord server.

3rd Place – A special role in our Discord server and your oc as a blob drawing by our Equestria at War artist AquaMuro.

Your judges will be members of the Equestria at War team and community.

Good luck everyone! We look forward to seeing your entries.

Nice can it be any creatures from the Nations of Equestria at war like the Kingdom of Pingland?

Feather Book
Group Admin

7450054 Yes. Anywhere in the world of EaW is open for writing about. :twilightsmile:

Yay thx for that! I want to do something about penguins or to nova Griffs they’re seems to be lack of representation actually

I think I’m actually going to sit this one out, I’m already working on a EAW story and well I do want to get it out.

Btw does it has to be part of Griffonian and Equus events?

Feather Book
Group Admin

7450067 It can be about anything so long as it meets the rules and is a story about a normal being (i.e. not a country leader or general) at any point in the world of EaW.

Pro-tip gamers, if you think you should describe what caliber bullet is used in a kar98... don't. For the love of the judges, don't.

Also btw is romance allowed?

Hell yes! I was actually just thinking about the last contest and how it had been a while since the last one.

Excellent! Good luck to everyone! :raritywink:

Thank you imma make some romance story!!

Am I crazy, or is the 5th of April a monday?

Feather Book
Group Admin

7450124 Yes. It very much is.

7450326 You are not crazy. The 5th is a Monday.

*Cough cough*

The deadline is 23:59:59 (PDT) on Sunday, 5th April.

Question can we use counties that don't existed in the start of the game? (like the solar Empire)

Are there any rules against working with a friend on a story?

Feather Book
Group Admin

7450623 No. But you will need to work out how to share the prize.

7450451 Yes.

7450505 Yes

7450342 Woops. Fixed. :twilightblush:

Cool we already did that but wanted to be sure :)

Is it alright to get an editor to help me out on my grammar issues?

Feather Book
Group Admin

7451039 Yes. Editors are good.

Is there a bit of leeway around the max word count? So, if a story is a few hundred (less than five hundred) words over, but is about as tight as it can be, would that still be accepted as an entry?

Group Admin

Hello! I'm one of the judges for this year's contest.

Yes it's fine! Just make sure it is not overboard, I expect we can allow a few hundreds, if not a thousand words more, but any further than that and it'll affect the story rating or even be outright dismissed.

Good luck and most importantly, have fun writing!

Thanks for clarifying. That took a load off my shoulders, since the final word count of what I've written is about 500 words over. :rainbowlaugh:

It was a fun break from my current projects. Now it's just the editing process. :twilightoops:

is 10,000 words is the maximum?

Feather Book
Group Admin

7452471 Yes. No more then 10,000 words please. Minimum is 1,000 words.

I was wondering (i had another idea for a story come up) can we only post one story or can we post multiple?

Comment posted by Rune Soldier Dan deleted Mar 18th, 2021


I guess I should've tagged you with the question, my bad. >_>

I posted a story last month that seems to fit the contest. May I use it, or would the story have to be published after the contest's start?

Feather Book
Group Admin

7461700 Hi! Sorry for the late reply but yes, that is okay. So long as it is not older than 2 months before we announced the contest.


i joined the contest aswell, but i have a problem. I can't send my story anywhere in any group or folder. i was looking everywhere and checked
the FAQ-Sektion and other parts. It says how to do it, but it doesnt work for me! Does it has to do with something to do with that the story is
submitted but not approved? I just joined everything yesterday and its all really new to me! I hope you can help me

Edit: it says to click the add to a group button, but i have that one nowhere or any like that. PLS can you help me?

Edit2: i was looking at my story again and it is in an approval queue....whatever that is...

Feather Book
Group Admin

7464848 All new writers need to have their stories approved by the FimFiction moderators. So long as it follows the posting rules of FimFiction (which is a requirement for this contest) then you should be fine. When the story is released from the queue then you should be able to add it from the 2021 contest folder page.

excuse me but My current Word Count is 10,348 words... is it still allowed to be in?

Feather Book
Group Admin

7468575 My advice is to try and cut it down as much as you can. Reread and edit it again. You should be able to spot some words, phrases, or even sentences that can be shortened or even cut. 10,000 words is a lot of words, and the ones you can cut or shorten will add up.

A little over the wordcount will be allowed if necessary, but we really suggest that you try to reduce it to as close as 10,000 words as you can.

alright thank you i'll try my best to cut down my words

I finish!!! Now I'm just doing the finishing touches and I'm good to go!

So...just for fun...I thought about trying too come up with something. But!

My question is, I have never played Equastria At War. Is there a wiki? And do I have too stick...heavily too this specific dlc? Or can I be really creative?

Like I'll tell a war story but...I just want too know...how much freedom I have?

Will I have too research about what m46 was used by these guys? Versus these guys? Because I really know nothing about weapons...

I can make stuff though. :)

Thank you.



Sorry to bother but I'm new to the site, and I don't understand everything yet. ^^'

My problem is that I too wrote a little story to participate, and I recorded it on the 3rd, however, still now, it puts me "Waiting for approval", moreover, afterwards, I don't even know how submit my story to the fourth Equestria at war Write Off...

So, do I risk being disqualified ? Can someone help me ?

Comment posted by Mr Unidentified deleted Apr 5th, 2021

"Waiting for approval" on auto-moderation should take no more than an hour. Afterward, you merely need to press "add new story" in the "2021 contest" sub-folder to submit your story.


Thank you very much for the information ! However, I do not understand, it will be 3 days that I wait, you think that I must do what so that it is finally accepted ?

My advice would be to contact one of the admins/judges to help you out on giving you some wiggle room. They can give a few exceptions to the rules to help you if FimFiction is being wierd.

Feather Book
Group Admin

7472679 If you're still stuck in the queue after the deadline you will not be disqualified so long as you submitted before the deadline and are approved without resubmitting.

7470374 I'm so sorry it took so long to reply and its probably too late now but we encourage creativity and freedom. The Wiki can be found here: Link!

A small self contained story in Equestria probably is the best place to start if you're coming from the show side with little knowledge of the EaW lore. And the less specifics you use the less you can trip up. We won't be too harsh on small lore mistakes.

Actually I decided too say too pop with it. I wrote a little something for the contest anyway. It was fun and hard.

Its under The Shattering of Belgrind

got mine in just in time!

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