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  • Friday
    Drew the Dazzlings by hand

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  • Friday

    Equestria: *Exist*
    Literally every MLP villain:

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  • Wednesday
    Random information

    So about Blaze Firestarter's cutie mark. It's supposed to look a little like this:
    Only that it's a phoenix and not a mockingjay.

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  • 6 days

    The 6 outlaws

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  • 1 week
    Enig og tro til Dovre faller

    Happy 17th May! It's Norway's national day.
    Today it's exactly 206 years since Norway got it's Constitution.
    I hope you'll have an awsome day!

    Til Dovre faller:

    Norway's national anthem:

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Drew the Dazzlings by hand · 7:17pm Last Friday

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Great. You follow me, I promise to follow you. Sonata was always my favorite.

Fair. Still, I can still give a good laugh place among my forces. This job can get stressful.

Not really into that stuff. Too much work to rule a place and no time to joke around like I want. So imma gonna have to turn down that offer.

Likewise. How would you like a place at my side, ruling the Crystal Empire?

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