• Published 31st Aug 2020
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A Noble Death - LSTS Connor

Spartans never die, they go missing in action. Now armed with a new body the 'Hyper-lethal Vector's' journey hasn't ended yet

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Chapter 1

The crack of gunfire and the breaking of an energy shield followed shortly by the thump of a body hitting the ground were sounds that the covenant knew all too well after these past few days of nonstop combat. Reach had fallen to their might and their glassing was continuing as planned all human resistance had been eliminated well...all but one.

The footsteps of a Zealot behind her were all the information Six needed as she swiftly connected elbow to torso, shattering the elite’s shield and knocking him to the ground, his energy sword flying out of reach. The last thing seen in his alien eyes being the calm and collected but equally rage-filled face of the human he had tried and failed to eliminate. The Humans armor was covered in plasma burns and it had just abandoned its helmet looking the elite in the eye before pulling her magnum and putting one between his eyes.

Given only a moment’s rest before three more elites opened fire, charging at the exhausted soldier. Their plasma bolts hit true as they burned through the human’s black exposed titanium armor. With her helmet broken and armor now incomplete, her shields are unable to form their protective barrier as she grimaced in pain from the plasma burning into her.

She returns fire swiftly felling another elite only for two more to take its place. She needed more firepower as she began duel-wielding her magnum in one hand and her rifle in the other.

Six knew that her end was inevitable after the Pillar of Autumn left Reach...her home before the UNSC and the Spartan III program. The last of Noble team. One of the last humans left on Reach.

‘Ironic’ Thought Six as the Covenant began to converge on her position the Pillar of Autumn only a spec in the sky. Carter had told her that they were a team and to leave that Lone Wolf stuff behind. And now here she was, a Lone Wolf once again clutching the dog tags of her fellow Spartans ‘No...friends’ went through her mind as she looked down at the dogs-tags she held. She had managed to meet up with the last holdout of marines on Reach before all hell broke loose when the Covenant attacked with everything they had.

What followed were three days and nights of hell for Six and the Covenant alike.

The elite’s rushed Six, her ammo running dry as one crashed into her launching her backward before pouncing on her, energy sword at the ready. Just as the elite moved in for the kill Six swiftly kicked him away shattering his shield and dazing him before an elite zealot came from the side energy sword already swinging. Six reacted in-kind by hitting the sword out of its hand before firing her last magnum rounds into the elite’s face. The Zealots’ shield held, the force of the bullets hitting his shield only staggering him briefly. But before Six could capitalize on that the elite from before, now no longer dazed jumped back on her pushing her against the ground, breaking some of her ribs in the process and driving the air from her lungs.

The Zealot pulled his energy dagger out, rising it high. Six struggled below them, gasping for air whilst trying to grab her knife before pain exploded throughout her abdomen as the Zealots energy dagger impaled her. Thinking that the Human was dead the elites released some of the pressure they were exerting against the Human underneath them. That was a mortal wound the elites thought. And they were right, Six knew this too but that wouldn’t stop her, with elite’s atop her letting their guard down she used the opportunity to grab her knife from her thigh and plunged it into the Zealot’s neck, piercing his shield and dooming the Zealot to choke on his own blood. Then while the other elite was still in shock from the sudden attack with the last of her strength she forcefully removed the energy dagger stuck in her gut and plunged it as deep as it could go into the other elite’s torso.

It fell down to the side dead as Six collapsed back to the ground her energy spent. She felt so very tired, the days of combat taking its toll on her as she looked up into the brown sky. Her vision began to darken as she felt more footsteps approach her position. She tried to grab her magnum but her arm wouldn’t obey her commands.

She looked back up at the sky as her life began to flash before her eyes. From her childhood on Reach to the time she signed up to fight the insurrectionists. Her entrance into the Spartan III program and her takedown of multiple militia groups singlehandedly becoming the personal ‘Grim-reaper’ of her C.O . And finally, her return to Reach as a part of Noble. Jorge’s sacrifice to destroy the Covenant carrier. Kat’s sudden death by sniper fire at the start of the glassing. Carter’s death, taking a Scarab out with him. Emile’s stand against the Zealots whilst Jun and Six held the covenant off. Jun...the only member of Noble to make it off of reach. She may not have known them for long but they would always be in her memory as friends instead of fellow Spartans.

A shadow loomed over her, a slight blue hue from the elite’s energy sword covering her as the elite plunged his sword into her chest. The sneering face of the elite above her being the last Image she saw before a dark void consumed her vision.

But even then, one thing will always remain true.

Spartans never die...They just go missing in action.

Something was wrong.

Six hadn’t even opened her eyes yet and she knew something was wrong. Well, for one thing, she was awake which in turn meant she was alive.’ That’s impossible’ she thought, an energy sword to the heart is not survivable no matter how far technology had come. By all accounts being alive let alone waking up should an impossibility for the Spartan. But she was alive and no amount of saying it was an impossibility is going to change that.

Opening her eyes another impossibility greeted her. She was wearing her helmet, the familiar blue light of her H.U.D, and completely intact visor filling her vision. Her shields and armor integrity were reading as full. Outside her visor, however, she was met with a deep blue sky, devoid of any clouds in contrast to the brown sky of Reach after the Covenant glassing.

‘What the he-?’

The sudden appearance of a red marker on her Motion tracker meant no time for questions as something potentially hostile was approaching her position. Acting on auto-pilot Six sprang up instinctively reaching for her rifle, finding empty air she went for her magnum...nothing.

She moved for her knife...Bingo

Holding it out in front of her ready to face whatever was in this desert she now found herself in with her. Six’s mind was calm and collected, different battle strategies running through her mind. There were several rock formations around her with dead shrubbery dotted between them. But before she could look for an advantageous defensive position, Six promptly lost her balance and began to fall forward before catching herself with her ‘arms’.

Once she caught herself she didn’t see her arms in front of her she saw two armored cylindrical limbs instead. But before she could question what the hell had happened to her body the marker was now 10 meters out and approaching slowly. ‘Questions about strange body later, deal with hostile now’ Thought Six grabbing the knife and lowering her posture as if she were a tiger ready to pounce. A small bout of confusion quickly arose as to how she was holding the knife without any fingers with a small eyebrow raise but it was quickly put aside as the hostile was seconds away from turning around the rock it was behind.

Six tensed up ready pounce both literally and figuratively at the opposing... Lizard?

She released the breath she was holding before tagging the lizard as neutral through her neural implant, turning the red marker into a greyed out one. Now that there were no more threats nearby Six could now get a good look at what the hell happened to her body.

Needless to say, she wasn’t ‘herself’ anymore as her body looked more equine instead of a human. Her armor looked the same only it seemed to be changed to adapt to her new body. But what really took the cake were the two black armored wings on her back and the black tail with a single streak of white, attached to her ass.

‘Or would that be flank now?’ Thought the Spartan, amused, as she examined her new body, testing the multiple new muscles her body now possessed. First came her legs as she tested their new range of movement. After several tries, Six was no longer immobile, the cost being the sand now covering part of her armor after several failed attempts at movement. Next came her wings. Six doubted she would be able to fly as her armor weighed several hundred kilos’ at least but as a trade-off, the armored feathers looked pretty damn sharp.

One last thing remained however as Six reached up to remove her helmet, the hiss of a pressure seal being broken startling the nearby curious birds of their pearches. Removing the helmet she turned it around in her hooves, long since accepted that they somehow grabbed stuff as long as she thought of them as arms with hands.

Her face reflected in the golden visor of her helmet as she looked down at it. Her face was still as scared as ever from countless injuries during her time taking down insurrectionists. Her fur was a light grey with a short jet black mane with white highlights on her head. The expression she held was one of calm and collected but yet curious as to why all of this had happened.

Any normal person would have freaked out by now at the prospect of changing species but after literally returning from death and now longer finding herself on Reach, Six was at least happy she got to keep her armor, scars, and memories after this ‘reincarnation’ as she would put it. Plus, as a Spartan, there is no time to panic, if you are still combat effective it doesn’t matter whatever happened to you. It’s one of the first lessons they beat into your brain during the Spartan III program training course.

The ‘Deal with it’ protocol as some Spartans liked to call it.

But now with that out of the way, Six was alive and there was still a war to be won and she would stop at nothing to return to UNSC Space (If she wasn’t already in it that is) and make the Covenant pay dearly for what they’ve done to humanity…

To Reach…

...To her.

Putting her helmet back on and returning her knife to its sheath, she made her way to higher ground before scanning the horizon for any signs of life. At first, there was nothing only desert for as far as the eye could see with large rock formations poking over the horizon. She scanned and scanned but there was nothing until...

...Bingo smoke on the horizon to her south-east.

Be it from a campfire, burning wreckage, or a forest fire, it would get her one step closer to civilization and finding out where the hell she was now located. So with a destination in mind, Six began her trek towards the smoke unknowing of what would await her on this planet but knowing that no matter what happened to her, when she got back the Covenant will pay dearly for what they had done.

Author's Note:

I want to get at least a few chapters finished before I submit it.

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