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  • 11 weeks
    Took like 3 months for this pic

    Meet Kat the Pegasus and Eridani the unicorn, Six’s twin fillies

    Pics ( from top down ) by tizhonolulu and By sutekinamimi on discord

    10 comments · 509 views
  • 36 weeks
    Let me try this again

    Okay so Radience… my destiny story with our favorite bug. Needless to say I did not like where it was going. I fell into the trap of telling instead of showing, suddenly exposition dumping a lot without time to explore and stuff. I have taken to unpublishing chapters 3 and 4 since those are the problem ones.

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  • 37 weeks
    Two things

    Number one: New Noble Shadow Chapter tomorrow after I finish my English Communication Exam

    Number Two (for those who liked A Nobles Heat) : 3064694 I recommend using incognito mode :raritywink:

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  • 41 weeks
    Six got her Crown

    Img by Sould_Out_Fan#6871 from discord or https://www.fimfiction.net/user/165623/ProjectRabbid on fimfic. Man was bored and wanted to draw Six, needless to say all hail the Queen of the Halo tag

    4 comments · 298 views
  • 41 weeks
    Do I get bragging rights now?

    Because I appear to now own 3 of the Six (ironic) top spots on the halo tag

    18 comments · 376 views

Do I get bragging rights now? · 1:41pm February 16th

Because I appear to now own 3 of the Six (ironic) top spots on the halo tag

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Let the bragging converse!

HahA, continue.

Y’know, I think you do. Congratulations.

The simple answer, Yes

how about a pat and a little credit for doing well and proper work.

I absolutely see no reason to say no.



Contact Harvest is still beating all of yours in Like/Dislike ratio :ajsmug:

I guess you do!
Being the Halo nut I am, I should really read A Noble Death one of these days. I had it on my RIL shelf for months now.

Still have to get past AJ if you want bragging rights.

A Noble Deaths ratio would beg to differ :trollestia:

I would probably say yes.

certainly well earned

Man 'Halo: On the wings of Angels' is a series I wish it was finished to completion. Too many times I would reread the series only to be sadden by the "last" chapter posted.

Aside from thar downer news, pretty righteous to be one of the top dawgs for halo fics!

Make three more fics about Six or anything connected to Halo and get them popular and you'll have all six spots for Six xD

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