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Just a brony who likes a good fic now and then.


A story for you to consider. · 11:02pm Aug 21st, 2013

Hello to anyone who actually reads these, first off I'd like to say how sorry I am that you have nothing more exciting to do than read this.:rainbowwild: Secondly a good author and friend of mine has started a new story with a rather unusual pairing. Spike and Spitfire. I've been editing for his stories for a while now and he's requisitioned me for a good deal of input which I will continue to provide for as long as he wants it. Apparently that qualifies me for a Co-author credit and since I

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So I saw Equestria Girls (Contains No Spoilers) And Happy Fourth · 12:49am Jul 5th, 2013

And I thought it was good.
Heck let me walk you through my impression of this movie from the point it was announced until the present:
Opinion: Sounds silly.
Interest level: None.

First trailer:
Opinion: Looks stupid.
Interest: Apathetic.

Second trailer:
O:...Ok, now it looks interesting...
I: Interested.

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Happy New Year! · 5:06am Jan 1st, 2013

Well, New York dropped the ball so that makes it official for me. Happy new year everyone from the EST.

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Merry Christmas · 7:04pm Dec 25th, 2012

I don't know if anyone will actually get this, not sure how blog notifications work.
But to anyone who does see this, I hope you have/had a Merry Christmas with lots of good times and happy new year.:twilightsmile:

To non-Christmas celebrators, I hope you had a great holiday this year as well.

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