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There once where two rulers of Equestria, Queen Chrysalis and Princess Cadence. They both shared equally important roles. Chrysalis was in charge of all night duties and Cadence was in charge of all morning duties. But one day Cadence fell in love with a handsome stallion, Shining Armour. Since he was captain of the royal guards she'd sometimes sneak off to see him. They made small talk and had lunch a few times. Cadence was sure that he liked her, but one night she got up to get a glass if water and saw Chrysalis with him. She convinced her self it was nothing that is until she saw them kiss. This made her very angry and she then devoted her time to him. This made her neglect her royal duties and often made Shining neglect his. When Chrysalis saw that there was disorder in the kingdom she confronted Cadence. Cadence told her what happened and what she saw, Chrysalis was shocked to hear that Cadence was in love with Shining. She simply and bluntly told Cadence that this had to stop and she could never see him again. Cadence was outraged and insisted that she was doing this so Chrysalis could have him for herself. This was true but Chrysalis never admitted it to Cadence, she made up an excuse about how she's dong this for the kingdom and that Cadence should focus on her royal duties. Cadence played along but tomorrow she was fixed on trying to get him back, but before she could even come up with an idea a letter was slipped under the door inviting her to the royal wedding of Queen Chrysalis and Shining Armour. Outraged Cadence took off on a rampage! She reversed her magic of love and caused everypony else to hate each other. Chrysalis knew what she had to do, she took the Elements of Harmony and sent her away to Exile Island for 1,000 years. But it didn't matter how long she sent her away for because everypony who went to Exile Island is never heard from again. Since Cadence was no longer around the Elements of Harmony were no longer useful. Chrysalis locked the Elements in stone and put them in the old Royal Castle in the Everfree Forest. It is to believe that Cadence will find away to escape and when her time is up she'll return on Changeling day to take back the Elements and her love, Shining Armour.

Now tat you know the background go on ahead and read the Rules, there short I promise you.

I already wrote the Plot episode for this verse.

A/N: I might have been the only one thinking this but, if Chrysalis is a Queen shouldn't she rule Equestria?

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