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This group is for stories focusing on a familial relationship between Pipsqueak and Princess Luna.

My only major rules are thus:

1. No Clop, this is to be a family friendly group. Also no romantic Lunapip; that is not the focus of this group.

2. Treat others with the utmost respect, limit criticism to constructive advice. Trolling and bashing of any sort is not allowed.

3. Dark themes must be kept to a minimum, as I am trying to focus on lighthearted stories.

I'll only give you one warning for the second rule, and breaking rule #1 will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

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i just join cause pip the best and luna and rd


joined for the cuteness

I joined this group :pinkiecrazy:

316577 I plan on doing one later, probably not anytime soon.


On that note, I just found another: Captain's Log.

Does it bother anyone else that 2 out of these 3 are unfinished?

I'm going to write a few just for this group! I'm now inspired after seeing the dreadful state of Motherly Luna + Pip stories!:raritystarry::yay:

316555 lol that's true :raritywink:


I wholeheartedly agree, in terms of the fandom. However I think I happen to have a great relationship with my mom.:pinkiehappy:


Thanks! That's the general idea here. Though all I've found so far are these two, there must be more somewhere...

Haven't read any stories yet, but I'm expecting to HNNNNG a few times while I'm here

This has to be the best mother/son relationship possible.

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