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The Discordant Organization, a group of the most villainous minds of Equestria, or is it?

Run by a tribunal of Discord, Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis, other villains include Sombra ect.

Post anything involving those guy's here. Sombra goes into sombra folder, chrysalis in chrysalis folder and so on.

Anything that involves the Discordant Organization itself goes in the specified folder.

The story line for the Discordant can be as the writer desires, but it was created with the head canon of StormWolfs beginning of order.

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Anything to do with chaos. Plus discords son kinda counts.

295954 How does the Land of Time have the Discordant Organization in it?

An amazing three members. Will some one rectify this

This. Have you not noticed all the other groups have fancy title work and shit. We need that.

295924 Title art for what?

I guess I'm jumping on this, too.

brb, relearning how to english

Forever alone is no longer alone. Btw, we need to get someone to make title art or something.

We have one member! YAY! Oh wait that's me. Well I'm crazy enough to type this message, might as well submit. For Chaos and all that jazz

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