Discord has seen fit to introduce a bit of... controlled chaos into the fimfiction community. To that end, I have his backing to create a group in which one can do whatever they want within a semblance of reason... but only a semblance. Reason infringes upon chaos, and nobody wants that. That said, even chaos requires a little structure, and to that end I have provided a loose outline regarding how things will work.

[Outline]Join group, be made an admin, do whatever[/Outline]

Whatever is the name of the game here. Create folders, post whatever you want in those folders, and abuse the forum however you desire. The only rule is no rules (which is a lovely little paradox) and you're all free to do as you please.

Now let's spice this play a bit, what say you?

Also, this is now the xkcd-Fanclub.

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Now I only have two questions. I dabble in Game maker as a hobby. Would any of you happen to be artists? And would any of you mind if I made a game where Discord is the main character/main villain?

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