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    Alright, I'm thinking of making a Les Miserables fic but I'm having trouble with the casting:

    (ok guys this has come up enough but ya need to understand this is an AU fic not canon it's not suppose to make sense. Also I need cast suggestion for the BLANK roles those that are filled are staying put AND NO MORE SUGGESTING FLUTTERSHY AS FANTINE IT WON'T WORK)

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Casting · 8:03am Sep 1st, 2012

Alright, I'm thinking of making a Les Miserables fic but I'm having trouble with the casting:

(ok guys this has come up enough but ya need to understand this is an AU fic not canon it's not suppose to make sense. Also I need cast suggestion for the BLANK roles those that are filled are staying put AND NO MORE SUGGESTING FLUTTERSHY AS FANTINE IT WON'T WORK)

Jean Valjean: Nightmare Moon/Luna

Inspector Javert: Celestia

The Bishop of Digne: Rarity

Fantine: Bright Mac

Madame Thénardier: Pinkiemina Pie

Thénardier: Discord

Gavroche: Pipsqueak

Enjolras: Applejack

Marius Pontmercy: Caramel/Cadance

Éponine: Trixie

Cosette: Twilight Sparkle/Shining Armor

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Might I suggest one of the Flim Flam brothers for Thenardier?

70265 Neither seem to be the type besides can't see one without the other.

Kirk Cameron as Jean Valjean!! Do it! :pinkiehappy:

Joking, but how about Braeburn or Shining Armor as Jean?

77491 Tempting but they seem rather young for the part, I could cast em as two of the students.

Actually, I think Pipsqueak would be better suited for Gavroche.
And why not have Luna play Valjean? Except 1000 years in prison instead of 15
500 years for what you did, the rest because you tried to run. Do not forget me 24601.

Btw, thanks for the fav.

92617 Ya welcome ^^ :twilightsmile: :heart:

Thanks, i couldn't decide whether to chose Luna/Nightmare Moon or Discord.

Not discord. Too silly for the Valjean role.

92622 True but this is a AU fic sort of

Ah. Ok.
I wish you luck on your fic.

I would help, but as much as I liked the movie, I haven't seen it all the way through (you can thank my teacher for that) and it's been years since I saw it last. I've been wanting to read an unabridged version of the book, too, since I hear it's enormous, but I can't get a hold of that either. xD

105317 It's actually the musical I'm doing

Oh, I'm such a derp. I can't help there either. D:

Les Misérables, ah? Definitely interesting! Been quite a while since I've read the book, though.

179590 Well it's the musical, still trying to sort the cast

Flim Flam brothers for the Thernardiers. Alternatively, the Cakes.

216752 The cakes are too sweet for those part and it is a man & wife pairing otherwise the lyrics won't make sense.


Fair enough, but aside from Cadence and Shining Armor, Mr. and Mrs. Cake are the only married couple I can think of in the series.

216797 Well it does have to be an existing couple ya know.

I think that Trixie would be better suited for Madame Thenardier, as the role she is in doesn't really work.

239746 Ya have a point there though casting right characters is difficult

239800 I know, it can't be easy. I just thought, because Eponine is actually a kind character, Trixie isn't really suited for her. Maybe Pinkie? Or even Rainbow Dash?

239806 Neither suit the role, like ya said Eponine's a sweetheart (Pinkie's too energetic and Rainbow Dash is too beash)

239815 Oh yeah... Good point... I haven't actually seen Les Miserables (I actually thought it was pronounced phonetically originally), I'm just going off of my mum's knowledge of it. It sounds like it's going to be awesome. I'll HAVE to read this.

239820 Well it's actually the musical I'm doing

Madame Thénardier: Cherry Jubilee :pinkiehappy:

245470 *sniggers* Good one

For what it's worth, I would also vote Luna for Jean Valjean. It seems to fit well, plus Luna singing = win :raritystarry:

246837 Thanks, wasn't for her or Discord

I can't place my finger on it but I think for some reason Big Mac should be Jean.

271051 Someone suggested that but he's too young for the role, trying to decide between NMM and Discord

Discord as Mr Thénardier. They're both generally jerks. Plus unlike Trixie and other antagonists in FIM, Discord knew what he was doing was wrong. Just like the Thenardiers who care nothing for the lives of others and only care about themselves and acquiring money, whether by cheating customers at their inn or abusing children. I don't see why you would want Discord as Jean, as Discord has no true honor or moral compass.

As for Jean I would love to see Pinkie Pie as her personality fits well with Jean or Rainbow Dash since she seems like the working class's hero now that Applejack is Enjolras. I don't see Night Mare Moon as Jean in anyway shape or form. Look into a person named Eugène François Vidocq as he was the inspiration for Hugo for Jean.

My two cents.

326222 Thanks for the advice, though this is an AU fic not canon and to me Pinkie and Rainbow won't fit the roles.

definitely faving this when it comes out

327379 Thanks just need to sort the last roles out (including the other with Trixie) before I post the first chapter

why did you get rid of Fluttershy?

328206 Sorry but somehow she doesn't seem like Fantine

I recall someone else making a Les Miserables fic, with Twilight as the protagonist. Can't find it any more...

376934 I know which one ya mean, the author removed/deleted it.

I'm inclined to say Caramel for Marius, just because Caramel has really no canon history, so you could play around with him a little, make for a better fic. But that's me.

377182 Even though he's background character he's quite a popular one

377191 Two things, one: indeed he is, usually as a ship, and usually for Mac. And two: what an odd thing for the meaning of life, the universe, and everything to be... huh... (gotta love 42)

Hmmm... I'd change up Rarity to be Fantine, then have Sweetie be Cosette. Even if it isn't supposed to be canon, it makes more sense.

Celestia CANNOT be Javert. Maybe it could be Shining, but Celestia has no hope of making that work.

The Cakes could be the Thernardiers. It makes sense, since they're already married.

Sorry I can't help on the bishop though. I'm going off of the musical, not the book.

Did I help at all, or did I just waste your time? Sorry if its the second one.

475657 Wasted my time :trixieshiftleft:

I chose Twilight and Shining when I first started this so no changes

Does Trollestia ring a bell?

The Cakes can't be the Thernardiers, they're too sweet.

And remember AU

476018 I still like the idea of Sweetie as Cossette.

>> TwilightMoon I love the idea. I will gladly help you out once I read the book and see the movie :twilightsheepish:

I've been wanting to do an FiM reboot of a classic work. I had my heart set on Tartuffe, it's a rather easy and rhymy work, or the Dutch Courtesean (that'd be just so wrong though :scootangel:)

551151 Thanks, ya should try to get the soundtracks of the musical (I prefer the 10th Aniversery concert myself)

This'll be the musical based. :twilightsmile::heart:

551220 I figured, considering you're "casting". Speaking of casting, you want to have some fun with the casting process? Here's an idea: Have writers post stories, short stories, comic mock interviews and resumes, etc. applying their favorite pony for the job! "If you want an example of some of my other roles, darling, see X, Y and Z" - A Rarity fan.

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