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ties chapter YAY · 3:18am Aug 27th, 2013

TA DA thought i had forgotten about it huh?

they entered a hall with many similar doors and as they walked other ponies stared, most were wearing black suits like the ones he had seen belenzara and shiv wearing.

she knocked on the door of one and whispered into a eye shaped carving in the door.”black blood...i have something important to discuss..”

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I asked them to stop.

Can't say they'll listen, after all, they're there own person.

They claimed to give you the criticism you asked for, but my guess is you didn't like it. Considering their nature, I can guess why.

BUT! They DO have a very good idea of what they're talking about. If you can cut through the bullshit, they're quite helpful.


if you don't like it just walk away and don't be an asshole. i left once but i'm willing to give bronies a second chance.

Remove that. That's just an open invitation for them to troll the shit outta you.

~Skeeter The Lurker

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