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Diary Entry Day 1 · 1:40am Dec 4th, 2012

-writing in his journal as he surveys his surroundings- Day 1... i have just entered this strange world of fim fiction. it is apperent that i am not alone. all around me i see ponies telling stores.. its confusing. i have reported into my commander and established myself within the community though i am yet to be known. now i must contemplate if i should write... hm... what a strange place.

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hello sorry about taking so long. these are the general rules for a good fic if it isn't stupid and silly NO GRAMMAR ERRORS i have no idea why but when people read serious fics they spazz the hell out when there is even the smallest grammatical error. no alicorn oc's even if they are good characters..once again only if the fic is not a mockery or just stupid. also if someone criticizes your fic just delete the comment responding only brings more haters and what happened to my story chimera is a prime example. oc's never make everyone happy no matter how good and well crafted the oc is people will hate them unless they are evil and even then.

people are often scumbags and be horrible useing the mask of trying to be helpful just don't let those asses get you down and you will be fine after what matters is that you get your idea out weather it is well liked or not

good luck:pinkiehappy: happy writeing

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