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This Group is For Derpy, Dinky, and Doctor Whooves fans alike!
Come one come all, and settle down for a nice batch of muffins whilst I review these rules:
-NOTHING too inappropriate.
-NO Clopfics
-NO NSFW Stories
-Be Nice and Respective
-Have Fun!
But wait! What If I have a story about an OC that is RELATED to Derpy, you ask?
Well then submit it to the OC Folder, ALL stories about ponies that are realted to Derpy, (Such as Myself) will be accepted!

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393920 That's very true. I can agree.

393893 Thanks. I like spreading my stories around so that readers can ind them on more than one group.

Derpy is an interesting character to read and write about, being the characteristically enthusiastic Mare she is.
The Daughter is interesting, considering she has the Mother she has. The family of Enthusiastic Ponies should be in the Lime-Light.

393880 Wow. Great work, that's good work you're doing here. I'm glad to have you as a part of this team. :3

393460 I am still working on a series of stories about Derpy, where Dinkie and her date are featured. Even if that is currently not on an active status.

Derpy, Dinkie and Dr. Whooves are bound to feature in various capasities from time to time. I have enough stories to have room for at least one of the three in a few every here and there.

Yeah, the Stories is one of the first things you see when you brows groups, right together with the members of said groups. The Forum is well after this, you don't really see much of it up front.

393449 Sure. Go right ahead. With you pulling in all these stories, it's making our little group look much better.

393424 The group does look more active and important with a few more stories.
Just a question, is a story to go into multiple folders or just one?
Some of my stories could go into more than the first folder I placed them in.
Incidentaly, one o the shippings could qualify as Dinky as well.
Considering Derpy's maturnal qualities and instinks, I could see her haing the daughter with her on at least one or two dates.

393405 Thanks, I found another story for this show.
Depending on how important the good Doctor is to the group, I may expand on his behalf as well.

393396 Awesome! Keep up the great work!

393395 I have Four stories on the top of my head, Two of which are disqualified in the list of Rules on top. The series of Episode is about how Derpy meets a special somepony, and the life she has around these events. The meter is kind of drama centered, not sure how dramatic they are.

I'll check the lst in order to pick out more, there is bound to be a few gems in the chest, since it is fairly large.

Ps; I found Two more I think are just about as much Derpy/Dinkie centerd as was expected.
In one case, she is going to be very important, the other would be suporting.

393391 Just enough to be a supporting or main role in the story. Remember, this is for Derpy and all her family members, OCs or not! :3

360456 how much of the Pony mentioned or related is required to be in the story?

Derpy Time, Yay!

Thanks for all the joins!

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