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Don't worry I'm alive! ^u^ · 12:07pm Apr 2nd, 2013

Hello! I am alive and well after months off the grid. I've been watching X Files, playing Skyrim and doing other things along with writing the conclusion to War and writing new stories that are hopefully full of less grammar issues due to my excellent English skills but shite story writing skills

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147568 saw that u were fav'ing my stuff... so I decied to read some of yours so u earn a watch!

Thanks for watching me:raritywink:, but I must know, why are u watching me :rainbowhuh:

Not sure if you received my message but i need to know if you're still writing the Time Pony? I'm trying to get it all finished by next friday. Fine if not, i'll do it myself but please let me know if you're still on board, thanks!

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