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A Parody of Beauty and the beast, the musical.

To save their guardians Shining Armor and Twilight take their places as the prisoners of Discord and Chrysalis but soon the prisoners turns into guests then, later into love.

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Ok I didn't want to add the preview but ya know that 1 chapter-1000 words before publishing

I like the idea for a crossover, but this would work a lot better if you just focused on one couple as the source material does. It's a bit confusing if you do it with a duo, especially since you want ample time to develop a fairly complex romance.

604081 Thanks for the tip but I wanted to try something different.

604280 pretty good so far, like to see where this goes. :twilightsmile:

Interesting:moustache: I quite hope to see more of this in the near future, as I have never seen a Beauty and the Beast duet before, nor have I seen it used for this brand of fan-fiction(M.L.P. based that is) and as such intrigues me greatly. That and it looks freaking awesome:rainbowdetermined2:!

605201 Thank you very much, ya positive review is greatly appricated. :twilightsmile::heart:

Ooh this looks excellent. Now where is chapter 1.

629841 Still working on it.

Need to sort out who'll play Gaston and the guardians of the Sparkle siblings. :heart:

629873 take you time and you golden for an epic story. plus the idea of two beauty and the beast pairs is pretty cool. oh and storyline wise youll need two gastons as you need one for twilght and shining armor

629878 Some writers on FF.net have done x-over parodies double edition, that's where I got the idea.

629916 no prob i wanna see this story succeed so i just wanted to help you out would been awkward seeing one bisexual gaston after both twilight and shining at the same time

629920 Now tat is weird, just trying to figure out the right stallion and mare, though I could use OCs.

only canon character i can think would work is blueblood for twilight. cause he is arrogant and believes he could get whatever he wants. for shining your prolly gonna need an oc>>629937

629951 May have to be OCs for both

629959 its up to you and sorry if you got attacked by notification spam my computer was being a dick

629964 Any suggest for the guardians?

629970 been a while since ive seen the movie so refresh my memory on the gaurdians. gaston beauty and beast are the only ones i can remember

629976 Well when I say guardians I mean the carers of Twilight and Shining (they lost their parents when they were young) these ponies will be the part of Marice (Belle's father)

629992 oh okay like i said its been a while. Hmm I'm really not sure about this one. with this particular story oc's may be your best bet for 90% of the characters.

630006 Only use OCs for a few

:rainbowderp:I look at the ratings for this story and I'm mildly confused :rainbowhuh:; sure, it's not Beautifully written, I'm sure an official author could do better, but I never read a story because it would gain a good grade, the idea is there and played out well enough for an enjoyable read. +1 :rainbowdetermined2:

654839 Thanks, I've actually seen alot of good fics with low ratings *shrugs* bad judgement I suppose.

and what do you mean 'offical author'? :trixieshiftleft:

Well, I hope I didn't offend, friendship is magic, right? :twilightblush: What I mean is worldwide authors of published books you'd find in a store, who've had their works proof-read to oblivion and back, not saying in the slightest that your not good at writing stories :pinkiehappy:

Just my opinion: I like it, albeit the fact I've never seen Beauty and The Beast before. I've read the Disney Fairytale but that's honestly about it. If the movie is as good as this story, I'm sure I'd be in for something good.
I'll be watching you...


Let me re-phrase that so it sounds a little more appropriate: *Favourite! :pinkiehappy:

Edit: Just to be clear, we are talking about the same 'Beauty and The Beast' aren't we?

865945 Disney Beauty and the Beast? Yes we are but I'll be doing the musical version, just need to sort out Marice and Gaston's parts before I can post the next chapter.

And thanks for the fav and watch. :twilightsmile::heart:

866605 Hey, no problem. If in anyway I could help; I would! Role casting/ finding ideal roles for characters has certainly tolled the progress of this story. Anyway, eagerly awaiting the next installment! :pinkiesmile:

866763 Thanks, not sure who to cast though or use OCs instead otherwise I'd have the next chapter up by now.

866914 Well, OC's would fit easier because you could easily fit the persona with your characters. However, existing characters that would also fit; for Gaston(s) anyway would/could be Prince Blueblood and Rainbow Dash, both acting as closely as possible to the egocentric, narcissistic and naive/arrogant Gaston. I'm not sure. I just read up on the basic characteristics of Gaston and applied those attributes on instinct.

Marice: The insane inventor could be either Pinkie or Doctor Hooves. That's if roles for your characters are still void. I don't know.
Sorry for being so persistent.

874927 Well Marice isn't insane just a bit of a goof but he's loving and caring, I would have used Whooves but I prefer seeing him with Derpy.

Rainbow Dash maybe a bit of narcissist but I don't see her as the villian.

Well this should prove to be interesting! If you need some help with OC ideas for villains, I'm usually pretty good at whipping something up on the spot. Let me know if you need help and I'd be glad to.
Keeping an eye on this one :D

911653 Thanks I could use the help, already casted Trixie as the female Gaston but still figuring out the others/

Have you considered the Pegasi bullies from Rainbow's flight school? If not I can whip something up and see if you like it.

911773 As the lackeys maybe but they're nothing but a group of punks.

i like this already and i love these few passages which i also find in Nightwish´s Beauty and the beast, such as,
Love me before the last petal fall, or like, for who could ever learn to love a beast, i can preview, this story is about to get great, keep up da good work okay, sayonara and see ya

932729 Thank you very much, it's greatly appriciated. :twilightsmile::heart:

933613 well i hope so and if you have questions about my story make sure to ask me okay :twilightsheepish::trollestia::scootangel::raritywink::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::ajsmug::coolphoto:

I like the sound of it and would much hope to see more of it :yay:

1025409 I'll post the next chapter once I sort Marice's part :twilightsmile::heart:

OMG I love Beauty and the Beast and I love that you based you fanfic from it! :twilightsmile: I'd love to read more of it! ^-^ I'll keep a look out for the next chapter. :yay:

1040845 Thank you and thanks for fav and watch :twilightsmile::heart:

You're very welcome :twilightsmile: and thank you for the watch too. :yay:

An interesting beginning to a crossover of two things I like: MLP and Disney. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it in the future.

Interesting premise, I gather that managing two will be challenging but you know what you're getting into. The first chapter has an almost humorous or light side to it. The way you show the audience, then allow the narrator to speak. I'm not quite sure what to call it, but I like it, it's almost parody but not blatant and gives a nice feel for the story.
We always need more changeling love.
[Watch the ending of words with "s", there are a few places where it doesn't belong]

I'll believe in returning thanks where thanks is due, for the favoring (or whatever that function is called) I mean, so thanks.

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