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Hi, this is my FanClub! Anypony can join as long as they all represent the elements of harmony. That means not being mean(teasing with a playful tone is an excpetion as long as you make it known you are not trying to be mean) Bullying is prohibited in all forms. If you do say something mean, you must appologize soon afterward. The maximum amount of days you can go without appologizing is 1 week. If you have not appologized by then, you will be permenantly banned from my fanclub. There will be no discrimination of any kind(lgbtqai+, racism, sexism, etc.) do I make myself clear? Okay then. A bit about me: I love cats, wolves, unicorns, pandas. I write poetry and other stories. I love singing and hanging out with friends a LOT. I am genderfluid so pronouns are they and them or at least she/her. No male pronouns aloud! I love cheeseburgers and blue moon ice cream. "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" is my most favorite book of all time and have only read it once. I am an apatheist(I don't accept or reject the belief that their is or isn't an existence of god) If there is a god: Okay. If there isn't one: Okay....Basically, I'm very open minded. I am here to talk about whatever, whenever. Hope someponies will join my fanclub! With love, Lunar_Glow

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

I'm sorry guys for being so quiet for awhile. I've been battling...personal stuff for a long time and it hit me hard these past few weeks. Just letting you know I'm in a better mood today and I hope everyone is, too! I am kind of disappointed that my fan club has only a small number of members and little to no conversation here except for me(it almost sounds as if I am talking to myself sometimes). So, feel free to talk to each other about anything. It doesn't have to be mlp related, but it is appreciated to have some conversation topics on mlp.

An update: I'm hoping to get started again on my fanfic, "Two Lovers of The Night". It's been left untouched for at least most of the month, maybe more? The point is, I promised someone I would work hard since they are helping me write it, and I've been feeling guilty that I have lost interest until just recently. I guess it's just writer's block. Trust me, I really really really want this story to be perfect and published by the end of this year or at least during the first three months of next year. I didn't know if I should have posted this on my blog, but my club has been quiet for so long that I feel I've neglected it. Please, it would be much appreciated to have more members joining. I love talking about ideas for stories and being weird. I want to say that you guys are so awesome and nice! To have friends who understand what it's like to be a nerd and big fan of mlp fanbase and tv show and I feel that I don't have to hide anything here. It's as if I'm soaring above the clouds in the light of Luna's Moon and I have been unchained from countless fears just by being a member of! You guys matter so much to me, even if I don't show it often. I still struggle with socializing, but I'm working hard to improve that. Now, without further ado, I'mma put up a topic of discussion for today.

Tomorrow is Nightmare Night! I wanted to talk today because tomorrow I will be spending some time with some close friends of mine. I'm dressing up as a witch this year! What about you guys? Any plans for Nightmare Night? Let's talk about scary things and imagine dark things. For instance, imagine a hallway of horrors, except it's filled with all your deepest, darkest secrets that you would take to your grave? What do you think is scary? Please, I welcome open conversation!

Made a group about myself, but I don't post anything? Wow, that's depressing

No problem, and thanks for joining Sky Harmony!:pinkiehappy:

Hi, thanks for the invite:twilightsmile:

Just letting everypony know that I am working on a story with a proofreader and when my fanfic is finished, I will submit it to My Fanfics/Stories so everypony can read it. Hopefully it will be somtime in like a couple months, maybe less than that since I really want my story to be perfect or at least close to it. Wish me luck!

Hi everypony! I just thought I'd let you know about a new group Lunestia StoryHart and I created(Lunestia created the group, but it was our discussion about the Sun and Moon that drove Lunestia to create this group. I hope a lot of ponies will join this group. It's called Sky Harmony and is founded by Lunestia StoryHart. Feel free to join anytime! With love, Moonchild

Same here. I also have night mode on my FaceBook messenger, so I get what you mean.


I hate to tell you this but the other moderators really don't have any say in the site design, that is all up to Knighty. One thing I am very grateful for that he did was night mode. My eyes are light sensitive and if it weren't for it, I likely would have stopped writing entirely quite a while ago.

Well, that was a failed attempt. Ugh. Oh well. I'll get over it lol. Don't mind me lol.

Okay just testing something here. It was my idea, so hopefully works out. If not, oh well, I tried and that's all that matters.


Your idea sounds much more mature than mine, I'm jealous lol. Just kidding, you're awesome. I will talk with a mother moderator here soon. And, you're absolutely right. Though, I'm going to talk politely and ask about this subject with a mother moderator and see if anything can be done about this little issue. If they don't feel that it is important or that they are too busy to mess with minor things, then I will understand. So, I appreciate you offering your advice. I wish I was just as mature as you...Anyway, I'm gonna do some stuff for a bit. Talk to you some other time?


Here is the thing, knighty himself says that if you have any issues, to contact one of the mother moderators. He is incredibly busy and simply doesn't have the time to go through messages like that. Also, I'm pretty sure he has more pressing issues than one user begging for a Luna emoji. I would like to see one but I'm not going to go bothering the higher ups over it. Hell I'd love to see a Starlight one but I know that ain't going to happen.

I think they have the most emojis for the most popular ponies...Mane Six, a few background ponies, the CMC and one for Spike. Celestia probably just because she is the leader of Equestria. The amount of emojis haven't changed since I joined the site in 2013 and I have a feeling they have been the same since it was founded in it is the most popular back in 2011 that get the most attention.

You wanna know what really sucks? My favorite pony is Princess Luna, and this site doesn't even have a Luna emoji!!!! Maybe I should start pestering the creater or god/goddess of, Knighty was it? I'm not sure, but hopefully with me constantly on his/her case about this site not having a Luna emoji will push him/her to install a few Luna emoticons. Also, there is only one Celestia. So, why is it that the RULERS OF EQUESTRIA aren't shown more popularity in the emoticon industry? It's an ABOMINATION!!! It would also help out to have emoticons of the ponies who are the star of a particular group i.e. Luna Is Best Pony. Like, all the fans of Princess Luna are disappointed that they are not able to use a Luna emoji. This is honestly, to be blunt: Pissing. Me. Off.

Hey Everypony! Guess what day it is! It's FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! Dun dun dun...Lol, good times. I'm working on my story at the moment. Sent an message to an expert proofreader and hoping they respond back and help with my story. As soon as my fanfic is finished I will submit it in the right folder so everypony can read it. Wish me luck!


Well you're not the only member here anymore!

Hi, I'm new to being a member on, so don't be too hard on me everypony lol. When I finish writing Two Lovers Of The Night, I'll submit it and add it to the stories in my fanclub so it's easier for everypony to access it. It's so awesome having my own fanclub(sad that I'm the only member at this time, please join if you wish, I hope you do I'm lonely in here!!! It's like Luna being on the moon all over again) Anyway, hope everypony is having a good day/night!!! And, send me links to your stories so I could read them. I always love to read new fimfiction stories. I won't promise I'll like them, but good job on the effort if you do send me links. With love, Moonchild:pinkiehappy:

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