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Do you like day and night? It seems both have their highs and lows. The day with the bright colors and social and alive mood where you can always see your friends, and do all your stuff. Night where it is so peaceful. The stars just seem to go on forever. The soft glow of the moon. A great way to relieve stress, away from the hustle and bustle. It always seems though as people prefer one to the other. Same with people. This group is where day and night meet, same with people from all walks of life.

This is where night and day join as one. Where clouds and stars, dark and light, sunrise and sunset, and even dawn and dusk can meet up. No matter if you are a go-getter or a night owl, this group is where you can harmonize with a lot of other people.


1. Be nice! This group is for everyone. So no attacking.

2. No inappropriate stuff, and no mature.

3. Help others. Yes this group is to help others as well as promote sky equality. Share stories, review, comment, rate, etc, etc, etc. As the Sun and Moon should be friends, so must we

4. Please put stories in correct folders.

5. Have fun!

Remember, if we can't promote mutual friendship and understanding, we might have Nightmare Moon all over again.

So, I hope that you enjoy this group.

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It really is. It started out when Lunestia and I were talking about the beauty of the moon and stars, then she had the wonderful idea of making this group, which is awesome in my opinion! I'm glad you think highly of our group:twilightsmile: Please, feel free to message me(PM) or join my fan club:

Have a great day/night!
With love, Moonchild

This sounds like a wonderful group...:pinkiesad2:.

Happy Halloween/Nightmare Night everypony! This is me:

I hope everypony is having a great time today/tonight! I'm planning to spend Halloween with my friends this year. I love Halloween so so so so so so much!!! How is everypony? Have any plans?

I am fine with it.

i hope ou are okay with being a admin

Comment posted by Lunar_Glow deleted October 1st

true. and maybe why twilight could be better because she is right in between

I love both, day and night! Maybe that’s why I like Luna and Celestia equally.

yea that just happened. but in a good way

Comment posted by Lunar_Glow deleted October 11th

Hey, I just got a proofreader who offered to help me with my first fanfic. I'm so excited to work with them!!!:pinkiehappy:

I though Lunestia was the only Administrator, but once I refreshed the page, come to find out I'm one too! This is so AWESOME!

Yeah, Lunestia and I were talking casually about the sun and moon and how without the sun, the moon wouldn't be able to shine on its own. So just like friends, without them, life would be more bleak and dark. So, even though I love the moon with all my heart, sun will still be my friend too. I just prefer the night and its beauty that's all. And, this is how Sky Harmony came to be, so I partially contributed to the creation, all the rest is all Lunestia. I also talked with Lunestia about getting a group of ponies together with editors and proofreaders to see about writing a long, group fanfic that will be a symbolic story for Sky Harmony. You can talk to Lunestia about it.

Sweet Luna!...You created this? This is AWESOME! I just read the description and it was super duper brilliant, I couldn't have said anything better myself!

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