• Published 26th May 2019
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Lucifer - Ghost Warrior

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Getting Intel.

The Duo headed for what was known as the 'pleasure district' of the city. Chloe kept her eyes on the building up ahead, where they were sure to find Fleur. Lucifer, on the other hand, had his eyes all over the place as the streets were filled with temptation. This didn't escape Chloe at all. " Lucifer, please keep your head in the game,"

" I don't know if you noticed this or not detective, but my 'head' is always game for anything." Before the detective could comment on his play-on-word they made it to their destination. " Well, it seems we've arrived!" The Vanilla Unicorn could easily be compared to some of the finest whore houses in the French district of Louisiana. " Strange? With the name, I would have thought it would look that sleazy strip club from that awful video game those little cretins like to play so much."

" Well with who were trying to get a statement from, the place looks exactly like I would imagine it would be. Anyway, since we're going to question her about an employee of hers, she might go for the lawyer card. So I think it would be best if you did your trick before that happens."

" Detective, how many times must I tell you, it's not a trick, it's a talent that my father gave me when I was born. A trick would be balancing knives on your pinkie toe while having sex."

" Lucifer, where do you come up with these messed up fantasies?"

" Oh no no no no, it's not a fantasy. It's something Maze and I did a week after buying Lux back in Los Angeles." Chloe said nothing as they went in the door. Inside the Vanilla Unicorn, an array of tables lined the walls and middle of a massive room. Stallions of all three tribes could be seen at the tables, watching a mare dance on the table. " Well, I must say, this place certainly does bring back old memories."

" Come on Lucifer, we're not here for them, at least not yet." Chloe walked up to the bar and talked to the bartender. " Detective Decker, EPD, we need to talk to your boss."

" And if you can find the time to make a dry martini, that would be very helpful to the case." Chloe gave Lucifer the stink eye saying this was not the time. " Your right detective, make that two martinis."

The bartender went over to a table were Fleur was having a drink. He brought her attention to the two non-ponies at the bar who wanted a word with her. She waved them both over to her table, that currently had a black-furred pegasus stallion dancing in the middle of the table. When they sat at the table, Fleur made the introductions. " Welcome to the Vanilla Unicorn, how may I be of assistance?"

" We're here to discuss the murder of an employee of yours, his name is Beetle Juice."

" Yes, it seems someone decided to go medieval on his ever-changing ass."

" Oh, my word, who would do such a thing?"

" That's why we came here, to ask if mister juice had any enemies, jealous girlfriend, or a client who wouldn't pay?"

" Or, perhaps one of mister Juice's clientele had a dangerous fetish for swordplay?" Chloe and Fleur looked at Lucifer as if what he said could never be a possibility. " Come on now, I can't be the only one who thinks this was a kink gone wrong."

" I don't know about any kinks like that, but I do know who might have wanted him dead." Both Lucifer and the detective turned their attention to Fleur and gestured her to continue. " Three weeks ago, a stallion by the name of Spearpoint, confronted Beetle and told him to stay away from his wife, Clearskys. If he didn't, he'd come back to kill him."

" An angry spouse, why am I not surprised. Do you know where we can find him?"

" Yes, they both live in Ponyville. Where exactly, I don't know, you'll have to ask around."

" Splendid, we've been meaning to take a trip down there, perhaps we could gain the services of Twilight and her friends."

" It'll have to wait till morning, no one in their right mind would be up this late."

" What about all the creatures attending this club or my club? Not to mention that we work for a princess that watches over the night, I suppose she's in the looney club too?"

" Let me rephrase that. I'm tired and would like to head back home and pick this up tomorrow." The detective got out of the chair and headed for the exit only to stop when she noticed her partner wasn't following her. " Lucifer, are you coming?"

" In a moment detective, I need to inquire how stripping works in this world." He went back to staring at the tables while pulling out his flask. He had just taken a swig when Chloe came behind him and dragged him out by his ear. " Aaahhh, alright I give in, let me just do the club tradition." He brought out his wallet and flung bits at every table he passed as they exited the building.

" What am I going to do with you?"

" I have a few ideas in mind."

The next day, Ponyville.

Lucifer and Chloe were seen heading towards Twilight's crystal tree castle, though this time, they brought along some help.

" So why am I here again?" Clad in a skimpy leather number, Maze followed the crime-solving duo as she played with her hell-forged karambit.

" You're here because on the off chance that the party planner extraordinaire can't help us find Spearpoint, then hell's best torturer can."

" Not to mention we promised Dash that the next time we paid a visit, we'd bring along her favorite badass." This got a satisfied grin from Maze as she was being called a badass. " Since we're looking for Pinkie, shouldn't we be heading for the bakery?"

" Rather not. As great as those rum cakes are, those insufferable children will no doubt be there, and after the orange one ruined my suit, I've vowed never to step foot in there again." The memory was still fresh in his mind.

Suddenly Pinkie came out of Lucifers flask as he went to take a swig. " That's a shame, the twins really loved spending time with you." Instead of reprimanding Pinkie for invading his alcohol, he turned the flask upside down, pouring Pinkie onto the ground. " I'm more of a punch pony myself, but that was pretty tasty."

Decker broke the awkwardness and proceeded with asking about the suspect. " Pinkie, do you happen to know a stallion by the name of Spearpoint?"

" Yeah, he's one of the guards who patrol the town. GASP! Are you throwing him a surprise party?"

Maze gave a sinister smile while she did some tricks with her knife. " Oh, we're gonna give him a surprise alright."

" Well, why don't you wait at the castle, and I'll go get him. The others should be there too so that'll be a bonus." She zoomed off to go find Spearpoint while the others went ahead to the castle.

" I like that one, always makes me laugh." Maze put her knife away and continued to the castle with the others.

Lookout Ponyville.

Author's Note:

I'm sorry for the delay, but my main focus has been The Wolfman of Ponyville. Not to mention I need to come up with some kind of twist.